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  1. Roll Call? ME ME ME :D
  2. What drives you crazy?
  3. What is the best thing...
  4. Untruth response is common behavior?
  5. You mean it's not just me??
  6. New Member - Need Some Advice
  7. ADD-anon??
  8. Living with an AD/HD Partner
  9. I told my fiance that I found this forum and...........
  10. Trying to understand my boyfriend with ADD / ADHD
  11. encouraging partner to try medication
  12. think husband has ADD
  13. Dating a person with ADD
  14. Husband and ADD
  15. Husband is a die hard football fan
  16. Sharing Stories
  17. my story (bf has ADD)
  18. is it easier for an ADDer to date an ADDer?
  19. i tried to encourage him to dream
  20. good idea or not?
  21. I'm trying to help my husband, need feedback..please read
  22. Having a Hard Time
  23. Tele-Conference Support Group?
  24. absolutely refuses to take medication
  25. Don't want to let go
  26. Living with an ADHD Husband in denial
  27. How is everyone
  28. The other side of the coin
  29. Looking for advice/feedback
  30. Intro and plea for advice!
  31. Non-ADD Partner needs help with 'reasonable'ness?
  32. Older guy, younger girl with ADD
  33. Our marriage is frustrating
  34. Always suspected ex has add, how should i approach?
  35. ADD bf says "I'll change!" (but it's not enough)
  36. Is there anything positive about people with ADD?
  37. My 2 Year Gay Relationship With Someone With ADD
  38. Need help convincing spouse not yet diagnosed to seek a doctor
  39. Seek medical help
  40. Thank Goodness I found You!
  41. The Mother Thing
  42. need advice
  43. Getting to know ADD better in marriage
  44. To Let Go or Not to Let Go...
  45. Non-ADD partner has questions....
  46. Will it ever be my turn?
  47. New to this forum - HELP! Guys, I need your perspective.
  48. Motivating a Friend
  49. Mixing oil and water
  50. Non-ADD Spouse Burnt Out
  51. I'm getting married Sunday
  52. Worst day of my life - so far.
  53. Non-ADD Spouse : Through the looking glass
  54. Perspectives
  55. Private Non-ADD Spouse Forum?
  56. Non-ADD Spouse / Partner Support group Leader
  57. What would you like your ADD Partner / Spouse to understand about you?
  58. Using "I" messages when communicating with your ADD Partner
  59. New to this spot Wife of undiagnosed ADD/ADHD man
  60. ADD and fault
  61. I have some very sad news
  62. My new job as ADDer liason?
  63. Is it ADD/ADHD?
  64. Free Book to Help Non-ADD Partners
  65. figuring out friendship with an ADD/ADHD man
  66. Non-ADD Wife needs advice about Husband with ADD/ADHD
  67. what's the difference between hesitation and proscastination in people with ADD/ADHD?
  68. When Do I (the non ADD partner) Get to be Understood
  69. Non-ADD Wife where to start...
  70. rocky road for Non-ADD Partner
  71. dealing with anger caused by my ADD fiancee
  72. How to initiate converstion w/ADHD partner? (long - sorry!)
  73. Walk away
  74. I feel like my partner with ADD is sucking the life out of me
  75. Roughhousing and playing around - is this typical?
  76. To Fidget or Not to Fidget? (Solutions for Busy Hands)
  77. non-add spouse support
  78. Excuses and Denial?
  79. I'm Type "A", he's ADD...
  80. My husband has ADD...
  81. ADHD Man/Co-Dependant Woman -- Will it work?
  82. pulling my hair out
  83. Anybody got any mad skills?
  84. I want to do the right thing...
  85. Not sure what to do next
  86. For non-ADD partners, your thoughts please
  87. Wife of Husband with ADD Hurt and scared
  88. Hearing voices...
  89. ADD/Ex-Offender/Recovering Alcoholic/Low Selfesteme
  90. How do I know if it's me or him??
  91. What do you do when your spouse just dosen't care?
  92. My Mom and Me
  93. Disconnect in Mannerisms
  94. Coping or compartmentalization?
  95. Confused
  96. Limbic ADD
  97. Saturday night...
  98. No feelings?
  99. Does husband have adult add?
  100. ADHD Boyfriend
  101. Dh feels like the psycholigist 'has it in for him' and wants to find another.
  102. Non-ADD wife and new mom, loves ADD hubby (newly diagnosed)
  103. New here ~ non-ADD wife in desperate need of support
  104. Will it ever get better?
  105. bmm in vt
  106. Research: ADHD And Non ADHD Relationship Help
  107. Turning me Into a Monster
  108. I've got a sense of humor, but... (long!!)
  109. Any advice on helping ADD husband to do their chores?
  110. Books - ADD and Relationships
  111. This Forum - Non-ADHD Spouses/Partners
  112. ADD partner and projection Q
  113. Finally found a solution to my ADD problem
  114. Supplements and other non-medicinal "therapies"
  115. Could use some pointers!
  116. Message to ADD spouse from our NON ADD view
  117. Non-ADD to ADD Communication gap - an ADD perspective
  118. Mood swings...due to his meds or is it me?
  119. Hello All
  120. Now what....
  121. "How can I provide structure?" asks Non-ADD husband.
  122. Should I give up?
  123. Newly diagnosed ADHD - Answer to relationship issues???
  124. We're Done... I just can't do this anymore... the Life Has Been SUCKED out of Me
  125. rant
  126. Would like to know how to interpret this
  127. How do I stop being so frustrated?
  128. Undiagnosed ADD wife won't seek help
  129. I've called it quits too
  130. could it be ADD?
  131. New to the Forum-My Husband has ADHD, Help i have a few questions :o)
  132. ADD Spouse who lies ... NonADD partner support
  133. Newly Separated from ADD Spouse
  134. NonADD partner support -- Private Forum
  135. Crazy Dr. Experience and what did you do?
  136. partner's possible ADD
  137. Non-ADD Partner -- "I'm feeling so desparate"
  138. Dusty1061
  139. crime_scene - Moderator for Non-ADD Partner Support
  140. I'm not your PARENT! please...
  141. Dealing with anger
  142. Reaching the end of the road
  143. Give up or go crazy
  144. ADD and Clutter
  145. I Feel bad
  146. Is there hope for a non -add'r married to an add'r
  147. Trying to start my own recovery..
  148. Tips for Surviving an ADD Marriage
  149. should i stay or go
  150. Proposal for NonADD Forum
  151. I'm different with meds. How can I help fiancee?
  152. Is what I'm going through normal??
  153. Offering advice (ADD-ers input welcome)
  154. How have you accepted it?
  155. Insomnia
  156. new and seeking help....
  157. I'm so tired of the same old crap!!!!!!!!!
  158. HELP! what is in this ADDr's head?
  159. ADD Meds on non-ADDer: what is it like?
  160. Insomnia and other issues
  161. To Not have ADD
  162. Non-ADDer' it worth it?
  163. Guilt!!! Is It Normal To Feel This Way!!!
  164. New Member Non-ADD Partner with Depression
  165. Help!!!
  166. I need help; how do I interact with an ADD man I am dating and have feelings for?
  167. should i cut him a break...your vote will decide
  168. Vast Improvements!!
  169. Emotional needs not getting met
  170. Support All My Own
  171. How do you explain what it's like?
  172. Disorganization: Lack of respect?
  173. New to life with an ADDer: HELP
  174. Advice Needed
  175. frustrated
  176. Looks like I can't post in this subforum anymore...
  177. I'm really not alone in dealing with this?!?
  178. Submissive or Just wanting to drop it?
  179. How To Help?
  180. ADD spouse - How do I become more assertive?
  181. help
  182. Small breakthrough, I think :-)
  183. So Many Emotions...
  184. Says his personality is not a disease
  185. First Time Post & It's a Long One
  186. Didn't Go Well...
  187. Odd Couples
  188. "Splitting" things - finances, personal items, etc
  189. Great Article For Non-Add'ers
  190. Suggestions for ADD partners
  191. Whats It Like Not having ADHD?
  192. more info about my life
  193. ADD spouse not completing house projects
  194. Outlandish claims/crazy lying - part of ADD?
  195. Was your partner always this way?
  196. Slowy going insane!!
  197. non-adders and the AMEN ADD test?
  198. Thank You!
  199. Help!
  200. Intimacy and Sex
  201. Non- ADD partner getting help from a counselor
  202. This is my first post. And it's somewhat long.
  203. Hello - New Here
  204. Some relationship advice please?
  205. Question for those w/ ADD (and opinions of others!)
  206. I feel I'm an ineffective partner
  207. To love an ADDer: A double-edged sword
  208. New to this & very confused
  209. Losing hope
  210. Scrambled
  211. What about me?
  212. confused...
  213. Please... support & advice
  214. Everything seems SO negative....
  215. please help me
  216. When is it ADD, when an excuse?!
  217. What do I do?
  218. Looking for boundries? ADD input welcome!
  219. help the new guy
  220. Is this common?
  221. new and problems
  222. Young Adult in Denial about her ADD-Advice
  223. Getting It Off My Chest... for the first time.
  224. marriage in trouble is it add/adhd?
  225. why so hard to get partner to consider meds?
  226. my ADD boyfriend and non-ADD me
  227. Husband finally had the courage to go see a DR.!!But now what?
  228. New and need some encouragement
  229. excessive talking
  230. Hubby ADD-Love and frustration
  231. New to this, and need help
  232. Are most ADDers shy or "show-offy" ?
  233. First Post
  234. Relationships
  235. Off the Island?
  236. Half empty ALL the time
  237. Long time no talk
  238. Everyone ask me how to describe your ADD situations to others
  239. Anger and ADHD - any insight?
  240. My boyfriend's ADD is pushing me away
  241. OMG...all these posts are ME.
  242. Husband's Spending and ADHD
  243. Do we ever give up
  244. Responding to your posts
  245. Need to find a specialist in Ohio
  246. Passive Aggressive???
  247. When does ADD just become an excuse?
  248. New here, very long
  249. ADHD and non-working relationships
  250. New & Stuck