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  20. My story
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  33. Starting strattera.
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  43. Seem to be feeling more depressed.
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  47. Could it really be working?!?!?!
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  51. Straterra
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  53. Fatigue issues.
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  55. Issues
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  58. best med for few weeks...then nothing??
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  61. Weird Side Effect
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  63. Ritalin works, Strattera works, but not Concerta, anyone?
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  66. i have add, sever grogginess. will strattera work for me?
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  85. Urinary Hesitancy
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  100. Saving my career. Eliminating my sex life.
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  102. Thoughts please
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  106. helps my ADD but makes me more mentally healthy than any SSRI ever could
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  121. 80 or two 40's?
  122. Good at 25, worse at 40
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  129. Strattera, side effects & anxiety
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  134. One Year Later
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  137. 200mg per day?
  138. Do you take Strattera at the same time everyday?
  139. Do you take Strattera around the same time everyday?
  140. How long to give strattera?
  141. Has this happened to you?
  142. help me straterra
  143. 2 doses. Do you take the higher one first?
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  151. Need your opinion, please
  152. Is it worth sticking it out?
  153. SIDE EFFECTS: Help for someone new to medication
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  172. Dry Mouth!!!
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  174. By far the worst day
  175. Finally got a hold of my dr.
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  181. Need some urgent advice!!
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  194. Please help
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  199. Just paid $414 for strattera.
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  201. Approval from insurance?
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  207. Calm but no focus
  208. How do you know
  209. After 5 months quit strattera, what now?
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  211. Giving up too soon?
  212. Strattera
  213. It suddenly stopped working
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  219. Edema
  220. Does the low mood side effect improve?
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  246. What to eat (when you take your medication)
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