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  1. Name some things "everyone" seems to like but you "secretly" dislike/dread
  2. Life........
  3. An Example of the Power of Music
  4. Bad Year for Pets.
  5. What's something most consider a luxury that you consider a necessity?
  6. tatoo
  7. Does anyone else dislike music videos?
  8. Natives
  9. 5 states and 19 hours later....
  10. Interesting Friday the 13th Article (not scientific and not ADHD specific)
  11. Vote for the best "Red Object Avatar" POLL 1 OF 2
  12. VOTE for the best "Red Object Avatar" POLL 2 OF 2
  13. "How We Found Our Happiness" ( A video)
  14. Living in the wild vs. city
  15. 2nd degree sprained ankle
  16. Easy Guide to Modern Living
  17. Unexpected change in plans *panic*
  18. Sports outdoor and/or extreme
  19. Hippocrates Weeps
  20. Teleportation: where and when would you go?
  21. Sausages.. (and meatballs)
  22. Scarcity
  23. Bad Days and Comedy
  24. What are you currently watching (TV, Netflix, Hulu, etc)
  25. Another sign of the pending Apocalypse
  26. ;-)
  27. For All of You Who Have Had Their Heart Broken
  28. Small dog or cat? What should I get?
  29. The carrots of truth
  30. Do people that say "like" a lot annoy you?
  31. Ego Depletion - will power (youarenotsosmart)
  32. Everything Your Parents Stopped You From Trying -- At 2500 Frames A Second
  33. Quite vs quit vs quiet...
  34. Things That Are Awesome
  35. Interesting *Anonmyous* Social Sites?
  36. F'in HURRAY...
  37. Do you understand Natural Attachment Theory (NAT)???
  38. Congratulations Fraser, winner of the Red Objects Avatar Contest.
  39. How can I Fuse my Nature to Dream with Realism?
  40. Interested in Your Feedback - Craft Project as a Job, etc.
  41. One Day Road Trip (^ v ^)b
  42. Does "nothing" really exist?
  43. May Avatar Contest ENTRY thread - Love & Friendship
  44. May Avatar Contest DISCUSSION Thread
  45. Sorry that I've been out for a looooooooong while, but I graduate today
  46. :-(
  47. There is no "right" and "wrong"
  48. Looking for the Portal
  49. Whose the furthest...
  50. Crunchy vs. Chewy Food?
  51. My Baby's a TEENAGER!!!!!
  52. ADHD Tip : 10 Reasons to be like House
  53. Two dogs dining
  54. Porn does nothing for me..anyone else??
  55. Intercourse and Intelligence
  56. Your dream vacation
  57. Fun in the sun (cute picture)
  58. tanning mom?
  59. General BLAH
  60. What do you think about this song?
  61. new grill
  62. This Vid made me LOL
  63. Fears/Phobias
  64. Short Story Contest Discussion Thread
  65. What do you wanna do right now
  66. Peter Pan syndrome
  67. *whines*
  68. He who dies with the most toys wins... List your toys
  69. Mothers day
  70. my book...
  71. today sucks :(
  72. Intelligence if over rated
  73. I don't wanna *stomps foot*
  74. VOTE for the best "Love & Friendship" Avatar, POLL 1 of 2
  75. VOTE for the best "Love & Friendship" Avatar, POLL 2 of 2
  76. I can only take so much!!
  77. This is FUNNY!!
  78. Has anyone ever watched the show Hardcore Pawn?
  79. Fasting
  80. Hooray beer!
  81. Donna summer dead at 63 from lung cancer
  82. Probably one of the most exciting soccer games ever
  83. hes BAAACCKKK
  84. SH*T Your Mom Says
  85. I lost my ADHD, has anyone seen it?
  86. Best way to deal with a Troll
  87. Irregardless
  88. Do you Know your Psychological Injuries?
  89. Can you relate any of these habits/obsessions?
  90. Carpe Diem
  91. Family Quilts....
  92. Family Quilts (con't) Victorian Crazy QUilt
  93. are there any sections you don't feel comfortable posting in?
  94. Where's Fuzzy??
  95. and the winnner of our May avatar contest is no other than, our Abi
  96. ADHD and bicycles!
  97. YAY! *celebrate*
  98. Random thoughts thread
  99. Celebrating Victories
  100. Bagged Lettuce Recall in the U.S. FYI
  101. Do you get Nicer?
  102. Death Experience Simulation! (not for the sensitive!)
  103. ADHD related comics
  104. Music Genres
  105. I REALLY want an alcoholic drink
  106. They say Bruce Lee is more Awesomer than Chuck Norris
  107. Tomorrow is MONDAY
  108. June Avatar Contest DISCUSSION Thread
  109. DH found his happy thought!
  110. June Avatar Contest ENTRY Thread
  111. Security code problems
  112. Calling the tech savvy members...
  113. The sleep gods hate me.
  114. Name Something you Wish your Parents did when you were a Kid
  115. If you had to choose another username, what would it be?
  116. Constructive Criticism
  117. What you're going to see, you'll only see it in...
  118. Richard Dawson Dead at 79
  119. the magic 8!
  120. Are you ready for Zombie Apocalypse?
  121. Gym membership?
  122. ADD/ADHD womens FB closed group.
  123. What is your occupation.
  124. Here and Now. Whats your focus?
  125. What is it like in England right now
  126. Why are you hoarding people on your friends list?
  127. what's your pre- occupation?
  128. Any Ideas? A Non ADD/ADHD thing
  129. Went off on a lady on Facebook today; still unrepentant about it.
  130. tipoo owns the forum
  131. Im locked in my bedroom
  132. What comes to mind?
  133. If something would represent you, what would it be ?
  134. Members I miss
  135. Top or bottom?
  136. Kings win the Cup
  137. Im going to see Puscifer in Concert tonight. My adhd Co-pilot
  138. Stealth mode - pros and cons
  139. Buy a freakin' mug already
  140. Who were you in high school?
  141. Too weird not to share...
  142. Found a photo album
  143. The Maintenance Staff Answer Your Complaints
  144. I'm ready for this week to be OVER
  145. It's pink floyd night on addf
  146. two choices
  147. Friday Morning Cartoon
  148. Vote for the best "Username" Avatar, Poll 1 of 3
  149. Vote for the best "Username" Avatar, Poll 2 of 3
  150. Vote for the best "Username" Avatar, Poll 3 of 3
  151. shooting at my school
  152. Take 2:15 and give yourself a treat ......
  153. Temporary Tattoos
  154. Hey RedHairedWitch, I got your new avatar!!
  155. Doctor Who and the Fantastical (Split from "The Reality of Life")
  156. all thats kind and true and worhty of appreciation
  157. Sharing a Facebook account with your significant other: Yay or Nay?
  158. RE: Retromancer, Homeless, Living in the Country Thread
  159. What does my list of favorite movies reveal about me?
  160. How To Set An Anti-Keylog Password
  161. Very Happy Today!!
  162. Coldplay concert tonight
  163. And the Mother of the Year Award goes to..........(warning if you are squeamish)
  164. Congratulations anonymouslyadd, winner of the Username Avatar Contest.
  165. Won and IPAD at work
  166. Ahem!
  167. Bzzzzzzz
  168. Coconut Oil
  169. Let's all hit on each other and hook up.
  170. "I have ADHD" vs "I am ADHD"
  171. Prometheus movie review.
  172. That's it. I'm on strike...
  173. How to greet people without goodafternoon
  174. Random 2am Musings
  175. What does "living in the past" mean?
  176. Quality Of Intent
  177. Do you think in song lyrics a lot?
  178. What do I want?
  179. I am not amused by myself
  180. Conversation
  181. a tree landed in my front room...
  182. July Avatar Contest DISCUSSION Thread
  183. Its official
  184. Video.
  185. What happened to the chat room?
  187. Not every one is in the computer age
  188. Happy Canada Day!
  189. What is your desktop image?
  190. It Hurts Losing Someone you Care About
  191. Can't be Any Meaner than You
  192. Happy 4th of July!
  193. Higgs Boson-like particle found
  194. July Avvy Contest ENTRY Thread - Beautiful Sky
  195. A single picture
  196. Best Username Contest
  197. Special thanks to Ginnie, BR, and Peri!!
  198. Funniest person on forum contest
  199. ADHD in fiction
  200. My alltime favorite hang-in-there song
  201. Being a "grownup" is so overrated because. . .
  202. Keep 32 Cures Cavities?!
  203. 12th July!
  204. What's up with girls and these finger moustaches??
  205. "I know what you're thinking, but I REALLY DID walk into a door!"
  206. I hate people.
  207. New Avatar
  208. What are sticky threads?
  209. Where does ADHD stand for ?
  210. Vote for the best username on the forum.
  211. "Living Well Without a Job and With (Almost) No Money" Article
  212. 5 Minutes in the Future
  213. Humans have tails.
  214. Le Tour
  215. The Best Obituaries Are The Ones You Write Yourself
  216. Is posting a song in reply annoying?
  217. Do you believe that in our lifetime retirement will be till 85 years old
  218. What's in your favourite sandwich?
  219. Re: July Avvy Contest ENTRY Thread - Theme song contest
  220. Thank You Everyone!
  221. Stupid crap that makes your state memorable
  222. The Sara(h) Thread
  223. Vote for the funniest person on the forum.
  224. Colorado Shooting
  225. Movie Music
  226. When you're in an unusual situation, getting advice on online forums is Difficult..
  227. I feel so lonely!!!
  228. How Do You Get Rid of Canker Sores? :(
  229. Xmas in July!
  230. what is your review of the new batman movie?
  231. Friends
  232. I am BA~A~A~AC~C~C~C~CK!!!!!!!!! :D
  233. Feeling intense grief for the victims - Colorado
  234. Helpful Hint for Frequent Users of Ice Packs
  235. Kidney Stones
  236. Congratulations avjfdghsdjhs on winning the best Username Contest.
  237. Estimate....
  238. Negative Rep
  239. Vote for the best "beautiful sky" avatar!
  240. Bullfrog Blues........
  241. Your accomplishments today
  242. you gotta be about 40 and REALLY LOVE listening to song lyrics! ADHD thread
  243. Thought this was Just so Dog-Gone Cute...( Prarie Dog)
  244. Guess how Introverted I am [MBTI]
  245. Congratulations sweet sarah, the *OFFICIAL* funniest person on the forum
  246. Something Odd...
  247. Henri ......the Exestentailist Cat....
  248. Music that evokes strong emotions.
  249. who do you think is Mr Grey
  250. Hello again!