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  1. Tiny Houses and livung simply.
  2. Odd/Funny Pet Behavior
  3. Do you think it's good to grow up with several languages?
  4. Communication vs popular abbreviations
  5. What do you think of standardized testing? Useful, harmful,useless or what else?
  6. Rebelling when too much happiness
  7. You in real life
  8. What's the biggest compliment you ever got ? Or would be to you ?
  9. Bucket List time
  10. Thanks for a great day
  11. is anyone into rc cars/trucks?
  12. Destroying mental barriers
  13. Summer!
  14. What Are Your Attitudes Toward Women?
  15. Which Female Archetype are you?
  16. Stinging nettles
  17. Pirate of the East Coast
  18. Replaying life to find the soothing voice that explains the notes
  19. Ebony
  20. What are some things you love about yourself?
  21. One tear
  22. Would anyone who has experience with diabetes or has diabetes consider please share?
  23. I'm so happy! I fixed my computer!
  24. Global Warming ???? uhm , er ....yup ....
  25. I just got an MRI for my elbow (damn!)
  26. absolutely adorable .
  27. What I Made At Janet's House
  28. Views In and Around the Farm
  29. High functioning sociopath's calm voice of Dexter
  30. If you have never wrote a new member intro, what would you say about yourself now?
  31. What would you do in this situation (a date)
  32. Back from the vet
  33. let's talk about MUSIC
  34. We're all equal
  35. What Do You Sound Like?
  36. Baghdad bombingS
  37. Fireworks.
  38. SNAKES on a TRAIN!!!
  39. Ignoring the fact that
  40. Animals are a lot smarter than most people give them credit for
  41. My Lounge Lizard
  42. I feel like deli!
  43. This place never changes!
  44. I HATE emergency rooms
  45. National Ice cream day- trigger warning.
  46. My dog got sprayed by a skunk! (again!)
  47. Growling dog
  48. Do you like sarcasm and dry humor
  49. A few pics from Greenwich Village
  50. What makes one inspirational
  51. Do you forget to use the reputation feature?
  52. ~*~Astrology~*~
  53. IT's DONE !!! L6C6F6R Morningstar on piano !!!!
  54. Why does my name show in green all of a sudden?
  55. Clothing business
  56. L6C6F6R Morningstar on Steinway & Sons wing piano
  57. What Do You Need Most?
  58. Donít Worry About Yourself With Me
  59. What would you take?
  60. *Thread split from Drinking too much thread*
  61. What month were you born?
  62. So confused
  63. Bakerís Dozen Baby Names
  64. Not sure if this is the right place but...
  65. Animal Quiz
  66. Do we not have a "post a pic of yourself" thread?
  67. Your Obituary.
  68. Creative Tipping for Services Received
  69. How significant do you feel?
  70. children's books
  71. Which is Your Basic Nature ???
  72. Music and it's Effects .....
  73. ADHD Memes
  74. movie title game
  75. Very, very bizarre note left on my door
  76. New pictures of Ebony and Tigger
  77. Homeless
  78. Write a letter to another member
  79. Can someone please reprogramme where the dream I had last night is going please
  80. Question for Dutch Members: Have you eaten here (in Amsterdam)?
  81. Zika Virus ó Time to Get Scared?
  82. We Had An Earthquake!!!
  83. Being a guest at a wedding VS being in a wedding.
  84. not a good sick person.
  85. Dewey Color Career Test
  86. No School Day ... Flood Day!
  87. How to get rid of a stye
  88. Dexedrine and cigarettes
  89. How do you feel about trigger warnings?
  90. I'm baaaaacccccckkkkk aux …tas Unis
  91. Something important for everyone on the best forum on the internet (ADDF)
  92. Embracing Myself and Accepting Myself
  93. The Best Nation In The World
  94. Trends with ADHD and Birthdays??
  95. A Request for Our Folks Residing in Great Britain
  96. today I wonder why?
  97. I Got New Perfume and I'm Excited Because I Just Am!
  98. Goodbye for now
  99. what do your desktop, folders, bookmarks on your computer look like
  100. Fascinating Factoids
  101. Chicago Cubs: World Series 2016 Champions!
  102. 1 more day!!!! 1 more day!!!! 1 more day!!!!
  103. Something Fun I'm Looking Forward To Is...
  104. Not going to be a grandma
  105. I think my mom's developing dementia...and I'm not handling it well at all :*(
  106. Pets!
  107. Rest In Peace, Leonard Cohen
  108. Get outside and check out the Supermoon!
  109. Dogs or cats or...
  110. Domestic cats - in or out?
  111. Jessica Alba has ADHD
  112. Race to 1,000 posts. II
  113. ADDF Secret Santa Thread
  114. Being 'childlike'...a bad thing for a 33 yr old man?
  115. Great movies with ADHD characters
  116. a bit of rambling about my 'dream job'
  117. Nuffin in Particular....
  118. Hey! Anyone remember me?
  119. Paranoia anyone?
  120. Stuck about which person to give which Christmas present - suggestions welcome
  121. Childhood fears
  122. All this time, its been like sitting on a land mine.
  123. In case I don't have chance to post this before Sunday
  124. Deep Meaningful Conversations
  125. Christmas
  126. Hi Friends!
  127. 2 Trees ! ....wheeeeee
  128. Come and post a funny picture here
  129. Overwhelmed with guilt.
  130. Got a reminder letter
  131. Heroes
  132. Deals with the universe
  133. Verizon FIOS service
  134. Wonderful people
  135. Name a movie quote that gives away the film without saying the title ...
  136. Face-Book
  137. Always Looking for a Laugh .....
  138. Baby Bundles
  139. A Question About Hair
  140. When I Was a Young Lass
  141. Happy Valentines Day everyone (aka Singles Awareness Day)
  142. Medium Telephoto, Wide Aperture (*Note: Incl. Images of Drinking/Smoking*)
  143. A Photo Essay...Zeiss 135mm f/2 APO Sonnar
  144. Well family friend passed away.
  145. Outdoorsy stuff
  146. Thunder and Lightning ....Oh My ! ...
  147. Totally OT Cat question...
  148. It's March 2017. Is anyone using this forum?
  149. not so well /sigh
  150. Post your funny article here!
  151. I decided something
  152. Just testing blahs
  153. good things in life
  154. ítis But a Dream
  155. Brainfart time
  156. Vocals Only, Janis Joplin & Grace Slick
  157. What's one thing that nobody in your real life knows about?
  158. I need a hug
  159. 'Intellectually Humble'
  160. What Are You Reading?
  161. I've missed you guys for so many years.
  162. Hey i'm baaaaaaaaack!!
  163. Annoying Things People Say (words or phrases that are funny but irritate me)
  164. Cracked Pot
  165. Irvine, CA?
  166. No where to dad's unwell. Need a vent.
  167. Happy Birthday, aeon
  168. Dangitall! Need help...
  169. Golf
  170. My Pity Party
  171. Decided to go to the doctor like a cry baby
  172. It's our Anniversary!
  173. Broccoli flavour ice cream
  174. Do you guys know what this means
  175. Just found out my friend died...
  176. ...My mom has passed away.
  177. Good thoughts please
  178. I'm not sure which way the cat should jump
  179. Od to allergies.
  180. I saved my home.
  181. Need for speed???
  182. Me & Niagara: 2017 Show Season (PICS!)
  183. prom pic
  184. Anyone have experience with taking a loan through your credit union?
  185. You guys think this doesn't mean anything?
  186. I'm not sure why she did this stuff
  187. So...I built my mom a bear! :D
  188. Current Faces to go with Names
  189. Three wishes
  190. 7 years...smoke free! Not One Single Stinkin Puff!!
  191. Having skunk troubles again-now they live under my front porch!
  192. Im sorry
  193. The what's bothering you RIGHT NOW thread Part IV
  194. Come on In If You're Online And Say Anything: Part III
  195. Guys: Are you an alpha male ?
  196. Do you view people in certain professions as "eccentric"?
  197. MRI of the brain
  198. I know what I want to do with my life
  199. My first ever tattoo!
  200. atypcal netflix
  201. a poll with a riddle
  202. 135mm and 85mm Photo Essay Just Because
  203. Are you an xxx-er??
  204. Risk-Taking Test
  205. Got some news
  206. Do you feel like you live in a prison ?
  207. Do you often ask yourself "why am i living"?
  208. Numerology and Sucessful career - Correlation?
  209. 200mm f/2 Photo Essay
  210. Something we all need to remember.
  211. Can you eat apples from tree with insects?
  212. Women: "The Fairer Sex"?
  213. Will and grace and adhd
  214. NaNoWriMo
  215. Poems
  216. Hobbies
  217. Cat tricks
  218. Any ADDJs on here?
  219. Anxiety/terrified about planned overnight with husband!
  220. Tonight's dinner is...?
  221. Are you ageist?
  222. I think I need a hug
  223. Does anyone care about"final arrangements" or what will happen after you die?
  224. The ADDF NaNoWriMo Thread
  225. I want to try something on Friday or Saturday
  226. Happy songs
  227. Thought I'd share the irony and humor of this situation. Laugh at will.
  228. Poetry Slam
  229. what to do with a small girl in rainy weather?
  230. my happy place
  231. The ADDF Secret Santa Sign-up Thread
  232. What is the definition of vernacular?
  233. Scotland!
  234. anyone have a dog with diabetes?
  235. Good or bad idea?
  236. Happy Holidays
  237. Has anyone seen Star Wars The Last Jedi?
  238. Is their intelligent, alien life out there besides us? Declassified UFO documents.
  239. Adopted an orphan baby monkey
  240. Real or a Dream?
  241. can you all look at this application and give me your opinons?
  242. Samyang/Rokinon 50mm f/1.2 AS UMC Gallery
  243. Guilty over calling off
  244. Do you get excited about opening Christmas presents?
  245. Hypofunny and Hyperfunny
  246. Sarahsweets joined a group?? She is going to try to play well with others?
  247. Anyone else lazy with punctuation?
  248. Did you get your flu shot this year?
  249. Is it common to say cheesy/nice things to friends?
  250. something is wrong here....