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  1. Addiction/Abuse
  2. ADHD, Addiction, and finding a Psych
  3. 6 years. Not 1 puff! :)
  4. Interested in hearing experiences with Kratom
  5. Not getting anything out of Vyvanse anymore?
  6. How to stop over eating?
  7. Previous smokers who gave it up while on adderall/stimlant meds?
  8. Drinking too much
  9. The Perils of Alcohol Withdrawal
  10. Need help
  11. Alcohol withdrawal, sugar craving and change of meds. HELP!
  12. Do you think addiction is a disease?
  13. ADHD/Addict in successful recovery
  14. Unpleasant side-effect of adderall: alcohol
  15. Drug testing, adderall prescription, and pot
  16. Alcoholism, Dopamine/Serotonin and ADHD
  17. What could we do to help reduce methylphenidate abuse?
  18. Starting With This
  19. Wellbutrin XL or Adderall XR-previous ir med abuse
  20. ADHD with addiction issues
  21. facebook groups
  22. 4 years sober
  23. Congrats Hermus on 70+ days of sobriety!
  24. Love addiction
  25. My friend died on Monday- as a direct result of alcoholism.
  26. I think I am gaming addicted
  27. Caught doctor shopping 2 years ago & still have questions
  28. Addicted to Eating
  29. Miracles of recovery
  30. Can't quit weed
  31. Has anyone ever felt this hopeless or broken inside. A Blanket of Depression...?
  32. Depression and Anxiety...Adderall
  33. Sex and love addiction part 2
  34. Quitting smoking
  35. help;ADD self medicating w/ methadone
  36. I am not an addict, I have ADHD.
  37. How genetic is addiction? Or at least Alcoholism?
  38. Please be careful with Benzos.
  39. Tips for kicking cigarettes?
  40. Increasing Adderall XR Dosage.
  41. Porn Addiction
  42. Looking for friends in NYC with Adderall misuse experiences
  43. Substance abuse as a trigger for bi polarity?
  44. Help! My wife has gone crazy on Vyvanse!!
  45. Erratic dosages
  46. Drinking on vacation
  47. Miserable, alcoholic death
  48. Stopped using nicotine
  49. Sorry I'm just scared
  50. Lack of attachment and opioid addiction
  51. Become a non-smoker if you abuse drugs(alcohol and medication included)
  52. 5 years sober
  53. Speedball medication for ADHD and multisubstanceabuse
  54. What will it take? Food addiction!
  55. Ritalin Misuse
  56. my horrible addiction to smoking
  57. Impact of self medication post diagnosis....
  58. Adderall Addiction
  59. How are people getting access to medication?
  60. Articles about Doctors getting paid the more they write pain pill prescriptions.
  61. Is medication good or bad for substance abuse
  62. Adderall addiction.
  63. Can AD(H)D medication be as harmful as “street drugs”, if abused?
  64. Constant need to abuse Vyvanse and masturbate
  65. Article- drug abuse or treatment with stims? Wishy washy stupid argument
  66. Classmate sharing AD(D meds with your children?
  67. Why do some people who have AD(H)D self medicate?
  68. self medicating
  69. Ok, here goes.
  70. Drinking to pass the time
  71. What made you sober? How did you get and stay sober?
  72. 7 years sober
  73. Addicted to browsing on my mobile
  74. Dealing with the shame and pain...