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  1. Dui
  2. Feeling Really Bad Right Now
  3. Was anyone here diagnosed with ADD/ADHD after using drugs heavily?
  4. Drinking, snorting, smoking ... searching for help
  5. New Here - Alcoholism and ADHD
  6. the buddy system fails
  7. The Grandiose Illusion of Adderall and Alcohol
  8. Noise and how to stop it?
  9. I know I have a problem but...
  10. no drugs or drinking for me i been silver for 5 months because
  11. Quitting Marijuana - Heavy Smoker
  12. Strange place for a drug bust.
  13. Counselors
  14. Oh My God They Are Working Again! :)
  15. [adderall][chantix]
  16. Urine drug test in 4 days... will I pass?
  17. For those of you who are clean & in recovery
  18. Addicted to Stimulants & Energy Supplements
  19. Xanax
  20. ADHD/ADD and Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
  21. so what's the deal with....
  22. Big Differences Between Self-Medicating and Addiction
  23. How to recharge the caffeine buzz!?
  24. Why me and not you?
  25. Kratom?
  26. My breech recovery birthday
  27. Addiction Recovery Connecticut
  28. What do I do?
  29. Please advice me...
  30. Opioid addiction is hell
  31. Nightmare
  32. Yerba Mate
  33. adderall, bipolar and alcohol
  34. Too Overstimulated -- Worsening of possible Bipolar
  35. Everyone likes me more when I am high (weed)
  36. Video game addiction
  37. 20 years Clean and Sober
  38. Compulsive overeating
  39. Tempted to turn to street drugs
  40. Forum like this for alcohol?
  41. 4 year Dextromethorphan addiction
  42. Addiction caused my anhedonia
  43. Alternating tablets ,substances and feeling guilty
  44. Ramblings of a Lunatic
  45. this stuff turns me into a sex maniac!
  46. will drug abuse over-time
  47. Long Term Effects on Adderall / Sleep Deprivation?
  48. Internal or external strategies for combating Addiction-like behaviors
  49. A warning to those curious about Adderall XR (for recreational use)
  50. My Brother
  51. Do meds help cure addiction in your experience?
  52. Need Some Advice Please
  53. can substance abuse cause neurological problems ???
  54. I'm a month free!
  55. Street Amphetamine
  56. Intervention
  57. Abuse
  58. Addicted to sugar free energy drinks & caffeine type stims
  59. Overdose on Adderall, Please HELP, NOT A JOKE =(
  60. tempted
  61. COFFEE - does it make ADD worse?
  62. time off causing cravings?
  63. How to stop smoking the fine herb?
  64. Recovering Addict, 2nd week on Vyvanse, and depressed.. and advice?
  65. I would do anything to stop using stimulants
  66. making it real
  67. Fighting with my Demon, Suzette...
  68. Beating addiction with a common OTC medicine: A trial
  69. Addicted to addiction
  70. alcoholic with add
  71. How your brain works???
  72. Struggling
  73. 6 years today
  74. Dreamworks 2
  75. How Can I stop myself.....?
  76. Mother might be stealing my ritalin...
  77. substance Abuse
  78. Alcoholism and ADHD.
  79. Marijuana and Ritalin
  80. Morphine addiction
  81. Alcoholism & ADHD
  82. Why are ADHD meds making me crave alcohol?
  83. Why is quitting from smoking so tough?
  84. Drinking to fill a void
  85. ADD and Marijuana
  86. Our Thinking
  87. Ready to quit smoking yet? Increase coming April 1st!
  88. Aware of my issue yet continue addictive bahaviors
  89. Friends of Bill W. that have ADD/ADHD
  90. ADDeral Addiction
  91. Have I Become A Medication Abuser?
  92. Books
  93. Coffee as an anti-drug.
  94. not feeling cocaine
  95. 2 years in recovery-are u people doctors?
  96. Re: Addiction vs. Rx Drugs (rant)
  97. Illegal Drugs/Illegal Use/misuse of Medication
  98. Whats more addictive Adderal or Dexedrine
  99. Cigarette related chest pains?
  100. PLEASE HELP IMMEDIATLY! Can nicotine withdrawal effect my meds?
  101. Alcohol/Caffeine and Adderall
  102. I want off meds and I need advice
  103. Adderall Addiction 30/40 mg
  104. (Self) medication Q- cannabis or ritalin?
  105. Exploding the Myths of Self Medicating with Nicotine
  106. Almost there ... opioid taper is almost finished
  107. Finding the right meds in recovery
  108. A Day in the Life of ADD with Marijuana...
  109. Recovering from alcoholism
  110. I think I'm addicted to cutting.
  111. Addiction or Fear?
  112. run out too soon
  113. beware the cross over to ellicit amphetamines
  114. HELP! I am getting addicted to adderall!
  115. Psychiatrist conflict of interest
  116. Really tempted
  117. Where's the bottle? Where's the glass?
  118. Amphetamines
  119. Founders Day this weekend!
  120. The truth about street drugs
  121. Alcohol and problem drinking
  122. Dealing with the addiction of others
  123. Please help me. I take 90-120 Adderall XR+80 Adderall IR a day.
  124. Can't sleep without weed
  125. PLEASE HELP- Husband on Crack & Meth
  126. Self medicating with Pot
  127. Misery or addiction?
  128. Quesion about Suboxone. Please help me out?
  129. Was addicted to opiates
  130. PLEASE HELP!! adderall tolerance RIDICULOUS, 270mg = nothing?
  131. sorta addicted to adderall, now out!
  132. What happens if someone takes
  133. ADHD, smoking and caffeine
  134. Massive Dose of Adderall and its Effects-Help Please
  135. I quit smoking ciggerettes
  136. boredom leading to substance abuse
  137. How do people with ADHD abuse their meds?
  138. anyone bulimic or abuse food and alcohol?
  139. Amphetamine Psychosis
  140. sharing recent pot experience, questions on anxiety
  141. I totally understand people who are addicted to opiates
  142. Warning against Paxil and like drugs.
  143. I abused my prescription...please read and help
  144. Addicted to internet
  145. Too Much Adderall?? Please Help
  146. Smoking: Champix v Zyban (Welbutrin)
  147. think im addicted-what can i do!?
  148. I was a crack baby
  149. Self medicating with pot/adderall/wellbutrin
  150. Adderall, strattera, and pot
  151. Adhd stratterra and alcohol abuse
  152. Drug Problem! Please HELP!
  153. Bad drug habit
  154. Why do we have addictive personalities?
  155. Freedom from the choices I have made
  156. won't take my meds . . .
  157. are you even ADHD in your addiction?
  158. What prescription drug or technique enabled you to stop Self Medicating?
  159. drug abuse
  160. Forced to stop meds for drug court...need advice
  161. In regards to addiction, does this make any sense?
  162. new with a few questions
  163. quit
  164. Medication and addiction
  165. Drug test showed traces of metaamphetamine- but I haven't used meth!
  166. Recovering drug addict, now that I am sober, I am lost
  167. Eyes burning, brown spots in sclera
  168. quick question and seeking advice/ideas
  169. People mixing...well kind of...
  170. Newly diagnosed ADHD, Recovering Addict
  171. Where 2 get answers? Overdose?
  172. Starting Wellbutrin in combination with Ritalin to quit smoking?
  173. New Years Eve conundrum
  174. Ever tried E?
  175. Oh pretty sure I'm addicted. Need advice
  176. Week ago
  177. Confused Recovering Addict
  178. I think I'm an alcoholic
  179. I'm addicted to Diet DP
  180. Staying up all night on meds...again
  181. 22, just diagnosed with add, and feeling alone.
  182. Depression related to upcoming 1 year anniversary of sobriety??
  183. Looking for solutions
  184. How long is vyvanse supposed to last?
  185. How do I break my internet/social networking addiction when I'm so alone?
  186. Good Thoughts for Musicpainter on Feb 7
  187. 2/10/2010=1 year
  188. An alcoholic not by choice but by necessity.
  189. quit taking all meds (vyvanse/wellbutrin/adderall) 3 months ago
  190. I see a problem developing - unfortunately :-(
  191. ADD/ADHD AA'ers
  192. advice on helping a friend with an addiction? how? is it even possible?
  193. hope somebody can help me
  194. What do you think of Dr. Daniel Amen's two cents on substance abuse
  195. Quitting smoking is almost impossible for me... tips?
  196. Should I admit to using hard drugs to psychiatrist?
  197. please help!
  198. Adderall Overdose?
  199. Cannibus helping your ADD?
  200. Bad Adderall experience for a new user
  201. Private forum access *cough cough*
  202. Vyvanse and recovery...
  203. Proper medicating and recovery...
  204. Pre employment drug testing has become a common hiring requirement.
  205. Am I depending too much on adderall?
  206. Addicted to activities for periods of time
  207. Help Quitting
  208. So upset right now
  209. Adderall - Scared to Start
  210. private forum ???
  211. Alcoholic parent...not sure what to do
  212. Signs your overdosing on ADD drugs
  213. Stressed out and Want a Ciggie!!
  214. Dont know if its helping or hurting?Please help
  215. Please Help
  216. Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  217. Self-medicating with alcohol
  218. Took too much adderall/ probation appt. tomorrow
  219. ex addicts could this be a reason?
  220. Not addicted but started messing around with bad drugs :(
  221. Vyvanse, Smoking, and Heart/Blood Pressure Concerns...need some answers
  222. Pretty much Sums it up
  223. Pregnancy and Neuro Linguistic Programming to Quit Smoking
  224. i messed up, will i pass a test?
  225. What do you consider abuse?
  226. Medication and losing self-control?
  227. LSD + Marijuana = amplified symptoms?
  228. Where to go from here. . . ?
  229. Adderall and its destructive path in my life
  230. Destructive Relationship w/my ADD Meds
  231. Alcohol, Nicotine, and Adderall...Oh My...
  232. Me and the weed.
  233. vyvance and smoking
  234. 'family and friends' in rehab
  235. Didn't think I had it in me.
  236. Best Medication?
  237. ADD, Dysthymia, and Addict oh my!!
  238. Fellow ADD'ers what was your experience like with Marijuana!?? Please respond!
  239. Off nicotine for 4 months now.
  240. Recovery
  241. History of Addiction
  242. Frustrated...
  243. ambien (zolpldiem) overdose siezureres/coma...
  244. good friends
  245. Is it Abuse?
  246. Taking more than prescribed
  247. dependance on OTC stimulants need some input PLS
  248. need sum much needed help
  249. Very low does of marijuana really helps me (for now)
  250. 31yr old Recovering Addict With ADD