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  1. Ode to Joy!
  2. gotta love those last minute bombs that kids drop on you!
  3. anyone ever take librax for stomach issues?
  4. This guy is Add on Limitless.
  5. Who is your hero and why?
  6. Relient K - Maintian consciousness
  7. Heads Up! Any Poker Players Around?
  8. Happy Mother's Day in the USA!
  9. Is this okay to wear at a wedding?
  10. memoriam
  11. I Hate Being Poor........
  12. scams! especially with kids-rant
  13. Guys your thoughts? Immediately!!!!!
  14. feed me
  15. to everyone:
  16. Ask johnny whats on your mind, and ill give you an answer. Ask away.
  17. Thursday News Flash!
  18. "find out if your human"
  19. speaking of stigmas and judgement-what about smoking?
  20. do you think young girls and women are over-sexualized or objectified?
  21. The virtual family.
  22. Ernie Kovaks......
  23. Private forums
  24. I wanna fight
  25. Pictures That Make You LOL Everytime You See Them
  26. Mission, possible?
  27. if you were/are overweight were you discrimnated against?
  28. What is it that makes it do what it does ?
  29. not my granny
  30. my apologies to mods and forum members
  31. you tv guilty pleasure
  32. If I had a dollar for every time....
  33. My thank you goal
  34. The Nine Kinds of Students (that align with TF2 classes)
  35. are apologies easy for you?
  36. Could really use your help translating this into PC language, if anyone's bored!
  37. hyperfocus any?
  38. how do you feel about the way the way you look both inner and outer beauty?
  39. A room for Blue and Anon
  40. And then you take a second look and !!!!!
  41. Creative outlet - what is yours?
  42. Hey check this **** out!
  43. DUDE. I'm so bored.
  44. just wanted to say...
  45. how do you feel about girls and beauty pageants?
  46. Gadgets!
  47. It's Thirsty Thursday!
  48. For photography lovers
  49. Word Definitions
  50. Chit-chat sub-forums
  51. Letter to your younger self
  52. Artists........
  53. Superpowers I Have From ADHD
  54. do you wear clothes that are suitable for you "age"?
  55. Hidden Gems
  56. Forget where I'm posting?
  57. Video Dedications
  58. ask my magic 8 ball!
  59. *POOF* You Are Now a Superhero!
  60. This is how I feel on ADHD meds
  61. ADHD Comedian
  62. What was playing in your head this morning?
  63. Mondays!!!
  64. Take care Minnesotans!
  65. Reward for MIA Friend....
  66. Who do you perceive to want metzfanaz more?
  67. Do you sit on your hands?
  68. Tattoos??
  69. What do you think of this analogy?
  70. A Gift for Blueranne
  71. I'm awake...
  72. Please welcome 2ferinsane
  73. I got the blues
  74. Small Successes
  75. What's so good about your country?
  76. Need Suggestions for Vintage Wedding
  77. Isnt being high just awesome?
  78. Saw this outside of Grass Pants, Oregon
  79. The BORING thread.....
  80. when you make a mistake do you apologize too much or not enough?
  81. if you had to give out awards to people on this forum who would you give one to?
  82. ADD-land
  83. Random thread of the night
  84. Tgif
  85. You ever posted something then *froze*
  86. My dog, Happy
  87. Popularity Contest: Let's have more votes here than on the other ones!!
  88. stupid sh*t that I say
  89. Women
  90. Attn: Anyone who registered after 2006
  91. Compliment People Nobody Else Cares About
  92. Attn: Anyone who registered before 2006
  93. Sunday Night Fights: battle of the oldbies vs. newbies
  94. Attn: Anyone who registered DURING 2006
  95. Swearing on ADDF
  96. Bored of ADDF?
  97. Noooooo!!!!!! Vote on this poll!!!!!!!!!
  98. Politics Poll
  99. Enough with the Polls Already ......
  100. Do you think we've been having too many stupid polls of late?
  101. Happy Anniversary to me
  102. DO NOT vote in this poll, this thread is for discussion
  103. Poles and more poles...
  104. I Just Got RObbed.....
  105. stuff I find on line when I was looking for something else....
  106. Say something nice about someone who...
  107. What are your favorite cold Breakfast Cereals?
  108. Hello
  109. Princess dress ideas please
  110. Early Summer
  111. wines and more wines
  112. why sooooo many guests on this forum?????
  113. That dang cat lady!
  114. Let's Be Friends!!
  115. Oops, I've lost a cat!
  116. Crazy dreams
  117. need help with creative ideas for a craft room
  118. What are you going to do tomorrow night?
  119. NFL Football
  120. For the Stay at Home Parents
  121. How do I go about picking the Axe (hair gel) product that's best for me?
  122. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you vacation this summer?
  123. Go go black and gold!!!
  124. music that goes with Forum name
  125. Help me stave off loneliness!
  126. Ignore this just a test
  127. Is it adhd? or is it a visuo-spacial thing?
  128. share a good joke
  129. Rest In Peace Ryan Dunn
  130. what words make your skin crawl when they are mispronounced?
  131. The RAGE thread!!
  132. Where are you in the world?
  133. Angry reccession blog
  134. Who woul d you rather be?
  135. Messed up dreams. I can't forget them. How about you?
  136. I have had a request.......Simon's Cat
  137. So, I just proved to Mike .....
  138. wish me luck my mom is coming over and the house is a wreck!
  139. Peeking around the corner...
  140. new and improved! ask sarah's magic 8 ball!
  141. Make it stop!!
  142. What I cannot Unsee... ever
  143. Can someone please make me smile or laugh
  144. Trouble finishing a novel!
  145. What made you laugh?
  146. short hand
  147. Say hi to good friends on this forum and why
  148. The Can't Sleep Thread
  149. Happy Music
  150. Name Meanings
  151. I feel like a huge geek for asking, but...
  152. This saying..........'Rock Bottom'
  153. Miniskirts...How short is TOO short this summer?
  154. to all the Canadians on the forum
  155. Long weekend
  156. Last One, I Swear :P
  157. independence day blueesssss
  158. random websites
  159. article:teen survives being run over by a train. plus a little rant.
  160. le Tour de France
  161. Avatar Contest: JULY 2011 (New Rules)
  162. Timezone and location
  163. post an awesome picture of something that makes you smile
  164. Don't say anything thread
  165. How do you you feel today?
  166. Abi-sexual
  167. Did you find the Dating Persona Quiz LAME or FUN?
  168. WOMEN ONLY: Are you attracted to bad boys?
  169. Name that tune!
  170. Messana and Gerwin
  171. Can't sleep!
  172. This Thread Does Not Exist
  173. favourite word
  174. got a comedy gala coming up can i have your best jokes
  175. Boating
  176. The Restless Thread
  177. Walk Like Dinosaur ......
  178. I'm so bored!!!!!
  179. F1
  180. Gerwin and Selena
  181. Mantis, Have At Thee!
  182. What should be my Vanity Title
  183. Anarchy!
  184. Anyone Flush The Toilet Hafway Thru The Process?
  185. Should I go to grad school?
  186. Im a stupid manic drunk
  187. Name that tune that was released after 1990
  188. For OZ,NZ,EU,SA, etc: The Time to Say Good MORNING Thread
  189. Million Dollars
  190. chinese zodiac sign of the monkey and adhd...
  191. Cafepress idea
  192. Vegans
  193. Random "tele-diagnosis" :-)
  194. Stomach Bug
  195. July Avatar Contest: Voting Poll 1 OF 2
  196. July Avatar Contest: Voting Poll 2 OF 2
  197. Musical tastes?
  198. YIKES ! I'm Old !
  199. More mathematical nonsense
  200. Symphony of Science - The Brain
  201. The Money or the Gun: Stairway to Heaven
  202. Mid-year resolutions
  203. What should I do at my friend's wedding?
  204. Forums Family Picnic Summer of 2011
  205. google+??
  206. Does anyone else have a problem with extreme boredom?
  207. "Buy Amanda some Coolers for Brains Foundation" Donation Center
  208. Most Embarrassing moment
  209. Lines
  210. If you were a researcher...
  211. (Bored) What should I drink tonight?
  212. Congrats SHYSMILE on Winning the July '11 AVATAR CONTEST!!!!
  213. What recurring threads annnoy you?
  214. What threads do you like the most?
  215. Flynn effect and "scientifc spectacles"
  216. Remember Those Roses I Was Writing Of ?
  217. Nj people?
  218. I am a Warrioress!!!!
  219. In memoriam: Amy winehouse
  220. I Need Some Suggestions ........
  221. RIP Mika
  222. Pray for Norway! So many children and families need them now..
  223. Flat Out Strangest Video I Have Ever Seen
  224. Leave a note to someone you miss
  225. word of the day
  226. If you had a DeLorean and 1.21 gigawatts...
  227. are white lies the same as other lies?
  228. Buddha Quotes
  229. Otakon!!!!!
  230. NHL Hockey fans post here!
  231. Will someone please talk to me?!!!
  232. The Sunny Side of Life gives me sunburn
  233. Movie: In Time
  234. I Had GREAT Day !!!!!!
  235. Bar Soap vs. Shower Gel
  236. funny site
  237. The Simpsons Bart on Ritalin
  238. August 2011 Avatar Contest - WITH A TWIST!!!
  239. Illustrating Treasure Isalnd .........
  240. question about question marks
  241. Do you walk abnormally?
  242. What effects do you experience after you take your ADD meds or they start to wear off
  243. Random website sharing (inspirational)
  244. Anyone going to Burning Man?
  245. Google +
  246. Chuck Norris Facts
  247. How I make Rent ......
  248. Today is My Sister's Birthday.....
  249. See Bridesmaids? I am Kristen Wiigs character in SO many ways!!!
  250. My New Obsession