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  1. What's the difference between addiction and dependence?
  2. Suboxone
  3. Moved from addiction vs dependence
  4. Dodging a lot of "bullets" and better luck advice
  5. Drinking + Ritalin
  6. Tried to connect with my mom, not successful
  7. Bored when off of Adderall
  8. Smoking
  9. Not addicted, just accidentally took two pills when I only should of had one
  10. Vanishing Point(please help)
  11. which in your opinion is more addictive?
  12. Anyone self medicate later in life?
  13. Any addicts in recovery taking Adderall IR?
  14. Need Dosage Help (Vyvanse)
  15. my adderall stops after i get mad y and wat can i do about it
  16. Addiction, impulse control and ADHD
  17. Help, I'm an addict
  18. Lack of emotional fulfillment?
  19. The attachment mechanism.(Primal Emotions)
  20. Would I still be considered an 'addict'?
  21. self-medicated for 25 years
  22. Private forum that’s not private?
  23. Marijuana 3 Days after Taking Concerta = Unwanted Side Effects
  24. Getting off of amphetamines
  25. Help Adderall abuse?
  26. wellbutrin &
  27. Smoking.
  28. EFF! I am officially physically dependent on my pain killers.
  29. Recovering Opiate Addict with ADD
  30. Tips for quitting amphetamines
  31. Addiction SEEKING SYSTEM Part 4
  32. ADD and risk of substance abuse issues
  33. Proud of myself! :))
  34. Finally bought an E-Cig
  35. Trading one addiction for the other.
  36. I think i'm broken.
  37. "Addictions And The ADD Brain", (chapter 30)
  38. Replacing one addiction with another
  39. 3 Day Vyvanse Binge
  40. Dr. Gabor Maté ~ Who We Are When We Are Not Addicted:
  41. ME and my ADHD....
  42. Former meth addict
  43. Weird urge to Smoke Tobacco?!
  44. Sister in recovery & think she's ADD too.
  45. Abuse or not?
  46. Need Treatment Advice
  47. Think drugs are being used
  48. Just how damaging are stimulants?
  49. Lost my job, need advice
  50. Need help/advice please!
  51. weekend drinking
  52. Adderall and Tramadol
  53. Adderall and Opiates
  54. I think I have fooked up
  55. What do you get out of drinking Alcohol?
  56. I take a TON of amphetamine
  57. Increased tolerance/bad habits, time to stop?
  58. Stinking...
  59. my friend abuses benzos and alcohol. did I do the right thing?
  60. Need help advise please!!!
  61. Rat park experiment
  62. Marijuana, alcohol, and adderall XR.
  63. TOO MANY QUESTIONS, Help Please?
  64. Other teen Adderal Abusers HELP!
  65. Adderall Help Please??? 25mg XR
  66. 24 hours and running...crashing soon
  67. Marijuana use
  68. looking for motivators/coping strategies
  69. Vyvanse Abuse
  70. Developed too high tolerance - PLEASE HELP. How do I lower it?
  71. The Myelinated Man
  72. HELP! DH abusing his Adderall
  73. What is it with Adhd and addiction???
  74. Vyvanse and my Heroin Addiction
  75. For the Chemically Dependent ADD'ers.
  76. please help me, i snorted ritalin and now it doesn't work and i don't know what to do
  77. Hospital to open country's first inpatient treatment program for Internet addiction
  78. maybe new to adhd and alcoholism. I am just not sure
  79. Is this addiction? My adderall story.
  80. Adderall
  81. decent addiction article
  82. Got Myself Into a Horrible Situation
  83. Manic for 3 1/2 years on Ritalin
  84. Ex - Drug Addict With ADD Need Help Vyvanse Not Working
  85. Feel like I want to try drugs
  86. Warning: Modafinil (Provigil) can be ADDICTIVE.
  87. Vyvanse makes me smoke please help
  88. Amphetamine Hypersexual
  89. Vyvanse Addiction & Depression
  90. TEDxTalks, "The Power of Addiction and Addiction of Power"
  91. ADHD with Drinking
  92. Is the bad peak of a 2 day (vyvanse) binge over or am i still at risk?
  93. Anyone else. Vvyanse makes me not drink, smoke etc.
  94. Cocaine does not affect me....WHY?
  95. ADHD and Addiction
  96. having issues with 45 mg of adderall
  97. ADHD and addiction
  98. Craving a cigarette
  99. Addicted to texting my crush
  100. Chronic Alcoholic with ADHD (untreated)- can I help her?
  101. recovering addict BUT I honestly think I need to be prescribed adderall or vyvanse
  102. Overcoming Stimulant Addiction
  103. online games addiction
  104. If you are an addict or have issues with substance abuse how can you take ADD meds?
  105. concerned about addiction to vyvanse
  106. insane Vyvanse dosage 760 mg (do not attempt!!!)
  107. taken 40mgms of atriptymine and 7 .5mg of zoplocone am I
  108. started smoking
  109. Restricting to 10 cigarettes / 24 hours
  110. Nicotine to feel good
  111. What am I considered?
  112. Strong Computer/Internet addiction
  113. any nicotine quitters here?
  114. Tobacco use
  115. Biggest idiot of the century again
  116. Tolerance?
  117. Nicotine Addiction
  118. Which add med is right for me?
  119. The Pot Issue
  120. I was taking tons of vyvanse for 3 months and stopped; i feel like death
  121. My brain fog went away for the first time in my life after smoking weed
  122. What is a addict?
  123. College Student with ADHD and other "addictions"
  124. I think I'm addicted to food :(
  125. how i went from abusing adderall to controlling it. (quick read)
  126. Ecstasy and Music
  127. Does a benzo help stop a psychotic episode on ADDERALL XR
  128. Sugar addiction
  129. Doctors no longer think I have ADD, want to cut me off Vyvanse for good
  130. High-Dose Adderall Paradoxical Effect / Trying to Lower Dose
  131. Prior Addiction - Concerned About Getting Addicted to Adderall
  132. My Fight Against My Adderall Addiction/Abuse Diary
  133. ADD for marijuana users
  134. Cracking knuckles and other things
  135. I abused my concerta a few years ago and I need advice.
  136. Choosing addictionologist pdoc over regular pdoc? I'm 101% sure I have combined add.
  137. Self medicating vs. abuse vs. addiction - where to draw the line?
  138. How to treat ADHD with an adderall addiction.
  139. Nicotine Withdrawals & Brain Fog
  140. Taking more adderall than prescribed
  141. Dead Zone Space Thingy
  142. Ritalin + Drugs = bad hangover?
  143. What can I take to prevent craving more dex
  144. SEEKING emotion system, addiction, ADHD, chain link.
  145. Question about Adderall
  146. Has anyone had positive results going fully sober?
  147. Gabor Mate's Theories of Addiction Flawed
  148. "A word before I continue:"-Gabor Mate M.D.
  149. Poor circulation a week after taking Adderall for all-nighter
  150. "The Four Steps, Plus One" -Gabor Mate M.D.
  151. Possible symtoms please consider
  152. Can I drink alcohol on Loxapine and Concerta? (Please help)
  153. Which dopamine receptors..
  154. Alcohol ADD and Hyperfocus
  155. Help please. Final at 8 am
  156. New to ADD and Ritalin
  157. opiate withdrawal and easing the symptoms.
  158. ritalin overuse
  159. I need advice -ADD and Adderall noob w/drug abuse history
  160. Random I know- 30 days
  161. Alcohol, ADD and Strattera
  162. Do You Become A Barhopper When You Drink?
  163. adderall ir drug test help!!
  164. Undiagnosed
  165. opiate addict,taking suboxone for it,but also vyvanse for adhd
  166. Adderall use out of control, just like my life.
  167. Stimulant Abuse
  168. 4 years smoke free...not one puff! :D
  169. Been 3.5 months clean off all ADHD meds THANK GOD
  170. illegal drug use
  171. I want to stop taking Vyvanse.
  172. Vyvanse 140mg daily???
  173. "Trauma, Stress and the Biology of Addiction"
  174. Why are people like that? Improper usage...
  175. Quitting caffeine - need help bad
  176. The Sinclair Method to reduce (or quit) drinking
  177. So I fell for a heroin addict...or so I thought
  178. Ritalin LA/Concerta after street amphetamine
  179. How not to replace one addiction with another?
  180. Took more Adderall than prescribed..
  181. My name is Abi, and I'm an alcoholic
  182. Addictiveness of Cocaine (Split from My name is Abi & I am an alcoholic)
  183. When does an addict with undiagnosed ADHD, become an addict?
  184. ADD/ADHD and Alcohol Abuse
  185. Use? Abuse? Stimulant self-medication and you.
  186. habitual drinking and non alcoholic beer.
  187. Help, I'm a sex addict
  188. Absurd Dosing for 1wk, Cautionary
  189. "a basic addiction process" (*very important*)
  190. Adhd and Sustance abuse
  191. **potential trigger** homicidal and suicidal ideation while under the influence?
  192. Is anybody else like this?
  193. Need help, any opinions ideas would be appreciated
  194. 2 years sober
  195. Dat Barry Bonds doe... STEROIDS
  196. Coffee and Nicotine Gums as replacements for other stimulants?
  197. I've got to quit drinking.
  198. need help finding a good doctor
  199. Quitting Smoking Cigarettes
  200. My strength against temptation
  201. Anybody with experience in rehabs?
  202. Gentetics and alcoholisim
  203. Do you believe alcoholics or drug addicts shoud be allowed to take stimulants?
  204. [Trigger warning: suicide attempt] It seemed like such a good idea at the time...
  205. smoking at home- an energy sapper
  206. Would you tell your doctor?
  207. **** What have I done?!
  208. I drink every day to feel calm, I need an alternative
  209. Battling Alcohol Addiction- Hopefully Winning
  210. Constant Battle
  211. My family is falling apart
  212. Quitting smoking
  213. Are you an alcoholic? Sometimes the answer doesnt matter.
  214. anyone want to talk about addiction?
  215. I think I've kicked alcohol out of my life for good, story and junk
  216. ADD and porn addiction?!
  217. Is pot addictive?
  218. New here & need advice
  219. Voice 2 skull. Mk ultra. Mind control
  220. Starting a habit..
  221. Friend gave me one capsule of adderall, not prescribed
  222. Can you be addicted to your meds even if you don't abuse them
  223. Bupropion XL 300mg. and Binge Drinking
  224. Smoking
  225. Received my Narcan training!
  226. Alcohol and different meds
  227. 17 year old friend struggling with substance abuse
  228. How to Quit smoking with ADD
  229. ritalin and depression
  230. Are people born with addiction?
  231. Adderall corrects addiction?
  232. Three years sober.
  233. An ex-Alcoholic Plans an Alcoholic Party
  234. My addictions
  235. Impulsive buying
  236. Ritalin abuse
  237. Caffeine and ADHD
  238. April: a month without internet at home
  239. Addict's "crutch" - another view
  240. Will someone who is involved in a 12 step recovery program please send me a pm?
  241. Urge to always take more than prescribed
  242. Wife adderall abuse...need advice
  243. Worried about my girlfriend - Vyvanse misuse?
  244. How to decide when it is the right time to quit..
  245. Amphetamine psychosis
  246. Vyvanse crippling Anxiety, Tolerance/Please Read
  247. Ritalin and everything abuse....I always want to be high
  248. Vyvance and Drinking Problems
  249. Add diagnosis
  250. I'm determined to fix this. (Depression, Methylphenidate abuse and self control)