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  1. Is it possible to have aspergers and not take things literally
  2. sam vaknin asperger video
  3. Frustrating miscommunications
  4. I probably have asperger syndrome
  5. I remember an old science class
  6. Sometimes...
  7. This thread makes me rage
  8. Just told I may have slight Aspergers?
  9. A New Piece of the Autism Puzzle?
  10. DSM Changes for HF Asperger
  11. Do you have poor impulse control when stressed?
  12. AD/HD, Autism/Asperger's, focus and medications
  13. Are people more sympathetic to Asperger's than ADD?
  14. Is this an asperger thing?
  15. How to manage 'other people'
  16. Are most ASD clearly not ADHD?
  17. Did you hear?
  18. Question for adults and teenagers with Asperger's
  19. Current Autism Research Study
  20. What RESEARCH is done on the ASD/ADHD combination
  21. Diagnosing ASD in adults?
  22. A thousand labels and no cures...
  23. Does your child have Atypical Aspergers?
  24. Dopamine
  25. Where Have I Been All My Life? Sex, Drugs and Asperger Syndrome
  26. A link to an article I wrote for Heartspring's Worldwide Autism Resource
  27. Is it possible to have both Asperger's and Schizophrenia?
  28. An Interview With Temple Grandin
  29. How many of you have aspergers but were originally diagnosed as add/adhd?
  30. Need help and Feedback
  31. Fact Sheets For Autism Spectrum Disorders
  32. New ASD Group and Organisation in Australia
  33. I am conducting a challenging interview with autism speaks
  34. My controversial interview with Autism Speaks is up.
  35. Hrmm...
  36. PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR OPINION My nephew apolgies for the length
  37. Access to Free Educational Material
  38. How do you explain Asperger's to your child
  39. Found this article, might be interesting.
  40. My Lab Report on Genes that *may cause Autistic Disorders
  41. Apps for Autism - 60 Minutes - CBS News
  42. Meltdown Alert
  43. Is there a "borderline" version of Aspergers?
  44. Companies hiring adults with Asperger's/Austism
  45. A You Tube Video About a Non-Verbal Autistic Girl Finding Her Voice.....
  46. deldeldel
  47. Fictional characters with Aspergers Syndrome
  48. Interesting.
  49. My son may have Aspergers?
  50. Phychiatrist says I may have aspergers disorder as well. WTH?? as ADHD
  51. Brain imaging in infants can help to detect Autism
  52. Autism/ADHD procrastinations difference
  53. Coaching really helps?
  54. Mild PDD or something else?
  55. Cat therapy
  56. Results so far. . .
  57. Interesting article on incidence rates
  58. The autism wars..NYT article
  59. Treatment of Aspergers with Stimulants
  60. I think my dad has got Aspergers or something but I don't know how to help him?
  61. Any ADHD parents out there with an autistic child?
  62. Testing for Autism/Aspergers in Adults
  63. Prodigies & Autism (& ADHD)
  64. I feel weird
  65. Stephen Wiltshire
  66. Stimming vs. fidgeting?
  67. Interesting NYT article on causation.
  68. Staring into space - Aspie vs. inattentive?
  69. Do I have ADHD and Asperger's? Or just ADHD? (long post, hope you like to read)
  70. Aspergers and adhd co-morbid?
  71. Missing the ADHD co-morbidity
  72. Article on autistic kids "running away"
  73. Secondary ADHD symptoms vs ASD symptoms?
  74. What's Different About The Brains Of People With Autism?
  75. adhd an autism spectrum disorder?
  76. "House Committee to Probe Federal Response to Autism" Article
  77. Aspergers gone from DSM-V
  78. ADHD and Asperger's
  79. Autism The New Neuro Typical.
  80. How accurate is this?
  81. Special Education, Old-School
  82. Cerebrolysin for autistic childs
  83. Autistic shutdowns
  84. Autistic traits? Something 'developmental'? ADD? *confused*
  85. Christopher Gillberg on ESSENCE
  86. Aspergers and personality disorder?
  87. High ASQ Score
  88. The possibilty of mild Aspergers
  89. Question re austism, aspergers, adhd
  90. Could this be Asperger's?
  91. I think I have to know if I have aspergers - please help
  92. I'm not learning anymore social rules
  93. Potential early detection of autism.
  94. Children of Abused Women at Higher Risk for Autism(Split from Early Detect of Autism)
  95. Should I ask the doctor about Asperger's?
  96. Another boring weekend in the house
  97. Feeling so disconnected...
  98. Meltdown ?
  99. I have high functioning autism
  100. Possible Genetic Link for ASD in My Family
  101. Adaptive skills in children with autism and ADHD.
  102. "Autism:The Musical Part 1"
  103. Do I have ADD & Asperger's Syndrome?
  104. Genetic signature for autism found in blood.
  105. Am I an Aspie?
  106. Powerful video about Aspie's - (for ADHD'ers too I think)
  107. I hate Aspergers
  108. Aspergers and ADD
  109. I'm pretty sure I have Aspergers
  110. The Boy Whose Brain Could Unlock Autism
  111. Do I have Autism/Asperger's?
  112. Huge relief
  113. Can ADHD be misdiagnosed as autism?
  114. yo autistic people
  115. Can't identify my emotions
  116. The combo of both ADHD and Aspergers
  117. Aspergers Obsession turned Grief
  118. Autistic Brains Create 42 Percent More Information During Rest
  119. Serious autism / forum?
  120. Wondering about Aspergers
  121. Are my meds affecting me?
  122. urine test for autism
  123. Aspergers, really?
  124. READ THIS: If you only see the stickies here
  125. Self-stimulatory behaviour
  126. adhd leading to autism
  127. stimulant meds and aspergers
  128. Article on Autism and Executive Dysfunction
  129. Aspergers + ADHD having anxiety
  130. resources for a parent with newly diagnosed autistic child
  131. Inability to do teeth showing smile?
  132. Does getting an official diagnose matter?
  133. sheldon from big bang
  134. Help want to be sped teacher but afraid of organizing
  135. Article on hyper-sensitivity in autism
  136. The Importance of the Pasta on the Left
  137. Autism Research Institute--Aspergers too
  138. Im Back With Questions.. School?
  139. Just wondering....
  140. Autism and Green Card
  141. Asperger's In Girls
  142. How To Make Friends With Asperger's/Autism
  143. People Trying to Cure Autism
  144. A thing about Asperger's Syndrome and autism
  145. ocd or aspergers
  146. Autism Early Memories
  147. Autism Simulator - 3D Game 2015
  148. "Information Fix"
  149. Word Repetition
  150. Does anyone here have unusual facial features?
  151. By Far One of the Best Things I've Read
  152. Music/Talk Radio
  153. Off label medications to treat autism/Aspergers
  154. Aspergers in the office
  155. I don't forget anything
  156. Need advice how to deal with almost 70 aunt
  157. Ugh..seriously?
  158. Two Interesting Theories RE Empathy
  159. Literally Backwards?
  160. Are any other autistics like this?
  161. Please, do not "light it up blue" this year! Boycott Autism Speaks
  162. Do you maybe have ADHD & Asperger's Syndrome!?
  163. Autism: "heartbreak" or acceptance?
  164. "My Thoughts On ABA"
  165. Do meltdowns from changes in plan get better?
  166. ASD -females
  167. Theoretical Question
  168. Autism possibly linked to gut bacteria
  169. Stuck on wording/details/literal meaning
  170. Appointment! Is it worth to get an autism diagnose?
  171. Microsoft pilot program on hiring autistics
  172. Could I be autistic?
  173. AAC (assistive / augmentative communication) systems
  174. Modafinil for Autism
  175. Interactions Between ASD & ADHD?
  176. It's not always bad...
  177. Overly protective?
  178. Spacing out in public
  179. Who here is a Mad Scientist?
  180. Active noise cancelling Headphones
  181. Interesting Study: concerning empathy
  182. Horse riding,
  183. Theory of mind and intense world theory
  184. ADHD, ASD and a conflict of interest
  185. Discussion: Autism Savant Syndrome
  186. Autistic spectrum disorder or simple schizophrenia?
  187. Helping Non Verbal Deficits in People with ASD
  188. Empathy: I believe People with ASD -DO- HAVE EMPATHY
  189. Love this Pic
  190. Very Interesing Jounal Article
  191. Social Deficits, ADHD vs ASD
  192. Are these problems beyond add?
  193. article: when you're autistic abuse is considered love
  194. Dating Predicament
  195. Finding romance
  196. Asperger's therapist
  197. SPARK Survey of Independent Adults with Autism