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  1. making it through school with ADHD
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  26. What subjects do you like?
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  29. I Need Help!
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  32. Do you get CRAZY sometimes?
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  34. Type of Career
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  38. Treated Differently
  39. Vent your frustrations here...
  40. Badly need to vent
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  42. Everything Feels a lot better
  43. school hell in a brickbuilding
  44. Failed another year.
  45. Suggestions for a student coming back
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  47. 12 Things ADHD High Schoolers want their Teachers to Know
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  49. End of the year...
  50. Spanish Teacher Driving Me up the Wall!
  51. the real issue here is...
  52. Characteristics of a Great High School Teacher
  53. 2006-2007 school year starting soon . ..
  54. Teens . . .. Accomodations
  55. Giving Presenation on ADD to Teachers-I need student input!
  56. English: Essays Coherency/Clarity
  57. How do I cope with my ADHD after starting school again after the summer?
  58. Feeling rejected
  59. Good Teacher/Bad Teacher... I have two in one...
  60. How can you tell a teacher you need 'extra' attention?
  61. Distractions
  62. Algebra Teacher Needs to GO!
  63. Uggghhhh Math!!!!
  64. Need help with Getting Accomodations!!
  65. adderal and fist fighting?
  66. my teacher is video taping me
  67. Overwhelmed
  68. Huge Exam friday...any advice, PLEASE?
  69. Notes, and orginization. adivice?
  70. Oral Presentation
  71. A.D.D. video making fun or real
  72. need help with memorizing multiplication table
  73. Some Revision Advice for the Creative ADDers
  74. Can't concetrate on anything time consuming
  75. Help Band director doesn't understand me
  76. Share your thoughts
  77. Its Just a joke
  78. homework... math
  79. Learning German...
  80. I Am Ready For College!!!!!! Suggestions?
  81. social interaction
  82. Testing anxiety
  83. Math
  84. Possible to get good grades with ADD?
  85. Possible To Do Well In School w/o Meds?
  86. Free agenda for my pc??
  87. tips and tricks for paying attention
  88. I've learned how to take advantage of ADHD. Have you?
  89. A constant struggle; its the same story...
  90. I've Finally Finished School!!!!
  91. What the average score in science for the act?
  92. Help please
  93. Remembering things and maths class!
  94. Semester Grades
  95. Schedules Anyone?
  96. Schools around the corner
  97. Nervous about school?
  98. Stability Ball
  99. Teachers
  100. Keys to College Success
  101. Assessing College Supports Services - Q's to ask
  102. Helpful books . . . . .
  103. Financial Aid!! Scholarships!!!
  104. Getting my GCSE results tomorrow!! AHH!!
  105. Stimulation
  106. Drowning in school work...and it's only the first week!
  107. ::Help::Does anyones high school do this?
  108. Colors
  109. NMSC Semifinalist, anyone?
  110. Block Scheduling
  111. Creative Writing / Any long writing
  112. Anybody Ever Get the Flour Sack Project?
  113. College I hate you
  114. I hope it's alright if I rant here
  115. Trouble writing Essays? Try This!
  116. School Counselors?
  117. Late again
  118. Long day-Cant eat?!!
  119. Trouble with Spanish Help
  120. Reading..
  121. cant study !
  122. 504/the one thing he needs he can't get!!!
  123. Severe Hyperfocusing Issues
  124. cant concentrate and have a paper due vent
  125. Bad Behavior
  126. Dealing with the school
  127. 504 / IEP Meetings
  128. 504 / IEP Meetings
  129. Teacher with ADD here if you want any ideas/ advice
  130. I need an opinion?
  131. doctors note
  132. What is this 504/IEP stuff and how can I get it?
  133. Some homework help, please?
  134. Concentration tips?
  135. New school year coming up - thoughts/feelings?
  136. tutoring versus not
  137. I need music to help me focus, how can I get this thru to them?
  138. homeschooling and add/adhd etc
  139. struggling to motivated myself
  140. tips for staying on track
  141. So I want to succeed
  142. In deeep crap when the end of year reports arrive
  143. Surprised at Conversation
  144. Online High School
  145. Question...
  146. Hi.. ADD teacher here... feel free to ask any qs
  147. Do You Hate Algebra?
  148. Back at school..
  149. How To Remember to do Tasks/Assignments
  150. Medication
  151. Essays OMG! halp
  152. Sick of it.
  153. Bad grades! Whats going on?
  154. text books....
  155. ADHD and Permanant Record
  156. prescribed drugs & school
  157. grades suffering-- I quit
  158. stupid parent/teacher interviews
  159. Why do I feel so dumb? Help
  160. did or do you often find yourself depressed at lunch time?
  161. I'm ****ed off!
  162. Would a combined English-History course be good?
  163. I don't know what to do...
  164. Detention
  165. I have ADHD. Am I being discriminated against?
  166. Do you enjoy school?
  167. teen struggling with ACT
  168. help!
  169. Improve Short-Term Memory Span, Overdose on your Meds Less Often!
  170. GCSE Exam Result Thread!
  171. An Idea for your school binders...
  172. Study Abroad
  173. SAT tests?
  174. Homework help
  175. Study Music
  176. What is your age? (For Purposes of own assessment of separation of these forums)
  177. My Goal: Do better in school
  178. Here's to an awesome school year!
  179. Psychiatrist wants me to tell my teachers? HELP!
  180. Help with Homework while studying.
  181. i need your help
  182. What's "Normal"?
  183. How long it takes to do homework
  184. classes are gettting ahead of me
  185. another "Tired of school and the whole system".
  186. Exam Provisions?
  187. Dealing with problems in school
  188. Scared of failing..... Again
  189. Accounting...
  190. So in your experience, does taking adderall work better for studying or tests?
  191. Student Organizer
  192. Work In Class
  193. Really? I have to take it again?
  194. If I were your parent
  195. Pre-Calculus (Algebra 3) question
  196. Time Management in my LIFe
  197. Parents role in preschool?
  198. Homework
  199. Teachers
  200. getting mad
  201. STudy Habits and TIME management TIPS
  202. Any tips on starting, and keeping with it?
  203. Question?
  204. Sad face
  205. My life in a nutshell
  206. Are support services at school tied to category of disability?
  207. Extracurricular activities
  208. Am I a lost cause?
  209. Why can't she understand?
  210. Do you ever want to slap your teachers?
  211. Should I switch to online high school?
  212. Help!
  213. I HATE SCHOOL!!! [rant]
  214. Term Papers
  215. rant,rant,rant,rant,rant,rant.......
  216. School gets hard, it makes me wonder...
  217. How ADD affects what the brain see's
  218. has anyone used adhd coaching ?
  219. Do,I have add?
  220. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!
  221. Help me.
  222. homework trouble
  223. Wierd reading.
  224. Math.
  225. Help with online school
  226. school
  227. School and connors testing
  228. concentration
  229. hard time studying..
  230. New school for son with a 504 plan option
  231. Homework and Schoolwork
  232. School and stuff
  233. Studying Abroad with Add
  234. Social anxiety and problems after problem.
  235. Should I drop AP Calc for easier class?
  236. How to balance my busy schedule
  237. Blankness when doing schoolwork
  238. Full inclusion
  239. My brain isn't processing information and I have to study for a test tomorrow!
  240. Advantages and disadvantages of ADHD in school
  241. Grades, Parents, and Disappointment
  242. Ment to fail??
  243. How do you get exempted from going to class in University?
  244. Nothing is aiding me with studying
  245. Is Medication Really the Only Way?
  246. Procrastination
  247. I'm failing all of my classes in high school
  248. Reading Comprehension
  249. Have you ever zoned out in school and then had an ephiphany?
  250. My teachers dont understand me.