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  1. Not sure what to do now? [SORT OF URGENT!]
  2. ADHD coming back after awhile?
  3. Food and ADD
  4. would like some advice about a middle school teacher and my adhd son and her remarks?
  5. Finals
  6. I wish...
  7. Can a dyslexic be successful in AP Government?
  8. history buffs please help!
  9. study problem, 11th grade, ADD
  10. Essential Apps for AD/HD
  11. I failed college & med withdrawal
  12. Explaining My Brain
  13. Urgent advice needed with study problem
  14. No motivation to do homework... are the meds becoming less effective?
  15. homework frustration
  16. History Class...
  17. Do people with add/adhd have that one sunjsct that they just bomb in
  18. Workstuff Technique To Get Things Finished
  19. Concerta 36 mg no effect
  20. Breaking point=reached
  21. Second-guessing on exams
  22. Going back to school
  23. How has ADHD impacted your life?
  24. Feeling slower at work
  25. School when meds are not working
  26. Royally screwed myself (desperately need help)
  27. homeschoolers and ADD??
  28. I'm overly curious/overcomplicate things
  29. Need advice for exams
  30. obstacle in society for education?
  31. rule model
  32. ADHD Introduction paragraph
  33. My family doesn't under stand my ADHD problems
  34. My family doesn't seem to understand my ADHD related problems
  35. How to use hyperfocus?
  36. The kids I look after don't do homework.
  37. Studying with background noises, medication isn't helping
  38. Clicking in the library is so annoying... anyone relate?
  39. Any college STEM majors?
  40. difficulty studying
  41. So....first post
  42. This online course is killing me.
  43. What helps you learn?
  44. I'm losing it
  45. Hey guys...
  46. Learning disability/academic progress
  47. This man is talking in the library and I'm tempted to end his life. Why?
  48. Loss of focus after school
  49. Really focused when writing papers, but suck at everything else?
  50. Not Caring for Anything
  51. Going to Class
  52. Can someone please, please, help me?
  53. Majors/ fields of study
  54. ADD or just laziness.
  55. How come I'm decent with university-level maths but struggle with easy word problems?
  56. Advice for a teachers aid?
  57. Studying tips ... mostly for GED but still.
  58. High Achieving Students With ADHD
  59. My son is failing all 9th grade subjects
  60. School Experiences
  61. How does adderall not improve grades?
  62. No Motivation? No goal?
  63. Hi To all
  64. I Need Immediate Help I'm Literally Broken...
  65. I procrastinate everything (including going to school)
  66. Experience medication worsen you're ability to read?
  67. Missed school