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  1. RESEARCH: Substance Abuse & AD/HD
  2. Cris's Story (the condensed version)
  3. a confession!
  4. ADD and internet addiction....
  5. Alcoholism
  6. yrs of abuse
  7. internet addiction
  8. Need Help
  9. ADHD In the News
  10. Recovery
  11. how does alcohol affect those with ADD?
  12. Addicted to Adderall XR 30 mg
  13. Medical Cannabis and Brain Disorders
  14. any potheads tryin to quit? i need help...
  15. Stimulant medication for sober adders? help!
  16. How hard is it not to abuse Stimulant Medication?
  17. Drinking and Attention Deficit Disorder
  18. people in recovery advice about meds!
  19. addictive personality
  20. on-line resources for addiction & ADHD
  21. One day at a time with ADD & ADHD
  22. AD/HD and Addiction
  24. marijuana
  25. Addiction? Adderall 80-100mg (20mg/4-5 times per day)
  26. Adderall Overdose
  27. Self Medication with Cocaine or Speed???
  28. Lortab Physical Addiction?
  29. I don't want to take those pills!! Where's My Dexadrine?
  30. Marijuana Reality Check
  31. ADDicti0ns cancelled by treatment...yes WAY!
  32. grass chit hits the fan
  33. gone my desire to stay stopped drinking - ADD/ADHD substance abuse
  34. what I offer an addict still in the problem ADD / ADHD
  35. Why do I want to drink.
  36. Recovery in an online community / ADD / ADHD
  37. Effects of Marijuana on ADD medication?
  38. Weeping (literally), because I miss my dear friend Acid / LSD
  39. How Can They Say I am an Addict?
  40. ADD/HD friends first year on the wagon and she's dating an alcoholic
  41. Am I on my way to addiction?
  42. Substance abuse
  43. Medication/Addiction
  44. Time to quit
  45. Any advice?
  46. ADD and beer!! Do I have a problem?
  47. adderall Tolerance/dependance
  48. Hard time quitting marijuana...
  49. new to adderall with questions
  50. ADHD and Self Medication-When and why did you start
  51. Adddiction, ADD, and Drugs
  52. 21 yr old son with add & self med w/pot
  53. Short Term Addictions in ADD'ers?
  54. addiction, serious problem? ADHD
  55. Getting more out of Strattera
  56. Intoxication Sucks My Energy Away
  57. Effect of Tobacco on State of Mind
  58. A double edged sword i feel
  59. ADDer and stimulant abuse
  60. AA, NA and stimulent meds?
  61. adderall and opiate WD's
  62. Trying to quit chew: anybody else in same boat?
  63. Need advise of Adult Men on ADD meds that used to/stil do self medicate
  64. Addictions
  65. Tobacco - Your Body Will Forgive You.
  66. ? new therapist
  67. ADD becoming more of a problem without alcohol?
  68. I NEED HELP! i have been taking Adderall IR at the 200-250mg level for a while now!
  69. between feelings, anyone else?
  70. Substance of Choice Poll...
  71. Pain Killers
  72. im finally giving in ... somewhat
  73. ADD Medication For An ADDict
  74. Anyone here ever had an addiction to DXM (dextromethorphan)?
  75. Alcohol and/or drugs and ADD
  76. Internet addiction
  77. ADD worse after getting Sober?
  78. Smoking and A.D.D.
  79. Addiction and Substance Abuse Private Forum
  80. Masturbation addict?
  81. Add Is Not A Defect Of Character!
  82. Recently diagnosed recovering alkie - Concern about dosage behavior
  83. Drinking again...(AA related)
  84. not sure what to do - adderall addiction
  85. Cigarette smoking exacerbates alcohol-induced brain damage
  86. Is Nicotine "dirty" Ritalin?
  87. Coffee Addiction
  88. need to awaken
  89. Quit Smoking - Now Can't "Feel" Concerta
  90. ADD medications for people with addiction problems
  91. "AD/HD and Stimulant Medication Abuse" - Sound research squelches myths
  92. NAMI - Dual Diagnosis Fact Sheets Adults and Adolescents
  93. Has being properly medicated helped you in your Recovery?
  94. No Doz Pills
  95. Stimulant Addict turned Strattera user?
  96. ADD, the underlying problem for addiction?
  97. Gambling and undiagnosed issues
  98. confusion about alcoholism
  99. Please Help.
  100. Hooked on the Web: Help Is on the Way
  101. Addiction! On Adderall?
  102. Problem!
  103. What is it like
  104. Sober Alcoholic Getting Back on Meds
  105. Not Addicted Anymore!!!
  106. Cravings
  107. Marijuana (Pot): Anyone Ever Experience This
  108. One Year Ago
  109. Research: Nicotine and ADD
  110. HELP - What am I supposed to feel when medicated?
  111. Do I love stimulants or do I have ADD?
  112. Needing some help about Marijuana
  113. Poll...
  114. Adderall and Alcohol
  115. traded cyrstal meth addiction for adderall dependence/addiction
  116. The Best!
  117. Looking for those in recovery
  118. No adderall
  119. Off one drug and onto another
  120. medication...alcolholism
  121. Addicted to stimulants NO Addicted to NORMALITY
  122. Never Leave Till Tomorrow Which You Can Do Today!!!
  123. Water Therapy & Nicotine
  124. Anyone had this experience?
  125. I'm overwhelmed with Stims and then xanax..up and down all day!
  126. 25days and no date..
  127. Looking for info: ADD and cocaine/heroin addiction
  128. Looking for Help in WI
  129. Party Addict
  130. Ghb
  131. Self-medicating with Alcohol
  132. I quit smoking today!
  133. sex and love addiction
  134. hospitals for the uninsured?
  135. dex abuse
  136. coke
  137. found this arfticle
  138. ERRATIC behavior.
  139. Adderall Addiction (read plz)
  140. Here's my plan with adderall
  141. My Opinion On Adderall and Addiction
  142. Caffine allergy and ADD?
  143. Addiction a matter of choice or disease?
  144. what makes something an addiction?
  145. Salvia divinorum
  146. Addicted to Difference
  147. Stop Smoking Ways
  148. Abuse vs. Prescribed
  149. psychedlic drugs
  150. In Recovery & looking for the right ADHD MED
  151. considerinng adhd meds whilst in recovery
  152. I quit smoking today...
  153. How do I change my coping mechanism?
  154. Help: ADD, Methadone and past drug abuse
  155. can an ex-drug-user take adhd meds?
  156. Alcoholism Side Effects
  157. our own little world
  158. i think the IDIOT tattoo on my forehead needs a touch-up.
  159. questions about stimulants
  160. im concerned
  161. Reluctant About Treatment Because Mom Was Anphetamine Addict
  162. Drugs
  163. 40 yr old newly diagnosed needs reassurance re meds
  164. Adderall Addiction/Paranoia
  165. Stupid Question On Addiction
  166. Trading one addiction or condition for another
  167. why is marijuana
  168. Meth, Adderall And Cross-tolerance
  169. Addict, party-type, or just curious?
  170. cannabis mariguana medicinal herb
  171. When is rehab in order
  172. just a quick poll about smoking
  173. chemical vs non chemical addictions
  174. Today, need a 2nd opinion
  175. please explain why anyone would abuse amphetamines
  176. abuse and/or alcoholism
  177. Ritalin and amphetamine
  178. ADD and Sexual Urges
  179. methalphendidate cold turkey
  180. I did it Agian Advice really needed
  181. two and 1/4ths days awake and 330mgs adderall later.....
  182. In a bind -ADD & addicted
  183. Coffee Addiction Not Recognized Much
  184. Every damned time. Plz respond if you can
  185. I tried meth once...
  186. My struggle with Dexamphetamine
  187. Addicted to adderall but don't want to quit
  188. To anyone who has Adderall issues
  189. Can ADHD be caused by speed?!
  190. Help me convince friend not to abuse Ritalin
  191. Addiction to Smoking? Free Nicotine Replacement Study in Ontario, Canada
  192. when i drink coke it's like i have to continue i dont when to stop
  193. History of drug abuse but now clean 8mths
  194. Profile of an addict's "belief" system
  195. Slight Adderall Abuse & feeling sick
  196. Severe addiction issues
  197. Antabuse versus Ritalin -- Psychotic Interaction
  198. I Cant Seem to Sleep
  199. what is an addiction
  200. Relapse issues
  201. Stimulant hypersensitivity
  202. My Adderall XR psychosis experience
  203. I guess I am developing a tolerance to Adderall XR
  204. Article: ADD and Addiction
  205. 12 steps, medication, hope and confusion...
  206. I needed illegal drugs...
  207. i need help my boyfriend had a drinking issue before and he smokes weed
  208. Methods to break the vicious cycle
  209. What do you think about people who abuse adderall?
  210. taking more than i should
  211. i can't believe any of you take adderall - read and you will never again take it.
  212. Ritalin and Marijuana (I almost died)
  213. Need Alternatives to Adderall
  214. griding up pills or emptying the capsules
  215. GBL, From heaven to hell
  216. I'm afraid I'm going to get hooked on cigarettes
  217. How was your first time being drunk?
  218. anyone with suggestions?
  219. My Turn Around
  220. Alcoholism/ADHD/Bipolar ll
  221. Trying to quit dipping
  222. What is the most adderall you have taken at once/or in a day?
  223. Methamphetamine
  224. i cut back on my coke cola addiction im so proud of me
  225. Please Read...Adderall Abuse post.any insight will be greatly appreciated...LONG POST
  226. Anxiety episode triggered by quitting smoking
  227. Paranoia...
  228. Preventing neurotoxicity from stimulants.
  229. You wouldn't believe how many Adderall dealers are at my school.
  230. My head tells me I am not sober because I take Adderall for my ADD
  231. please help
  232. ADHD, Meth. Need FREE HELP!
  233. Question about my past self medicating
  234. Caffeine (Coffee) Addiction and ADHD
  235. History of Stimulant Abuse and now....
  236. Abnormal Drug seeking Behaivior
  237. The last time I did Meth...
  238. Ambien - An admission and a warning
  239. My dad smokes pot???!!
  240. Adderall IR increases my interest in abuse (compared to XR)
  241. Mixing Dexedrine with Ritalin
  242. I'm JONSING MOTHER F*****!
  243. Tempted to abuse my meds
  244. Doubled my dose of meds
  245. Chemical addictions aren't tempting/behavioral are
  246. ok well... took more
  247. Relationship with your stimulant medication
  248. I think my past abuse may have screwed up my meds' effectiveness...
  249. well, I took less ..thankyou guys
  250. The Horse