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  7. It's half 5 in the morning and I'm still awake - First day on Strattera
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  11. Advice, please
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  14. I started Starttera today.
  15. Scared to take the drugs
  16. Going to start Strattera
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  18. Day 3 on Strattera - Confused on side effects
  19. Question for those of you who take Strattera at night
  20. Stratera does not work!!!!!!!!
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  22. L-tyrosine - do you notice the difference straight away?
  23. Kinda Nervous - Question about Going Up to 80mg
  24. Zombie like feeling?
  25. Liver Enzyme Testing?
  26. adult ADHD
  27. Any help improving dizzy seasick symptoms?
  28. 10th week on 80mg - Nothing stable - Experiences moving up further?
  29. I just started Strattera and i hate it so far...
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  31. my add =Thoughts on Strattera
  32. Strattera and Sex
  33. Timing and Somnolence/Sleepiness/Grogginess
  34. Long term strattera users - low grade fever?
  35. Strattera ramp up too quick
  36. Questions about Strattera?
  37. Strattera and cold/allergy meds?
  38. One week down...
  39. Dosages
  40. Has anyone taken both Strattera and Cymbalta? (Not at same time)
  41. health coverage
  42. Doc wants to out me on Strattera
  43. New to Strattera - very slow ramp up
  44. A couple to few weeks on 80mg. WOW.
  45. Bloody Noses on Strattera? Please please advise.
  46. On 80 mG, works well but very expensive
  47. strattera ejaculation issue
  48. Mind seems to go blank and I get very nauseous
  49. Anyone switched from Adderall/Dex to Strattera?
  50. AM or PM dosing... my expereince
  51. Is it worth it?? Longish...
  52. No Sense of Humor on Stims - Strattera??
  53. does strattera really work
  54. Strattera + Wellbutrin?
  55. My Straterra Log
  56. Strattera + Valdoxan (Agomelatine) ?
  57. New to Strattera...COST is unbelievable!
  58. Strattera Withdrawl
  59. Combatting insomnia with strattera?
  60. A good med for me?
  61. Medication adjustments..
  62. has anyone had fatique with Strattera?
  63. question
  64. Does the Timing Matter? And is 120 mg too high?
  65. Strattera and Rage
  66. New to the forums, adhd & strattera
  67. help me
  68. Can you quit strattera cold turkey?
  69. strattera- blurry vision, trouble articulating after 3 months???
  70. Strattera and Sexual Side Effects
  71. Feels like a diet pill to me!!!
  72. What Has Strattera Done for you?
  73. Strattera help
  74. strattera
  75. Strattera and personal justice(boundaries)
  76. Rough Trial on Strattera for an 8 year old
  77. Strattera and insomnia - will this side effect fade?
  78. Strattera and Alcohol
  79. I feel doped
  80. Specific foods - good/bad with Straterra?
  81. muscle cramps, fatigue and disappointment :/
  82. Crashing in the afternon with strattera?
  83. Strattera and Dopamine
  84. From Wellbutrin to Strattera!!?!?
  85. NRIs, Fatigue, Side Effects. A Theory.
  86. Any sleeping pills safe to use with Strattera?
  87. Doc took me off what??
  88. Hello, new member!
  89. S E X & strattera...(plz help)
  90. Quick question
  91. Uh, did anyone ever feel euphoric?
  92. Day 5 on Strattera
  93. New to Stattera+welbutrin, anyone else lose the urge to eat?
  94. Very irratable on strattera
  95. Adults that changed from Amphetamine to Straterra?
  96. Started Strattera
  97. Strattera. Will it do any good for these symptoms?
  98. a headache with staterra
  99. Straterra and Advil
  100. Strattera and neurotransmitters.
  101. On Strattera, Denied Stimulants
  102. Anybody develop a rash while on Strattera?
  103. Guanfacine / Intunitiv Vs. Straterra
  104. Decreased Libido on Strattera
  105. What exactly is Strattera?
  106. Strattera & Nausea
  107. Anyone Else Terrified of the Side Effects?
  108. Strattera Poop-out?
  109. prostate problems??
  110. How long does it take for strattera to work?
  111. 1st Post- would appreciate any help.
  112. How, at 8-10+ weeks, the effects change?
  113. When off Strattera, do you return back to normal?
  114. Progression of Stratter's Effects - How long and what?
  115. Strattera & Althethic Training - WARNING & TIPS & Sexual side effect advice
  116. Anyone stop taking Strattera simply because it didn't work (not side effects)?
  117. How Long have you taken Strattera, and how has it effected your creativity?
  118. Anyone switch to Strattera from Concerta?
  119. Day 1 with Strattera
  120. Intunitiv (guanfacine)
  121. Strettera known for causing ticks?
  122. Straterra releases dopamine too?
  123. About to start Strattera & concerned!
  124. Does anyone take a low dose of Adderral w/ Strattera?
  125. strattera & focalin xr anyone on this combo?
  126. medicine for add
  127. ADD medication experiences, any tips/help?
  128. Why does Strattera take so long to work?
  129. I have to go off Strattera after 1 1/2 months.. Not happy
  130. For those who like Strattera
  131. I want a new drug...
  132. Help w/ Side-Effect: Drowsiness
  133. Spreading the Dose Throughout the Day?
  134. Strattera - Day 1.
  135. How long till side effects cease on Strattera
  136. Is Strattera the right medication for me?
  137. Best way to discontinue strattera?
  138. agressive/violent behavior since starting stratter
  139. First Medication
  140. [inattentive] non stimulants- strattera
  141. Can you stop and start with stattera?
  142. Anyone taking Strattera with something else?
  143. Too scared to take Strattera
  144. What might Strattera do to someone who has ADHD minus the constant extreme activity?
  145. Miracle Drug
  146. Is this a fair assessment of strattera?
  147. Doe Strattera cause any skin flushing (like Adderall/stimulant ADHD meds)?
  148. Does Strattera help you process / read faster?
  149. How bad is dry mouth on Strattera?
  150. Medication holiday from Strattera
  151. A newbie with side effect questions
  152. New to forum and Strattera HELP? LIVER DAMAGE CONCERN?
  153. Do you think it's too soon to quit strattera?
  154. feeling lousy on Strattera; doc added lexapro, feeling worse
  155. Low Dosing Strattera
  156. Could this be possible?
  157. Immediate (daily) effects of Strattera?
  158. Weight gain on Strattera?
  159. questions about strattera
  160. Strattera + concerta???
  161. stratera 100 mg worldwide shortage?
  162. When to take / Sleep Disturbance
  163. strattera
  164. Does strattera make you feel more sociable/better mood?
  165. Does strattera make you tired? and does it lower appetite?
  166. Strattera Vs. Vyvanse
  167. Strattera + Welbutrin?
  168. How many weeks before strattera becomes fully effective
  169. strattera + zoloft dosages?
  170. Strattera vs Generic Atomoxetine?
  171. Strattera and Heart Health
  172. $165 dollars for Strattera!?!?!??!
  173. Strattera for ADHD-PI
  174. Should I call my doctor?
  175. Temporary Side effects?
  176. Anyone notice a lack of joy?
  177. Strattera and side effects
  178. Thinking about switching from adderall to stratters..any suggestions
  179. Cluster headaches?!?!
  180. Strattera VS reboxetine
  181. strattera, prozac, wellbutrin
  182. Hello, input requested.....
  183. Does anyone else feel angry/aggitated and ruminate/obsess about things on strattera?
  184. Whats an average, or what is your, daily Strattera dosage?
  185. Everything feels different on Strattera....strange..
  186. 6 year old now angry
  187. Missed a pill and felt taken it and feel better...possible?
  188. 2 Days of Bliss....
  189. Strattera vs. Concerta
  190. Has Strattera decreased your appetite?
  191. Help me! Am I on the right dosage? + My Experience so Far
  192. Frustrated!!
  193. Concerta-Straterra Combo
  194. Straterra-moring or night?
  195. Sttratera Daily log
  196. Has anyone had a good experience with Strattera?
  197. Could taking Strattera w/ Celexa affect motivation
  198. strattera
  199. Starting strattera in addition to adderall
  200. Strattera and Five Hour Energy
  201. Strattera Experience
  202. Strattera Side Effects.....
  203. Just started Strattera and I love it!
  204. Contacting Lilly Pharmeceuticals on Strattera Ingredients?
  205. just diagnosed and started on strattera
  206. On the verge of saying "Peace, out!" to the Strattera
  207. My Experience With Straterra
  208. 3 years on Strattera, my testimony (positive)
  209. Sleepy, Tired
  210. feeling cold, and others
  211. New Strattera user!
  212. Strattera and Sleeplessness
  213. Strattera + Concerta + Valdoxan... experience?
  214. Instant Success! Then total zombie! Twice!
  215. Backed in a corner: Lamictal + Strattera + Adderall XR (Assistance Pls)
  216. A Gap in Taking = Restart?
  217. I just started taking Strattera
  218. Strattera and Energy (or lack thereof)
  219. Strattera?
  220. Farewell...Moving to Strattera.
  221. Hi
  222. Sex drive and other differences
  223. Adult starting om Strattera?
  224. Today my doc prescribed Strattera, but my dose seems way too low...
  225. Utterly depressed and flat
  226. Normal sideffects on strattera?
  227. Some interesting questions!
  228. Improving Strattera's performance?
  229. When will this stop?
  230. Quitting Strattera
  231. Inability to get an erection on Strattera
  232. Experience with Strattera
  233. Anyone on Strattera & Vyvanse
  234. Night?
  235. Strattera: Does it make you more outgoing/social-able?
  236. Strattera: Length of Time to Leave System?
  237. Strattera - you know your body best.
  238. Strattera makes me feel stupid.
  239. Just started strattera
  240. Strattera and alcohol
  241. What to try next after Strattera?
  242. Anyone have svt (fast heart) and take strattera? Need advice pls
  243. Not sure if I love it or hate it
  244. Strattera should help me stop zoning out, right?
  245. Strattera Caffeine and Drowsiness
  246. Switching from Celexa to Strattera (Help!)
  247. Day 29 on Strattera
  248. Weening off Strattera
  249. Capsules opening up too soon
  250. Goodbye Strattera :D