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  1. ADHD Partner Support Groups/Therapists
  2. How do you deal?
  3. the balancing act???
  4. Sucking the life out of me
  5. Can't or won't? Urgent advice needed.
  6. Lonely and frustrated :(
  7. How are People Doing? Updates?
  8. Letting Go?
  9. dear god
  10. Please help me understand adhd partners actions - long post!
  11. working around partner's medication schedule
  12. Getting tired and resentful.
  13. My ADHD Marriage Has Fallen Apart
  14. My MIL's denial is ruining my marriage...
  15. Walking on egg shells
  16. Need help fighting for my marriage!
  17. Update: My MIL/My in-laws/the email
  18. Business Partner Support
  19. Advice to diffuse this situation and quickly?
  20. dating someone with ADD - need help and advices
  21. Update: The Inlaws/The Boundaries Talk
  22. Insecure/defensive/dishonest?
  23. Tired of non accountability...
  24. Help me total strangers, you're my only hope...
  25. best way to communicate the need for help to girlfriend in denial about her ADHD?
  26. Sorting out past feelings of hurt - ADHD or something else?
  27. How can I help? How can he be more self-aware?
  28. New relationship - did the hyperfocus end or my partner lost interest?
  29. ADHD indecision
  30. How to talk to my ADHD partner about his ADHD
  31. Are we in a relationship? Is it worth fighting for it?
  32. Is this normal?
  33. Is it just me?
  34. Working twice as hard to do half the work
  35. What if I can only cope with him on medication?
  36. Responsibility
  37. relationship helps
  38. How do I tell my boyfriend I think he has ADHD?
  39. My Mother-in-Law
  40. Is there more to this than just ADHD?
  41. About my boyfriend's behavior...
  42. Is it really over? Or an episode?
  43. Sex Addiction?
  44. His ADHD is driving me crazy, how to deal??
  45. My boyfriend has hard to deal with!
  46. Taking over most/all of your partner's financial management
  47. Newbie to EVERYTHING........
  48. Help! Coping w/ Guilt For Not Knowing About Ex's ADHD
  49. Aging ADHD Spouse
  50. Can My ADHD/OCD Hubby Ever Work Again?
  51. non-ADHD partners being scared, too
  52. here
  53. My ah ha moment...
  54. ADD/ADHD "only" when in a relationship?
  55. Long Distance Realtionship with ADD
  56. Well, this explains alot.
  57. Need help with ADHD girlfriend
  58. Hello, I'm New Here And Relieved To Find This Group
  59. tough times being a Non-ADD partner
  60. Dealing with depression in ADD partner
  61. Tips to help ADD Husband with completing coursework
  62. my bf takes adderall. I feel alone
  63. Sick to Death of Family & Friends Lack of Support
  64. Yelling / Name Calling / Screaming - how to deal?
  65. spouse of 16 uses adderall XR...and has become a different
  66. Engaged to man with untreated ADHD
  67. HELP! Separated from ADD Spouse
  68. Anyone Tried Neuroplasticity Treatment?
  69. Help understanding partner with ADHD and depression
  70. Well... that sucked
  71. The feeling of insecurity, and anger in adhd.
  72. ADHD Symptoms or Lack of Respect?
  73. Lighter Topic - Opinions Encouraged - Not ADD Related..ish
  74. Looking for practical advice on de-escalating outbursts
  75. ADD friend-non stop talking... coping skills
  76. Confused... definitely confused
  77. Why all the hate?
  78. Need help with ADD Boyfriend
  79. Undiagnosed partner
  80. Venting ... just venting
  81. Is this an ADD problem? How do I work with this?
  82. Boyfriend with ADHD - Hyperfocus and inconsistent behaviour
  83. How many ADDers here got their partners a Valentin's Day gift today?
  84. Please listen to your non-ADD partner... their opinion matters...
  85. Can't take the complaining
  86. What do you think of this ?
  87. Things you appreciate about your ADD/ADHD partner
  88. Is this normal?
  89. New here and semi-new relationship
  90. new- need help with ADD partner
  91. Feel like we missed our chance
  92. First appointment nerves
  93. Bridging The Gap?
  94. Dating someone with ADD
  95. i need some help
  96. question for non-ADD spouses
  97. He's Seeking Conflict to Feel Better
  98. Please Help?
  99. Guidance
  100. Active listening, listening, not listening
  101. Need Advice
  102. Could it be an ADD?
  103. Non-ADHD spouse exhausted and in need of advice
  104. Does she like me back?
  105. Actively NOT listening
  106. Boyfriend with ADHD dumped me
  107. Girlfriend shut me out, left town without telling me, and hasn't spoken to me
  108. Here we go. Just trying to vent out.
  109. Dealing with Boyfriend who has ADD
  110. Sexual Issues, Please help!
  111. Is this more than adhd?
  112. Trying to remain friends with ADHD ex
  113. Relationship with ADHD - figuring out the intentions?
  114. Trying to understand her
  115. A misunderstanding created a monster in her mind
  116. Should I just end it with him? Or am I overreacting?
  117. Trying to understand what happened
  118. Hyperfocus in Romantic Relationships
  119. Boyfriend with ADD
  120. Help with my Roommate?
  121. What's worse I wonder? (semi-vent)
  122. ADD+LDR Boyfriend
  123. Exhibited by my spouse's behavior, I can tell that he took an extra dose
  124. New boyfriend with ADHD Advice please :-)
  125. Why didn't anyone else notice?
  126. "She took care of everything"
  127. If you're in a romantic relationship w/an ADHDer, does it "look" like the nonADHD
  128. ADD is affecting our relationship - please help!
  129. How has diagnosis helped your marriage?
  130. Break up with ADD man
  131. Short intense ADD and Non-ADD relationships
  132. Seeming as if you don't care...
  133. "Not wanting it to matter"
  134. My whole family has ADHD
  135. Confusing situation - sorry very long and rambling
  136. Texting a partner with ADHD
  137. Wanting to hear from both
  138. War on routine
  139. At the end of my rope
  140. ADD is new to both of us
  141. Maybe if ADD wasn't the only issue…..
  142. ADD (not yet diagnosed) gf. How can I broach the subject?
  143. BF on Vyvanse-IRRITABLE!
  144. Could my husband have ADD?
  145. Therapy for Me
  146. Should I assume my BF is losing interest or is it his ADHD?
  147. What's it like to NOT have AD/HD
  148. Could this be ADHD?
  149. In Heavy Need of Advice..
  150. boyfriend has adhd - very angry and controlling- but i love him so much!!!!
  151. ADD woman have crush on ADD guy
  152. Help! I'm lonely
  153. After the medication starts....
  154. Who else feels like they have to chase their SO to spend time with them?
  155. Blurting Things Out Vicious Cycle
  156. dealing with spouse recently diagnosed
  157. I spent three hrs. crying yesterday b/c my BF didn't get me anything for Christmas.
  158. It's been a long time...I am losing my mind
  159. Is it his ADHD or Is he Just Not Interested?
  160. The things not big enough.
  161. He Basically Ended it with Me
  162. Starting a conversation, not an argument.
  163. ADD or Oppositional or just a jerk??
  164. The Proverbial Poo Hitting The Fan.....
  165. What about me?
  166. Dear Non-ADD Partner, I have found that... SQUIRREL !!
  167. Going to Conference as Couple?
  168. Confused by His Recent Outreach
  169. What's going on with my BF here?
  170. How does one cope....?
  171. ADD without H
  172. He won't get help
  173. After advice re ADHD husband
  174. Can't get himself to want to?
  175. an ADHD thing? a guy thing? an individual thing? not a thing?
  176. Welp, I guess it's over...
  177. WOW important message for non-ADD partners & friends.
  178. trying to cope with feeling ignored!
  179. Effects of adderall
  180. New here with a few questions
  181. Lack of a growth mindset for achieving goals/improving things
  182. Procrastination and General Social Weirdness
  183. Dealing with Multiple ADD personalities
  184. Stuck in a mental rut
  185. Dating Advice Needed
  186. Long distance relationship
  187. ADD husband will not take care of things!
  188. Non-ADD Partner Board and different perspectives
  189. Is it his ADHD or is he simply not interested?
  190. Been A While - Extreme Mood Swing Question
  191. I think I am sabotaging my relationship
  192. How can I increase my ADD guy's interest in me?
  193. Communicating with ADHD Ex: How to find out what he feels without overwhelming him?
  194. Trying to accommodate ADHD in a partner who denies the problem.
  195. ADD boyfriend is pushing me away
  196. ADHD and Issues with Boundary Violations?
  197. Need help with non-ADHD partner
  198. Relationship help
  199. non add-ers what do you love about your ADD partner
  200. Asking out
  201. Christmas with ADD
  202. ADHD Depressed Boyfriend Left Me :(
  203. Insight on ADHD boyfriend leaving?
  204. Help* Spouse is very, very depressed
  205. One Step Forward / Two Steps Back
  206. Need to vent and get some advice
  207. Don't know what to do about relationship
  208. 20 things to remember if you love someone with ADD
  209. Support in the Leaving
  210. ADHD and hypersexuality help for Non-ADHD Partner
  211. Was him breaking up with me to do with the ADHD?
  212. Addressing undiagnosed adult ADHD
  213. wife with suspected ADD
  214. ADHD Long Distance Relationship
  215. Advice for non-ADHD partners
  216. Feeling hopeless on many levels....
  217. I think my LDR relationship boyfriend has adult ADHD
  218. Advice wanted...ADHD? Is his behaviour excusable?
  219. My adhd Boyfriend broke up with me.
  220. How can I help my ADHD-friend
  221. Need guidance-adderall abuse
  222. my add girlfriend lying to me sometimed
  223. Need Help
  224. what can I do?
  225. OMG will I ever get the guts to make him leave?
  226. Is this typical for someone with ADHD
  227. ADD Boyfriend Stares at Other Women
  228. New to the forum...very thankful to have found this place too!
  229. Difference between ADHD and Abuse
  230. Confused about ADHD guy's feelings
  231. Spouse recently diagnosed ADD
  232. Suggested reading material for anxiety/mild OCD partner w/ ADD partner?
  233. Back Again - Insight / Help Needed
  234. Ask him?
  235. Newbie to forums
  236. Academically successful so no need
  237. Is this forgetfulness or what?
  238. Long distance communication tips?
  239. Late Intro
  240. Frustrated but I am trying...
  241. ADHD and finances don't mix!!!
  242. Is ADD the right Diagnosis?
  243. New-need help
  244. helping him stick to something
  245. Help! Boyfriend lost his hyperfocus on me after I've been initiating texts & invites
  246. Help
  247. Thinking about children!
  248. Methylphenidate Side Effects
  249. lonely in this relationship with an adhd boyfriend :(
  250. 'I will leave you soon, if things don't change'