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  1. Autistic Disorder Symptoms
  2. Asperger's Disorder Symptoms
  3. Pervasive Developmental Disorder Description
  4. ADD, autism link may be overlooked, author says
  5. AQ test
  6. AS diagnosis
  7. Princess
  8. How many of you are autistic/aspergers
  9. I think what I share with Aspergers...
  10. Neurotipicalism. A disorder of little hope . . .
  11. "Buzzing" sound in ears?
  12. My Son was Diagnosed with Asperger's Yesterday
  13. Obsessions, Relationships, AS/ADHD Traits
  14. Aspergers Children and Airports
  15. 100 mile bike ride
  16. High functioning autism and sports?
  17. Ignorance
  18. meltdowns
  19. Who else...
  20. AS and Anxiety
  21. waiting............for a diagnosis
  22. have you ever met anyone with asperger syndrome?
  23. what are the disorders that make up the autism spectrum disorders group?
  24. New Asperger's Syndrome Diagnosis
  25. Whoops... controlling sensory overload/meltdowns?
  26. Breakdowns
  27. just a little advice please
  28. aspiemom
  29. AS Symptoms in ADHD context
  30. College Student with Asperger's Syndrome, need help
  31. UK: METRO Letters page - my letter
  32. expert explains reasons for asperger syndrome
  33. Possible Asperger's child - school choice
  34. what in the name of yell is asd..?
  35. can anyone help me?
  36. Not really understanding...
  37. Research: An Inside Look At Autism
  38. Asperger's or Autism....but maybe neither? HELP
  39. regarding dore centres
  40. Girls' autism 'under-diagnosed'
  41. Buddy, Friend, "Big Brother"?
  42. A Great website for people with AS
  43. Does my daughter have Asperger's?
  44. ADD and Autism Together at Long Last?
  45. New member...son diagnosed with AS
  46. Is HFA/AS really a disorder??
  47. High Functioning Autism defined
  48. High Functioning Autism defined
  49. Mild Autism in Adults
  50. Autism linked to parents with high level of education
  51. Dr. Temple Grandin
  52. Handedness and autism
  53. Brain Pathology: grey matter vs white matter vs connectivity
  54. The Geek Syndrome
  55. Asperger's Syndrome
  56. 18 year old who is autistic, my mom is having a hysterectomy
  57. eye contact and autism
  58. Synaptic deficit - Autism/Asberger PDD
  59. What is Aspergerís Syndrome and ADD?
  60. Brain Connectivity and HFA
  61. Investigation of Neuroanatomical Differences Between Autism and Asperger Syndrome
  62. Asperger's Disorder and Savant Syndrome
  63. Grey matter changes in young adults
  64. Underconnectivity Theory of Autism
  65. Neurodevelopment and autism during growth
  66. Best combo for me
  67. The cognitive neuroscience of autism
  68. Language deficits in autism
  69. OK... I've figured it out
  70. Apergers VS Nonverbal Learning Disability
  71. could I be misdiagnosed?
  72. Aspie Programming
  73. Me (averity05; Andy) and Asperger's...
  74. DS3 .. behaviour & school 'issues'
  75. who to get dx from??
  76. Adderall and increased perseverations
  77. Autism and Music?
  78. Incidence of AS/Autism/PDD and ADD/ADHD occuring in the same family
  79. gene for epilepsy & autistic traits found!
  80. Sensory integrative dysfunction
  81. Overly Imaginative
  82. Group meetings for HFA'S??
  83. seeing Ed Psych next week.
  84. So you think you have Asperger's syndrome ? Read This!
  85. here and I have a question...
  86. Elizabeth has been Diagnosed
  87. ADD & Asperger-esque Parents
  88. My 9 year old diagnosed with ADD and aspergers
  89. add symptoms turned asperger's
  91. Expressive receptive delay when you were a child?
  92. What's the difference between an Aspie and a regular-old geek?
  93. More problems
  94. Questions about Autism
  95. Could I possibly have aspergers?
  96. Autism and age of the father
  97. Free to good - no sorry free to any home!
  98. Please read this and give me advice
  99. What is the difference between ADHD and Aspergers?
  100. It's probably Aspergers not ADD
  101. Not recognizing faces
  102. Asperger's boards
  103. Asperger's and Focalin XR
  104. How do Aspergers and ADHD fit together?
  105. my neurofeedback experience so far
  106. 29 YO just being diagnosed
  107. Invega for Asperger's Maybe...
  108. Autism and PDD-NOS. What's the Difference?
  109. If there was a cure for Asperger's Disorder would you take it?
  110. Me *waves*
  111. Asperger's Success Stories
  112. Risperdal FDA approved
  113. how do you know?
  114. We aspies are strange when it comes to meds...
  115. Asperger's Treatment Options
  116. What does Asperger's mean to you?
  117. Puberty/Asperger impact
  118. Sensory issues and Asperger's
  119. pdd-nos and adderall
  120. what next?
  121. Coping skills for the parents of kids with Asperger's Disorder...
  122. What are other psychological problems that can co-exist with Asperger's Disorder?
  123. asperger question
  124. what does it mean, "autistic characteristics"?
  125. Is there a difference?
  126. ASD vs ADHD: A comparison
  127. could it be?She is going to be 10,need advice please !!!
  128. In My Mind - Interesting YouTube Video about Asperger's
  129. To those of you who believe that ADHD isn't related to autism
  130. Miracle Pills
  131. ABC News: Aspergers & Bullying Rates
  132. Help me help tim
  133. Aspergers sydrome: Weakness or Strength
  134. Turns out I might have aspergers as well... ??
  135. Strange interests
  136. know anything about it?
  137. Autism Reversal in mice
  138. Autistic Spectrum Components (ASC) online test
  139. A new person with asbergers syndrome.. whos now 27 years old..
  140. High Schoolers want their Teachers to Know
  141. For Parents/Teachers and Reader: Aspergers: Videos on a life of people with Aspergers
  142. What Aspergers can accomplish in there career field?
  143. this movie called Mozart and the Whale if you have Asperger's Syndrome you can relate
  144. Oprah Winfrey -- Jenny McCarthy and autism
  145. along with aspergers- do you have anxiety disorder or PTSD?
  146. Asperger's and the DORE programme......
  147. Aspie on America's Next Top Model!
  148. Can an Aspie make it in the world? YES!!!!
  149. Does my friend have aspergers?
  150. Interventions possible for adult-diagnosed Aspergers?
  151. atypical anti-psychotics use in apserger's [article]
  152. im going to go to the Walk Now for Autism Orlando Saturday
  153. Hyperfocus obsession? Autism?
  154. Pulling our hair out!
  155. severe temper tantrums?whats this sound like?
  156. HOw can I research Asperger's syndrome?
  157. Low potassium theory of autism
  158. Questions Unanswered: step-by-step instruction
  159. Could she have Asberger's instead of OCD?
  160. Am I an Aspie?
  161. Need help/inputs regarding Aspergers Syndrome
  162. ADD/ADHD to Asperger's Syndrome.
  163. Famous Aspies
  164. Mothers of Autistic Children are Strong
  165. New Internet Browser designed for people with AUTISM
  166. Aspergers Is A Gift, Isn't It...?
  167. Repetitive behaviour and anterior cingulate abnormalities in ASD.
  168. 7/11/08 "Science" puplication links autism genes and synapses brings treatment hope
  169. Genes from Middle East families yield autism clues
  170. My daughter has some asbergers symptoms?
  171. not sure - PDD
  172. i have questions about aspergers and punishments
  173. I'm Not A Bad Parent! I'm A Parent Of A Child With Asperger's Syndrome
  174. Autism Not Linked To Measles Vaccine, New Study
  175. Broader Autism Phenotype (BAP)
  176. Broader Autism Phenotype (BAP) Test
  177. child with Aspergers?
  178. The difference?
  179. Do you think I have Asperger's?
  180. desperately seeking sanity
  181. Accomodations for AS?
  182. Do you think my uncle could have Asperger's?
  183. I'm not an Aspie but I can relate to an issue they have.
  184. Starting ADD/Asbergers support group
  185. Dad Has Aspergers, Kids Have ADD?
  186. the autism spectrum, my brother, & myself
  187. Might be worth a read
  188. aspergers syndrome-tell me everything?
  189. Autism help?
  190. What is your autism quotient?
  191. Asperger's and ADHD
  192. Do I have Aspergers and ADD?
  193. ADHD and the Autistic umbrella
  194. help with school
  195. Intro from an SCT-Aspie
  196. if you slip through the net.........
  197. Head Banging
  198. Aspergers vs. ADHD - Help?
  199. Teaching a person with Aspergers
  200. Is my Asperger's NOT Asperger's just ADHD?
  201. Wow.... interesting breakthrough with Autism.
  202. PDD sans social deficits?
  203. I need recognising ADHD between Aspergers.
  204. The fact is. that ADD, ADHD, OCD, Aspergers, Autism and Social Anxiety are 'one'!
  205. I would like some help/feedback
  206. Article on Asperger's and PDD
  207. Aspergers and anxiety and klonipin?
  208. ADHD/Aspergers?? Need input from someone more familiar, lives with someone Aspie???
  209. New hbo movie "templar garden"
  210. Reasons People Confuse ADHD with Aspergers
  211. Asperger's disorder to cease to exist. Thoughts?
  212. ARD...possibly useful information
  213. My Family and Autism documentary
  214. Aspie Surfer on Nightline
  215. Hyperempathy
  216. Temple Grandin movie
  217. Open question for TheSinfulOne and anyone with 2 cents
  218. In summary. . .
  219. Questions about Asperger's symptoms
  220. rituals, routines, and non-verbal comprehension
  221. How can ADD co-exist with Autism
  222. ADHD and Autism Spectrum - a Connection?
  223. Doc says Maybe.... but why do you want a dx?
  224. Senate Confirms Autism Self-Advocate
  225. Autism the trunk|ADD the branches
  226. Getting re evaluated for Aspergers!
  227. Your life with Aspergers
  228. International inernet forum for adults with Asperger
  229. ASD I think but with an anomaly
  230. Diagnosed with Asperger's just a few days ago.
  231. Is ADHD with Autism the same ADHD?
  232. Does this sound like aspergers?
  233. Severe ADD & communicational issues....
  234. I'm not sure where to post this...
  235. Help with Communication
  236. Asperger's Disorder - Behavior Strategies
  237. Oh god, I'm doing it again... [Asperger's Quiz]
  238. Shoelaces - anybody found out how to do them?
  239. Aspergers and meds??
  240. Do Aspies resent their AD/HD more?
  241. I need help understanding this
  242. Autistic people: Are they really people at all?
  243. What do you want to know?
  244. do I really need this?
  245. Art Class for Autistic Teens
  246. Meltdown manifesting as panic attacks.
  247. Thought It was only ADD
  248. Pet Therapy for ASD Folk.
  249. Diagnosed Today
  250. AS and ADHD symptoms influence each other?