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  1. I'm fuming with rage!! :-(
  2. Well NOW I've Done It .......
  3. My Hands Are On Fire!!!!
  4. Should I remove the bug?
  5. chit-chat I'm bored (girl talk.. boys are welcome)
  6. My Roommate of Yesteryear ........
  7. New Funny T-shirt
  8. What does your favourite colour say about you?
  9. Do you re-read your posts?
  10. French fries plain or . . . .
  11. Anyone Want to Start An Intensive Book Club
  12. Success with meditation?
  13. Nutella on a spoon and wine
  14. My mantis had an accident
  15. Signatures.
  16. Katy......the only photos I have of her .....
  17. The boy's going places.
  18. I want a Penguin too!
  19. Should Skater Dude return? (look inside for details)
  20. The best stress reviling game
  21. what time do you wake up? does it matter what time you went to bed?
  22. say a prayer for me im shopping with my mother in law today.
  23. acronym vs. initialism
  24. Vote for the August 2011 Avatar Contest Winner.
  25. Gotta a wake up call.
  26. How many books have you read, cover to cover?
  27. chit chat! computer games and people!
  28. If someone quoted this at you what would they mean ?
  29. itty bitty accomplishments
  30. Reaction time
  31. what kind of dumb things have you done with your meds?
  32. Congratulations ESH-PERIFUL on winning the August '11 Avatar Contest !!!
  33. euros - how do they feel?
  34. Underrated, unknown singers and musicians. Please post..
  35. Avast ye Landlubbers and Picaroons
  36. Angry Birds
  37. Lawnmower!
  38. Earthquake!!!!
  39. Avast ye Landlubbers and Picaroons Revised
  40. Relationships and social issues
  41. What did you Eat for Breakfast?
  42. I can't seem to get started!!!
  43. The Ranking Game
  44. Hurricane Irene
  45. martial arts
  46. Treasure Island Weekend ......
  47. Plays, plays, and more plays
  48. Hi everyone... I am back!!!
  49. Too Funny (or, Songs fau paux)
  50. If I could curse, I would here.....
  51. Taking Suggestions for September Avatar Contest
  52. the Drunked thread
  53. Lamest username on the forum
  54. Can I make a logo for the forum?
  55. ninjADHD!
  56. I know who you are!
  57. Shabby Secret ....SSSHHHHH........
  58. Surfdog
  59. the whats bothering you RIGHT NOW thread
  60. what do you make of this song?
  61. What's your favorite Font? and why?
  62. What I'm going to do today... the fantasy
  63. Kilted scotsman truckdriver
  64. Fraudulent Emails
  65. Official September 2011 Avatar Contest Submission Thread
  66. Take a Moment for Incredible Beauty......
  67. I get to have a cool piece sarah under my name! I have no idea about it help!!!!
  68. You Say You got no Energy ?????
  69. If I had an alter-ego it would be...
  70. A Must Read!!!!
  71. How quick are you ? .....
  72. Where in the world is everyone from?
  73. An Unexpected Invitation .....
  74. 9/11 Anniversary
  75. I had to put my cat to sleep today...
  76. Whose username is the worst / lamest
  77. Possessions
  78. hobbies anyone??
  79. Was that a pervert ??? stupid me !
  80. Dr Russel Barkley
  81. Myers-Briggs Type test
  82. This is for Kitten Lovers Who need a Smile Today .....
  83. Shaving Foam vs. Gel vs. Soap
  84. OK, work rant. Grateful for a years meds
  85. OCD and Video Games - Doesn't it drive you nuts when you want a perfect score?
  86. Which super hero are you?
  87. Where does the IQ 68 fall at?
  88. Back To The Future Trilogy
  89. All time favourite movie scene
  90. What other good ADD forums are out there?
  91. Life is a house of cards
  92. weird things you are "addicted" to.
  93. If I were a character....
  94. surfing the Tube ......ahhhh a CLassic ....
  95. Voting Open For The September 2011 Avatar Contest Winner
  96. Any Gamers?
  97. Break Time
  98. POST in alphabetical order of usernames.
  99. My mom's in the hospital
  100. Support and Hope
  101. Your Favorite Cheap Beer(s)?
  102. Catharsis, Round 3
  103. complain about your family here.
  104. please give me permission to curse at other peoples kids
  105. Old school rock 'n roll
  106. Funny Book Notes
  107. Just been told you grow out of ADHD.
  108. The "What did you forget to do today?"
  109. ADHD and The Job Interview
  110. Congratulations Jules on Winning the September Avatar Contest
  111. Some Positive Energy...
  112. What does, "I'm OK," mean to you?
  113. Hallowe'en is coming!!! -- October Avatar Contest
  114. PD caused by the internet
  115. Psssssttt......
  116. Do you think its strange?
  117. Hdtv
  118. The honesty thread
  119. Game Achievements (complaints department)
  120. Hyperbole and a Half
  121. Are ADD/HDer's Prone To Like Sci-Fi/Fantasy?
  122. AFL Grand Final!!!!
  123. Countries you would love to visit
  124. Speak typonese?
  125. A thread for dog lovers who need a smile today..
  126. What i'm good at
  127. Just watched the "Today" show and I have to ask...
  128. Flat Tire: A Story in 4 Acts.....So Far ...
  129. Steve Jobs has Died
  130. Why I cannot work in Australia :)
  131. Today's little victories
  132. Looking for Feedback/Advice/Support, Please?
  133. Why I don't want to live forever
  134. ...sigh... considering wearing an eye patch full time...for "health" (no pirate)
  135. Tipping wait staff in the US
  136. Hello Helooooooooooo Heloooooooooooo looooooooooooo ooooooooooo
  137. Important Info for those with Halloween Avatars
  138. Moto GP/ WSBK
  139. its back! sarah's magic 8 ball...ask away!
  140. Store Security Experiences?
  141. Ironing
  142. how many times do you do the same things to avoid completly finishing the task?
  143. The loss of a beloved friend
  144. Music That Never Gets Old
  145. Tap. Smile. (Jaw problems)
  146. What, for you, represents the height of boredom?
  147. Is there a User CP setting that stops me from talking to myself?
  148. Earthquake
  149. Cutting Edge Info on the Treatment of ADHD and other conditions
  150. Correct Thread: Vote for the Halloween Avatar Contest Winner, poll 1 of 3
  151. CORRECT THREAD: Vote for the Halloween Avatar Contest Winner, poll 2 of 3
  152. Correct Thread: Vote for the Halloween Avatar Contest Winner, poll 3 of 3
  153. Latest Simon's Cat ....
  154. What should my sister be for Halloween?
  155. Adult Truths
  156. Awesome Foods You Might Not Know About
  157. Videogamers: Games you play in the dark during Halloween?
  158. Name things you like about fall/winter
  159. Super big stress zit
  160. An interesting study idea
  161. i hope my doctor hears me and listens about my pain
  162. No Halloween, but Fastelavn
  163. 'Nother Quake
  164. Good things about ADD/ADHD
  165. your current weather conditions
  166. the grocery store rant
  167. The Candy Tax
  168. Happy all hallows eve,post your favourite halloween
  169. Chel, you finally did it!!
  170. my post office scheduled for closure
  171. Wondering if I'm the only one awake, wanting one-on-one convo w/ a fellow ADDer
  172. Opting out of Halloween
  173. What gets you up in the morning? Beside 8hours of sleep. Me = My meds sadely. :(
  174. A Wish For SOme of the Policy Setting Pooh Bas at Drug Manufacturing Companies
  175. Should Possum go to the laundromat NOW?
  176. A Musical History lesson.....Episode 1
  177. Music Lesson: Lesson 2 ...The Blues Project
  178. wall-mart in south africa
  179. What would you do if you didn't have to work tomorrow?
  180. What could you use right now?
  181. Hilarious but very true (for me at least)
  182. A gift for a friend
  183. November Avatar Contest -- CELEBRITIES
  184. Have you experienced this : hyperactive and visual
  185. Your favorite make-out music
  186. Music the life saver
  187. how are you.going to handle xmas
  188. The heroic deeds of Scarlett the Cat
  189. Watch the Sun...extreme solar output today
  190. tell your doc
  191. Re: Snake
  192. Wanted to share a fun Birthday Video :)
  193. Interesting trick the brain plays on you
  194. I can just FEEL the power of so many brilliant minds!! A puzzle for us to chew on...
  195. What does NT mean??
  196. Article - Breakthrough: Israel is Developing Cancer Vaccine
  197. You know what YOU remind me of.....
  198. Guess what?
  199. Vote for the November Celebrity Avatar Contest Winner!
  200. Bad guitar habits are yesterdays worries
  201. What's YOUR shiny thing?
  202. Frightening metaphor of ADD.
  203. Song lyrics that relate to you or your life
  204. I had to put my cat to sleep today :(
  205. Holiday Crafts
  206. Screw the haters
  207. Is anyone here fixing a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings?
  208. Holiday gift ideas
  209. Tipoo needs a few more internets
  210. Did anyone here get to EAT their Thanksgiving dinner?
  211. Black Friday Madness
  212. Congratulations FULL_THROTTLE on winning the November Avatar Contest.
  213. what would you change about you if you could
  214. favourite christmas song
  215. Physicalism
  216. Words that Sound Naughty... But Aren't
  217. This is where I get my username from:
  218. When I'm Gone
  219. Congrats full-throttle!
  220. Puppy!
  221. Dogs being freed and seeing grass and sunlight for the first time
  222. Do you gravitate to a certain type of animal?
  223. Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
  224. Introducing the short video contest.
  225. Who REALLY stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
  226. Its official, I've lost it...! :P
  227. ADDF AVATAR CONTEST ***All Stars 2011*** : Vote for the best avatar of the year.
  228. ADD Gamers Unite!
  229. What books do you prefer ?
  230. Official Winter/Christmas Contest submission thread
  231. OMG don't look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  232. Jim Carrey
  234. Booop! beeepadeeeboop
  235. Total Lunar Eclipse 12-10-2011
  236. Guy saw UFO lol
  237. CRAZY MESS! Open-concept houses suck. Post ideal here!
  238. Indefinite Hiatus
  239. Do You Always Need a Sense of Certainty?
  240. What are you listening to? Part II
  241. Would You Prefer a Cleaning Lady Be a Friend or Stranger?
  242. Look OUT! The sky really is falling!
  243. Music Quotes that Stick with You
  244. You want to laugh with me? (or at me? ) Be my guest!
  245. An East Coast Geek's New Motivation
  246. Congratulations EshkaronsEngine & peripatetic on winning the 2011 Avatar Contest!
  247. And I thought we had it bad w/ the med shortage...
  248. Not sure where to put this, here looks good!
  249. Those who thrive on forums -- and those who don't
  250. PLEASE VOTE ON THIS THREAD for Winter/Avatar Contest; Other thread is void