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  1. Strattera
  2. Strattera in South Africa
  3. Would a slow titrate have helpted?
  4. Loss of Appetite
  5. Does Strattera dumb you down like similar meds do?
  6. Male Strattera users
  7. 3rd day on Strattera
  8. starting strattera again.
  9. Does Strattera resist tolerance better than stimulant medications?
  10. Day 3 on Strattera, so far so good.
  11. How many times a day do you take Strattera?
  12. Average dose for Strattera?
  13. racing heart
  14. Strattera cost
  15. Can one mix/take both Strattera and Adderall?
  16. Does strattera cause anxiety?
  17. I need to ask
  18. increased anxiety (OCD)?
  19. Strattera not working
  20. One month in and it isn't really helping
  21. Strattera had its highs but many lows.
  22. Shakes
  23. Strattera/Adderall combo?
  24. Strattera creates sexual problems?
  25. Combined strattera and concerta?
  26. Strattera and energy + motivation.
  27. time to rebound on proper dosing level
  28. Strattera and Congestion
  29. No meds for 2 days
  30. How long to take Strattera for full effect?
  31. 120mg Strattera
  32. Birth-control pill and Strattera
  33. side-effects at 40mg
  34. Back on Strattera, doesn't work the same
  35. Question: How much is your heart rate with strattera??
  36. Suddenly Anxious & Hyper
  37. Fourth Day on Strattera and Not Much is Happening
  38. My Timeline of Benefits/Side Effects
  39. Strattera Plus Something else for anxiety??
  40. My Strattera Story: Side Effects
  41. Straterra Advice!!!
  42. Agitated and aggressive after increasing my dosage
  43. Strattera and St Johns Wort, interaction?
  44. Strattera and IQ
  45. Strattera and the state I'm in
  46. Is Strattera actually effective?
  47. Strattera 60mg day 5
  48. Strange feeling after taking Strattera
  49. Strattera - I gave it 8 weeks...3 side effects of note
  50. Strattera with Intuniv??
  51. Can you titrate faster than recommended on strattera?
  52. What is New Jersey cost of 80mg Strattera for Self Pay
  53. Strattera at Night (for those of you who do or have tried)
  54. Strattera & ED: A medicine to Counter?
  55. Strattera & ED: A medicine to Counter?
  56. strattera samples
  57. Strattera + paxil and wellbutrin?
  58. 4 weeks of Strattera
  59. My Strattera Daily Log
  60. Kratom as an alternative to straterra
  61. Scared to take another dose of Straterra
  62. You guys know what you're giving your kids?
  63. Three weeks on meds - I can tell a difference :)
  64. Strattera and Tiredness
  65. Day 1 on Strattera
  66. Stopping cold turkey..
  67. Strattera and Dizziness?
  68. Question about punctuality of dosage.
  69. Coming back to Strattera..
  70. Male Issues with Straterra
  71. If the meds work, does it take away the ADD "benefits"
  72. No withdrawal?!?!
  73. Skipped dose at night, took it this morning.. do I take my normal dose tonight?
  74. Danas Starttera log.
  75. Strattera...should I get worried?
  76. Experience with nausea/tiredness & trying to quell these side effects?
  77. Strattera to Levoamphetamine Ratio?
  78. How much Straterra do you need for it to be effective? do you still experience SE's?
  79. Strattera log
  80. Strattera Blues - A Question
  81. ?????????? Strattera wtf,is this apost to happen?.i dont feel like doing anything an
  82. 3. week on stattera...still BIG trouble starting.
  83. If strattera works for me, will it be AS GOOD as a stimulant such as adderall?
  84. strattera
  85. Increase in dose, decrease in side effects?
  86. FFUUUU Strattera ****ING RUBBISH PIECE OF ****
  87. Someone help me?....
  88. To feel good, focus, normal, do you need more/less sleep with Straterra?
  89. Any Strattera thoughts or help for me?
  90. Straterra as an NMDA receptor antagonist
  91. Please Be Honest, I Am VERY VERY NERVOUS!
  92. Does Strattera do anything for restlessness?
  94. Strattera causing suicidal thoughts
  95. Started Strattera tonight - will keep everyone posted.
  96. Strattera + Magnesium, HOLY @#$%!@#%@
  97. Strattera = WORST MEDICATION EVER !!
  98. does anyone need more than 1,2mg/kg of Strattera to get optimal effect?
  99. 9 year old daughter just started Strattera
  100. Effectiveness of side effects of Stattera
  101. Should I change to stimulants?
  102. Questions from an Adderall User
  103. Strattera is an ozone away from Cocaine
  104. Strattera for homework
  105. Just took my first dose...zzzzzzzz
  106. ADHD-PI, on Focalin XR, should I try Strattera?
  107. Just an opinion, agree or disagree?
  108. Strattera and Caffeine
  109. What's your experience with strattera/atomoxetine?
  110. Worried about continuing on Strattera after reading these forums
  111. Indigestion(I think) taking strattera @ night.
  112. Is this a normal side effect???
  113. Adderall & Strattera..
  114. Starting Straterra Tomorrow
  115. Cost of straterra
  116. Burning during urination
  117. Someone turned off the radio in my head...
  118. So I ran to start back?
  119. Appetite Suppression
  120. Strattera + Intuniv(Guanfacine): Heard of/Think its ok?
  121. Strattera is my friend
  122. The opposite of Strattera?
  123. Strattera Side Effects
  124. More empathy from Strattera?
  125. Strattera for ADD
  126. Strattera - Agression.
  127. Bad taste
  128. New to 3rd med
  129. Afraid Strattera Won't Work Again
  130. What does taking too much feel like?
  131. How long does it take to work when increasing dose?
  132. Straterra worked for you but others didn't?
  133. First day on Strattera
  134. Thinking of ending Strattera
  135. Strattera vs Edronax
  136. Taking Strattera and Donating Plasma
  137. third day on Stratterra
  138. Still slurring 1 week after stopping strattera
  139. Mild suicidal ideation side effect, what is the solution?
  140. HighMark Blue Cross denied my Strattera
  141. Is Strattera any good?
  142. Too high a dosage
  143. Atomoxetine (Strattera) Just being diagnosed
  144. What's your strattera dosis?
  145. Strattera progress/timeline
  146. Time Period for Strattera to be out of your system
  147. I think my dose is too high (strattera)
  148. I've been taking Adderall for awhile, I wanna try a non-stimulant like Strattera
  149. Does anyone else feel this way?
  150. What if someone takes Strattera without ADHD?
  151. Just started, first capsule
  152. Can I use powder from 80 mg pill?
  153. Question about dealing with a Strattera problem.
  154. Non-stimulant medication
  155. Derealization with Strattera
  156. Strattera and endometriosis
  157. 1st day on Straterra.
  158. A few questions about Strattera
  159. Strattera not helping focus
  160. Strattera causes constipation !
  161. Remedy For Sweating
  162. Strattera = Worst thing ever made.
  163. Strattera and anger
  164. Try Strattera again?
  165. Strattera: can it make concentration worse?
  166. Stratts kinda make me dull
  167. Giving up after 9 months
  168. Do the sexual dysfunction problems go away?
  169. nausea from strattera?
  170. 3rd Day on 40mg and feel NOTHING!
  171. Missed a dose
  172. Stress and Straterra
  173. too much or too little
  174. can 5mg strattera make a difference?
  175. changing meds?
  176. Strattera rebounds... are badass
  177. Strattera Questions
  178. Question : considering taking it every two days
  179. Switched to Strattera from Vyvanse yesterday...questions
  180. Is it normal for strattera to help some days and not others?
  181. Dosing Question
  182. 3 weeks on Strattera and I feel nothing... actually I feel worse.
  183. Straterra and irritability
  184. New to Strattera
  185. not too sure about strattera but only been 2 days
  186. What do i do about urine flow problems?
  187. Strattera clears my mind, but it makes me bored
  188. [ADHD-PI + GAD] Strattera Treatment Journal
  189. strattera plus Viagra
  190. New guy here!
  191. Staterra 80 mg is kicking my you know what!
  192. A little miracle happened this week.
  193. my strattera after vyvanse experience
  194. Other meds now Strattera....
  195. Insurance says I have to try Strattera
  196. Straterra issues
  197. How long have you been on Strattera?
  198. Just starting Strattera--what to expect?
  199. Straterra pooped out on me. NEED ADVISE PLEASE!!!!!!!!
  200. Does the insomnia on Strattera go away?
  201. Unmotivated on Strattera
  202. Vision Loss with Strattera
  203. Is it the Strattera or life that's making me tired?
  204. Starting Strattera - Group Journal
  205. From Concerta to Strattera ?
  206. Just started treating my ADHD for the first time
  207. Tried Strattera
  208. Increased dose, bad focus
  209. How did you first respond to Strattera???
  210. Strattera interactions
  211. Strattera 4 weeks
  212. New on this Med
  213. Has anyone had a swollen throat reaction w/ Stratt?
  214. Strattera
  215. A few questions from a concerned girlfriend...
  216. Is this stuff worth it?
  217. Strattera - Sleeping Issues
  218. Stratera killed my sex life.
  219. Does Strattera affect your social life?
  220. strattera effects- and weight/appetite
  221. Anyone have problems talking to themselves on Strattera?
  222. Is there a generic comperable to strattera?
  223. Generic Strattera by Apotex Inc.
  224. Giving Strattera a try when stims don't work for SCT
  225. Going off Strattera - Sex performance
  226. Straterra Experience
  227. how long does strattera stay in your system?
  228. Just started strattera. Tachycardia???
  229. Strattera Medication Guide
  230. Has anyone been on strattera for more than a year?
  231. anyone taken straterra?
  232. Is Strattera effective for Non-Attentive Type?
  233. Can you take 60mg Strattera along with a low dose of Equasym (Methylphenidate)
  234. Anyone else develop Reynaud's while on Strattera
  235. Strattera/Other Non-Stimulants Questions
  236. Strattera makes me feel wierd
  237. Strattera and Anxiety
  238. Depression
  239. Can you take weekends off Straterra?
  240. Just started strattera
  241. Switching from cocktail to Strattera
  242. Intuniv& Strattera together?
  243. 11 days on straterra 80mg - experience
  244. Ok, wtf? Strattera makes me high.
  245. My son is coming down
  246. Strattera PHOTO :D
  247. Cognitive Enhancement?
  248. Bad side effects Strattera
  249. When do you take your Strattera - AM or PM?
  250. A Strattera Add-On