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  1. Help! Keep taking more than prescribed
  2. Recreational User
  3. No "high" but still taking more than prescribed
  4. Question
  5. Have a safe and happy holiday.
  6. do you feel like this??
  7. are these signs of addiction to medication?
  8. My wife may be abusing her meds
  9. Vyvanse abuse
  10. Adderall XR Effects in Non ADD/ADHD and People Who Have ADD/ADHD
  11. Addiction, WHY? Here is WHY?
  12. I'm so afraid
  13. Marijuana and Motivation
  14. Stimulants and Depressants - What are they like for you?
  15. So I saw my therapist today
  16. Alcohol cravings...
  17. Severe stomach cramps, pounding headaches, and diarrhea.
  18. Med comedown +marijuana
  19. Just started on Adderall
  20. Adderall: how i went from a raging drunk to sober nearly overnight...
  21. alcohol and impulsiveness
  22. Help with Adderall
  23. Is this abuse?
  24. Food addict or ADD-I
  25. What to do about an alcoholic friend?
  26. I've caught myself taking more Concerta than subscribed
  27. I feel like i should take an Adderall "holiday" to bring my tolerance down.
  28. This is going to sound stupid but
  29. Adderall binge. Scared
  30. Adderall Addiction
  31. Vyvanse abuse
  32. Husband's ADD Med Abuse/Fear of Co-Dependency
  33. Pain killer addiction in people with ADHD
  34. Do I have an Adderall problem?
  35. Jittery addicted to porn only on adderall
  36. Marijuana is the only trap drug that can catches my leg
  37. College "Immunity"
  38. Studying addiction because of Ritalin?!
  39. Adderall Nightmare. Sorry I abused your drug.
  40. Sometimes having a chemistry interest is a bad thing. LOL
  41. To Addicts Undiagnosed with ADHD
  42. adderall + alcohol equals euphoria?
  43. Anyone Heard Of Adderall Causing Nerve Damage When Taken In High Doses?
  44. How long does it take for the numbness to wear off?
  45. Cigarettes(nicotine) addiction
  46. Yesterday I almost killed myself
  47. Marijuana Addiction - Beat it!
  48. why is alcoholism/illegal drug use common amongst ADHDers?
  49. is everything that is considered an addiction actually classified as an addiction?
  50. If this doesn't make you not want to abuse ADHD meds..
  51. Screwed Up, So Stupid!
  52. Methylphenidate Psychosis
  53. Drinking a lot to come down
  54. Ridiculous binge, help?
  55. Taking Adderall for Social Situations - Help me quit?
  56. A Close Link;Attention Deficit Disorder and Addictions, by Dr Gabor Mate
  57. Please, need advice about my meds...
  58. Adderall side effects? please
  59. My last and final experience with pharmacutical stimulants.
  60. Self Medicating
  61. Internet Addiction...I hate it.
  62. Drug abuse make it more difficult for adhd meds to work?
  63. A Personal View on Adderall Addiction
  64. Finally think I'm ready to quit smoking marijuana.
  65. Alcohol & Nicotine Cravings with Adderall & Effexor
  66. Want to start smoking cigarettes again
  67. Rant on addiction
  68. Dumping adderall for good
  69. Methadone (MMT) and ADHD
  70. Possible Addiction
  71. Are you tempted to take more than prescribed?
  72. article about addiction and the brain from AP news
  73. New cigarette labels
  74. I don't usually combine alcohol and cough syrup
  75. Drug of choice/Self medication
  76. Sober Living
  77. Please share with me Y'all experiences With Vyvans&ADHD.
  78. my son is addicted to alcohol..
  79. Called up pdoc about my Adderall abuse
  80. 12-step meetings and Adderall
  81. Messed up
  82. Hardest time in my life (Long read) + Cliffs
  83. Life with ADD and Substance addiction
  84. a quick bit of info for those in the right mindframe
  85. Amphetamine/substance abuse need help/sugguestions
  86. Past drug users: Are we forever labeled?
  87. Hello friends.
  88. I just don't feel ok anymore.
  89. I can't connect with other people
  90. Past substance abuse, will it affect the help i get?
  91. Going to start to do cardio workouts now.. but have questions.
  92. Strange side effect, I am smoking but not feeling nicotene
  93. 'The question isnít why some people become addicts, but why we all don't'
  94. please help I need advice on adderall!!!
  95. How to kick in my weed habit?
  96. marijuana
  97. Is this cannabis withdrawal or side effect of my prescription meds?
  98. Caffeine and Cigarettes makes things worse for me.
  99. I'm scared to take my meds!
  100. Dawns on me .......
  101. Doctors, Medication and ADHD with comorb autism and self medication propensity
  102. For those that have had addiction issues...why?
  103. Addictive personality but not an addict...
  104. Substance Abuse, Medication and Karma...
  105. Anxious To Know
  106. My Struggle With ADD: Using Cocaine to Fight the Symptoms
  107. Effects of weed on ADHD? Seeking advice
  108. Big concern about Adderall
  109. First Christmas without nicotine.
  110. Please help me... I don't know if this is add? Weed slows down...
  111. Help: want to use ritalin properly, but only sniffing works
  112. Epiphany - Drug Abuse and Undiagnosed ADHD in Family
  113. Sustained abuse - is it actually possible?
  114. Bad scare with vyvanse overdose
  115. So so tired. Used to take Adderall IR.
  116. Help - Abusing Adderall Frequently
  117. My psychiatrist dropped me today out of the blue!! (warning this a long post)
  118. My experience with Vyvanse
  119. Real Talk
  120. Not actually addicted: compulsive pleasure-seeking
  121. Using Wellbutrin to come off of Medicinal Marijuana
  122. has anyone tried to quit smoking while on vyvanse or adderall?
  123. Taking Vyvanse feels like the 'comedown' of cocaine?
  124. Opioids are necessary for parental love.
  125. Non-Drug/Alcohol Addictive Behaviors
  126. I don't use drugs. Opinions?
  127. So tired of feeling sick and tired!
  128. Is anyone currently battling an alcohol addiction
  129. Marijuana Use
  130. seems to be more euphoria with adderrall than dexedrine
  131. Help please
  132. codeine
  133. Adderall WITHDRAWAL or NOT??
  134. help I am hearing things
  135. Responsible Drinking
  136. Does marijuana trigger mania or hypomania in any of you?
  137. abused unprescribed adderall; health concern?
  138. 70 percent of Meth Addicts...
  139. What is the difference between ADHD and Addiction?
  140. Mary Jane
  141. How do you plan to stay sober this 2012?
  142. Neuroassociations with drugs?
  143. Does drinking change your personality?
  145. Why all the hype and warnings about getting addicted to ADD meds?
  146. What made you decide to seek help (drug addiction)?
  147. Arhh arrhhh though the mental illness storm and drug abuse.
  148. Tramadol mess with anyone else head?
  149. Adrenaline Addiction
  150. Stimulants vs. Depressants
  151. OPppppppppppps hope I don't die.
  152. TEDx on internet-porn addiction
  153. A mess of stuff, I need advice (substance abuser)
  154. Smoking Way too Much .....Gonna Try Something .....
  155. Dexamphetamine Addiction
  156. quitting smoking and ADD?
  157. Abusing Vyvanse, been awake 56 hours straight as of now...
  158. Smoking and the e cigarette ......
  159. A question I've been wanting to get answered..
  160. how much is to much concerta i have no control
  161. My experience with add, drug addiction, and stimulants.
  162. Staying Sober
  163. Cocaine is so boring and awful
  164. Handling the inevitable come down
  165. Drinkin Again....
  166. Smoking sucks
  167. Anyone on Concerta ever experience racing heart after quitting drinking?
  168. VERY confused, frustrated and trying not to relapse...
  169. ADHD Medication May Prevent Addictions
  170. Need arguments against illegal drugs
  171. Should I tell the Psych about my drug use history?
  172. Three Years Smoke Free
  173. Looking for a doc reccomendation in AZ
  174. Please Help (Life Taking Turn for the worse)
  175. Crazy moment of clarity
  176. Dealing with and denial of....
  177. Great Information about addiction and prevention.
  178. FAQ to Dr.Mate about Trauma and Addiction
  179. Stopped craving marijuana for a while
  180. Oxytocin and Addiction?
  181. My gaming addiction to adderall.
  182. Irony
  183. Dug add + Addicted to .... motivation?
  184. Smoking and depression
  185. Worried about Adderall addiction
  186. Do drug treatment centers allow stimulant medications?
  187. Smoking and ADHD
  188. I'm grieving my former self and feeling all guilt
  189. Once Again
  190. Gas Huffer
  191. Say the words: Substance Abuse and....
  192. Is this alcoholism?
  193. Adderall addictive?
  194. Quit Smoking while on Adderall
  195. Vyvanse/adderall abuse, please help!!!
  196. Quitting....smoking, is extremely hard.
  197. Internet/computer addiction
  198. Illegal substance mis use in the past/present poll.
  199. I'm so proud of myself
  200. Non prescription drugs and how they affect you as an ADHD-PI or SCT
  201. Thanks for all the people that had some respect for me.
  202. I think I'm throwing in the towel
  203. Post Ritalin Withdrawal Symptoms - Please Help
  204. Concerta and other drugs..?
  205. Facing overwhelming Adderall problem - Need Help
  206. How to continue the day after 8 pm, when the meds wear off?
  207. Seeking advice
  208. Another marijuana post... bear with me?
  209. Alcoholic in Recovery Prescribed Amphetaming for ADHD, Concerns
  210. Am I the Only one with a story like this? And how does one resist addiction w/ adhd?
  211. need some help/advice please!!
  212. Ritalin Abuse
  213. Issues with stimulants
  214. Quitting Pot, taking Vyvanse and sex problems
  215. Any other ADHD smokers never plan on quitting?
  216. Caffeine addiction??
  217. Quitting Smoking..any advice?
  218. Opiates/Vicodin and ADD
  219. I need a reason to stop. Please help me.
  220. Adderall Debate Starts 'Meducation' Firestorm
  221. Please give incite on this i need it!
  222. IMO, almost nothing should be quit cold turkey...
  223. Obsessing when out of meds..
  224. Salleh or others...please explain the e-cig to me??
  225. If I give up all other bad habits can I please start smoking again??
  226. In the uk on dexedrine for 13 years.........
  227. Diagnosed & medicated, now desperate to quit my 'double life' as an addict.
  228. Quit everything!!!!
  229. I'm going to start smoking again
  230. really need help withdrawal from ritalin
  231. E-Cig?
  232. on and off caffiene cravings?
  233. Smoking again
  234. Drinking again as well
  235. One year ago this month...
  236. Should I even TRY to quit nicotine?
  237. Quit smoking
  238. my close family member is hooked on paint
  239. i have a close family member haveing a hard time with mental health combind with subs
  240. Do 12 step meetings work?
  241. Quitting vicodin
  242. To quit, or not to quit: coffee
  243. recovering addict and alcoholic
  244. Ritalin addiction -- newbie to forum
  245. ADDICTION by Dr.Gabor Mate
  246. "DEALING WITH ADDICTION": by Bruce Alexander
  247. coming off morphine...
  248. Pain management condition
  249. My co-existing alcoholism with ADHD and oh, how embarrassing
  250. Family still fueling the fire