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  1. Come On!!!
  2. Temperomandible Joint Syndrome (TMJ)
  3. meme thread
  4. Are you a cannibal?
  5. I'm officially changing my age
  6. ADDF XMas eve / XMas day PARTY!!!
  7. Heavy Metal Christmas (real fun)
  8. Good presents
  9. Ideas for Christmas presents
  10. Vodka and Brandy
  11. Cold!!
  12. Race to 4000 posts.
  13. This Is Real ....Seriously ....
  14. An Actual Warm Thought
  15. Which forum members are you most similar to?
  16. what's cooking?
  17. Congrats Abi! Winner of the Winter/Holiday Avatar Contest!!!
  18. January Avatar Contest Entry Thread
  19. Providing Comfort to Grieving Friends
  20. Putting My Money Where my Mouth is .....
  21. Do you wish you were Magnolia rather than Jackson Pollock?
  22. All aboard the internet hug-box
  23. Nobody (in the world) impresses me
  24. Do you deserve an education?
  25. Are emotions a bad thing?
  26. Hug and Love Donations Needed......Warm Thoughts Accepted, too :o)
  27. as the year grows old
  28. Was 2011 a good year or did it suck?
  29. This poll closes in 20 minutes
  30. Apologies to forum members
  31. New Year's Resolutions
  32. Another thread that closes in 20 minutes?
  33. Four worms in church
  34. If you were a crayon what color would you be?
  35. Eh, Eh, Gaaaaa Gaaaaa (Come Inside & Say Anything Part 2)
  36. Show your face
  37. Guess
  38. I think my dog may have ADHD
  39. Guess what ...
  40. Another Hyperbole and a Half Thread!
  41. Terms of Endearment
  42. Most pointless flash game ever
  43. Look-a-likes
  44. My Profile Page is Now Friends and Mods Only
  45. Taking down the tree...
  46. Paul Sadowski Quizzery
  47. I love cats
  48. Goodbye Nanoha
  49. some good news for a change
  50. Would you rather be...
  51. Vote of the best Avatar of January 2012 - POLL 1 of 2
  52. Vote for the best Avatar of January 2012 - POLL 2 of 2
  53. International Foods Thread!
  54. Blame it on my ADD
  55. A miracle, and an expression of gratitude.
  56. Retard
  57. OMG micromanage me more Napolean
  58. The Key To Happiness
  59. I Know It's Time to Take My Meds When...
  60. How big is your house?
  61. Anyone Else?
  62. Yelled at by GP?
  63. I have more then a 100 haters out there..ADHD related?
  65. Billy Cundiff
  66. Guess who turned up on Facebook...
  67. Where are you? Where do you want to be?
  68. Hot Hot Hot
  69. 11:11
  70. Random Images and Memes
  71. What Is Your Dream Job?
  72. We need to talk about Kevin
  73. What do you guys do for auto maintenance?
  74. So i bought a guitar...
  75. Do you over punctuate?
  76. What Can Make You Move?
  77. If I forget to bring something, can I buy it from the store and then return it?
  78. My Life Saver......Funny Stuff....Keeps Me Laughing....
  79. Crazy (bad) songs get stuck in your head after taking your meds?
  80. If you were stranded on a desert island...
  81. death of a loved one.
  82. Lachen
  83. February Avatar Contest Discussion Thread
  84. Some books for Sci-fi fans with ADD
  85. Your favorite TV shows
  86. Transfer Deadline Day
  87. Anyone know anything about refinancing a house?
  88. What are the little things in life that give the most comfort
  89. How many volumes of manga?
  90. What was your most impulsive purchase?
  91. Objects/things that have ADD
  92. Myths, Lengends & Fantasy **official** Feb Avatar Contest Entry Thread
  93. Any chess players here?
  94. Your space... let's see it!
  95. Smile though your Heart is aching, Even though Breaking
  96. The Power of Determination
  97. A+d (hd)
  98. You know what I can't stand!!!!
  99. Don't you hate it when you are waiting to answer a question? (or in line)
  100. How many windows/tabs do you have open on your computer right now?
  101. What Are Your Pet Peeves?
  102. Note to self - quirky things you have learned though life's travels
  103. My Grandparents Farm
  104. You know you have AD(H)D when ...
  105. "I'm just joking, you know."
  106. first nite all thank u
  107. Those Were The Days......
  108. Breaking the Code: Why Yuor Barin Can Raed Tihs
  109. Do you think that these glasses are to big for someone with a slightly large head?
  110. How old does this dude look to you?
  111. Is it healthy to compare yourself to celebrities, who have so much more then you?
  112. Boreeeed!
  113. Whitney Houston dead at 48
  114. Amazing Animal Photography
  115. Happy V Day
  116. Will you be my Valentine?
  117. Which thread on ADDF irritates you the most?
  118. Creating a Vlog
  119. Blast !
  120. Do you think 3 years is a big age gap between people?
  121. SH*T NT'S say
  122. Ill on Valentines day!
  123. Anyone doing anything tonight for Valentines? Single or not
  124. Songs stuck in head
  125. Happy Single Awareness Day!
  126. A D D Hell
  127. No one has posted in 48 minutes
  128. Vote for the best Myths/Legends/Fantasy avatar here! POLL 1 of 2
  129. Vote for the best Myths/Legends/Fantasy avatar here! POLL 2 of 2
  130. Sh*t Mom's Say.
  131. Yay! I got to submit my application for graduation!
  132. S*** things NT's do
  133. Healthy Ways to Express Anger
  134. What should be under my name?
  135. There have been no new posts in 56 minutes.
  136. SH*T Husbands (or BF's) Say...
  137. SH*T Wives (& GFs) say
  138. SH*T LGBT partners say
  139. Sh*t Random People on the Street Say...
  140. Hitchcock movie or Roller Derby?
  141. Do people in their late 20s, 30s and 40s go out clubbing?
  142. not here 2moro
  143. I'm bored of life! (not in a suicide way!!)
  144. In the film A Clockwork Orange does Alex DeLarge have ADHD?
  145. WARNING: Energy drink banned contained BZP! Now they back with 5-htp.
  146. I of the tiger
  147. The voice of an angel anyone?
  148. What sort of meats can you put in a sandwich to make it taste really nice?
  149. help pls, big scab on leg..
  150. I'm going to name my next baby Julian Smith
  151. Whatever, I Tried
  152. hey,update
  153. In Titanic does Rose Dewitt-Bukater (Kate Winslet) have Autism?
  154. Home invasion, very scary...
  155. Last night for Free comm on Eharmony
  156. Anyone else relate to Pinkie Pie from MLP:FiM?
  157. Favourite energy drink/s
  158. Speech before meds...
  159. CONGRATS Abi!!!!
  160. Do you lose passion for something once you master it?
  161. Buying a cheap car. Which one?
  162. Ooooohhhh.....!
  163. Is 20 pages to long for a complaint against 5 teachers???
  164. Is 8 years a big age gap?
  165. Who is your idol ?
  166. Lost my car keys.. should I change the locks?
  167. I wear sublock everyday.
  168. What's the worst thing that happened to you in your life?
  169. Ive graduated from uni and feel like I have lost all my mates.
  170. TED Talks Video - Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work
  171. bla bla
  172. I filled up an 80 page notebook with plans for my novel.
  173. What place are you comfortable/uncomfortable going by yourself?
  174. Movie Reviews
  175. March Avatar Contest DISCUSSION Thread
  176. Netflix. God's gift to me
  177. Pet Hiding
  178. Show us ya furry face
  179. Leaked Doom 4 screenshots
  180. Anyone wish there were more "smiley" options?
  181. World Art & Architecture: ***OFFICIAL*** March Avatar Contest Entry Thread
  182. Philosophical approach to how to live your life and how to be.
  183. Home Remedies that work - help
  184. What do your have in your room? (Share pics if you'd like)
  185. Dog/Cat/Other/None Pet preference with ADHD
  186. Greatest experience on Adderall
  187. Hope Everyone Is OK .......
  188. Scattered Minds By Lenard Adler
  189. ADHD and some serious girl Trouble. HELP!! PLEASE WHAT SHOULD I DO?
  190. The short bus is now, for the masters of exceptional, elite V.I.P
  191. Daughter and her husband
  192. Exchange with a pipsqueak (bit of a rant)
  193. Ya Feeling Down in the Dumps ? Need a Pick Me Up ? Listen to This
  194. Kony 2012
  195. Does it bother you when you see films such as the hungar games and you are older then
  196. Beyound help.
  197. Favorite song
  198. Daylight Savings is Tomorrow, Don't Forget!
  199. Do you agree that age is just a number?
  200. /poke
  201. I am a year older then my freind. Would you say we are both very similar in age?
  202. Are pancakes healthy?
  203. Ive graduated from uni and feel like I have lost all my mates.
  204. Do any women here ride motorcycles?
  205. VOTE for the best Art or Architecture Avatar!
  206. Is this normal to be obsessed with age?
  207. your plans for the weekend list.
  208. Creative right brain myth debunked
  209. Concussion
  210. Got Hope?
  211. Something New and Different
  212. What positive deeds do you offer people and the world?
  213. It's the Fourth Quarter ADDForums...
  214. Under a 100 Dollar grocery list for month?
  215. Being an adult( the problems)
  216. Congratulations full_throttle on winning the Art/Architecture avvy contest
  217. A question for americans
  218. What should I do about this dude? He is stalking me? PLEASE HELP
  219. April avatar contest discussion thread.
  220. Is anyone from New Zealand?
  221. Contagious Happyness pictures that i steal from the interwebz, thank you and gnight
  222. Who else believes in the power of the shaman?
  223. How many overflowing laundry baskets do you have?
  224. I Have To Get My Dog Put To Sleep Today
  225. Thought I could give you all a chuckle.
  226. Do you ever record yourself?
  227. Missing old friends
  228. Anhedonia
  229. Cartoons
  230. Funny Mistakes
  231. Searching for the Right Steps to Know Iím Good Enough
  232. Facebook Timeline
  233. Off the grid living.
  234. Choose the April Avatar Contest theme.
  235. Earth Hour
  236. Why do you come to this forum?
  237. April avvy contest ENTRY thread - "Red Objects"
  238. Texas Tornadoes!
  239. ...and the SNORTable mention goes to....???!!!????
  240. How old are you
  241. Where do you live
  242. Fortune, Jules, Peri, Sarah
  243. 2 New Simon's Cat ...Now with a Kitten !!!!
  244. Do this have a name or purpose?
  245. test
  246. How much caffeine do you drink /day?
  247. People have made me upset and angry
  248. Saturday night at home
  249. Favor
  250. Do you feel ADDF has become unfriendly and intimidating over the past few months?