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  1. Strattera
  2. Strattera- What is it?
  3. Not great results with Strattera
  4. Information on Strattera
  5. Strattera did not work for me
  6. Atomoxetine???
  7. Switching to Straterra
  8. Reservations about Straterra
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  10. Hooray!
  11. Atomoxetine Improves Adhd Symptoms In Adults
  12. men and women
  13. Hangover feeling?
  14. Strattera and a stimulant
  15. increased appetite on Strattera
  16. Alternatives to Stratera
  17. Strattera+Effexor
  18. Anybody wanting to share how Strattera is working?
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  20. Brain Storm: your impression of Stratteras' effect
  21. alternatives to adderal xr
  22. Adding Wellbutrin to Strattera
  23. Do Strattera side effects go away?
  24. Goodbye to Strattera - Experiences with Strattera
  25. Withdrawls from Strattera
  26. Can't sleep for more than 3 hours
  27. Straterra vs. Ritalin LS
  28. marijuana with Straterra
  29. Strattera / OTC Cold meds Interaction
  30. Question about BIG's Strattera Alert
  31. Adding an antidepressant to Strattera
  32. Side Effects?
  33. Side Effects:
  34. *New* Strattera Side Effects Poll
  35. Straterra side effects
  36. A positive experience
  37. When is the best time to take strattera?
  38. Trying Strattera
  39. changing to Strattera
  40. ADHD and the military
  41. Straterra nightmare.. Scared of Provigil..
  42. Med ?. I was recently placed on strattera
  43. Opening the capsule
  44. Does strattera wear off? Can you crash
  45. When does Strattera start working?
  46. Drug interaction with Strattera?
  47. Is this a side effect of strattera?
  48. Strattera and $$$$
  49. straterra male sexual side effects
  50. Has anyone noticed increased hyperactivity when starting?
  51. Strattera and work performance...
  52. adderal to stratterra
  53. strattera and high blood pressure?
  54. Should I Make an Attempt to Switch ALL My Patients to Strattera?
  55. Lethargy and Strattera - Several Questions
  56. Strattera: Any positive results?
  57. Strattera = ...goooood
  58. Strattera questions…It worked, now it doesn’t! What’s the deal?
  59. afraid of my doctor's next recommendations... help!
  60. "chosen" behavior problems vs. decreased effectiveness of Strattera??
  61. goodbye strattera
  62. Straterra Question
  63. Straterra & Insomnia
  64. changing from strattera to adderall xr
  65. switching from Adderall XR to Strattera
  66. atomoxetine HCI... stimulant or depressant?
  67. Strattera Side Effect
  68. New Here - An update on My Progress taking Strattera!!
  69. been on it for 10 days now..
  70. anyone like their strattera?
  71. Is This Normal?
  72. Just Started taking Strattera
  73. Strattera and side effects with exercise
  74. Just given Strattera to try
  75. Anyone else have emotional changes with Strattera?
  76. I only take 10 mg and have ?s
  77. Anyone take Strattera AND Concerta?
  78. I need advice
  79. Can you drink with straterra?
  80. Does Strattera make you Sleepy?
  81. Starting Strattera... Ok to start at 40mg??
  82. Has anyone gone to Stratera after Ritalin and Adderal?
  83. Strattera & Lexapro
  84. Poll: Strattera weeks to full effect
  85. Strattera Side Effects
  86. New to the forums, need a hand. - migraines while using Strattera
  87. Strattera/Concerta Update
  88. I almost forgot...Does anyone get annoyed with SLURRED SPEECH?
  89. When do you know it's too much Strattera?
  90. Update on a Start Over - Strattera & Side Effects
  91. lost my edge / humor with Strattera
  92. strattera mix
  93. Strattera and No Desire to Smoke
  94. Strattera
  95. 8 yr old and strattera
  96. Better or worse off using Strattera?
  97. Does the lack of appetite last forever?
  98. Strattera - moodiness - will it go away?
  99. Strattera Advice Needed
  100. Strattera & Wellbutrin?
  101. Difference b/w strattera and raboxetine
  102. Adolescent on Strattera - any advice?
  103. I am just starting to take Strattera....
  104. Day 6 and want to stop straterra!
  105. Is Strattera and Prozac a bad combination?
  106. Does strattera help anxiety as well?
  107. Answers for New People, on Strattera Side Effects
  108. Strattera is expensive. any cheaper alternatives?
  109. Strattera is scaring me
  110. What should I do if i get hives
  111. Strattera / Stimulant Comparison
  112. Strattera Side Effects of the Male anatomy and ADD
  113. Hair Loss
  114. 25mg to 60mg?
  115. Strattera feels like amphetamine to me
  116. Strattera And Trileptal Mix Ok?
  117. Strattera and Shortness of breath
  118. Son switched from Adderall to Straterra.. Mistake??
  119. Has Straterra REALLY worked out for anyone? Can you give feedback?
  120. Strattera give same results as Adderall?
  121. Stratera / Antihistamine effect
  122. aggressiveness and Strattera
  123. Strattera Not Working So Well Anymore....
  124. 3 + months on straterra
  125. stratera & symbyax for adhd and asperger
  126. Strattera or Concerta?
  127. new here some help with meds
  128. Son in Autistic spectrum and ADHD
  129. 5 Month Update for the curious
  130. straterra and adolescents????????
  131. picking at the nails!!??
  132. weight???
  133. how long does strattera take
  134. Daughters weird complaint
  135. 1st year med student about to start on strattera
  136. Strattera side effects and next steps...seeing doc today
  137. I got prescribed Strattera for anxiety
  138. Strattera at 2 1/2 mo.s
  139. Menstral Cycle
  140. Doubling My 8 Yr Olds Dose
  141. Who has been on Strattera for more than 6 months? And is it still working for you?
  142. Strattera and St. John's Wort?
  143. Extreme Moodiness/Anger/Hostility
  144. Strattera and Wellbutrin Combination--please Help!!
  145. Odd observation with Strattera
  146. does ANYONE like strattera and OTHER questions too.
  147. Anyone from 17-21 have it work for them?
  148. When do you take your Strattera?
  149. Super Dreams and Strattera
  150. strattera & provigil?
  151. 2 weeks later
  152. Stimulant Vs. Stimulant
  153. First day on Strattera
  154. whats you current dosage of Stratt.?
  155. New WARNING re: possible liver injury
  156. FDA's Talk Paper on New Strattera Labelling
  157. I went off the Straterra
  158. Problem Stopping Strattera
  159. Strattera: Does everyone hate it ?
  160. How do I tell if strattera is working?
  161. Just came back from the DR: Something interesting he said about Strattera
  162. What do you take with Strattera?
  163. straterra temp. drug??
  164. *My Strattera Journal*
  165. Strattera Convert
  166. Strattera/Medicine question...
  167. Strattera and sleeping
  168. Nausea
  169. Straterra turned me into the Hulk!!! (Doc switched me to Adderall today)
  170. Strattera questions and trial
  171. Saw Doctor Today For First Time
  172. strattera and prozac
  173. strattera sucks
  174. Strattera and Exercise ?????
  175. I need Strattera Advice?
  176. in the Double blind study for strattera
  177. Will you just know...
  178. straterra sexual side effects
  180. how much straterra do you take?
  181. Im Mad about side effects!!!! :(
  182. Im Scared to Take My Medicine!
  183. Thinking of changing
  184. Been off for a months and side effects still there
  185. Any alternetives to Strattera
  186. Research:Strattera Good For School Age Girls?
  187. How much does your insurance cover?
  188. Strattera - Experiencing Side Effects Right Now - Need Advice
  189. strattera
  190. Just started on Straterra
  191. New Here...
  192. how long till it works
  193. sweating! Help
  194. strattera and nausea
  195. New options open up
  196. Strattera
  197. What to do advice please
  198. Strattera Zombie
  199. Strattera AND a stimulant
  200. Ok, now Im scared.
  201. Strattera: Kind of working, any suggestions?
  202. Anyone Taking Strattera For Depression?
  203. 2nd day on Strattera - Need help
  204. I'm about done
  205. does this stuff work?
  206. My doc is a cheerleader for Strattera...
  207. Aggression on straterra
  208. 180 degree turn...
  209. Anxiety attacks after strattera!!!
  210. New to Strattera...
  211. Looking for some Advice about Strattera
  212. could use some input
  213. New on Straterra
  214. My Experiences with Strattera
  215. Is this for a kid of 11?
  216. Straterra Update!
  217. strattera:works for me
  218. A half dozen (or more) questions about Strattera
  219. Can I divide the capsules?
  220. right for me??
  221. makes a difference!
  222. Tingly scalp, goosebumps when hot
  223. Strattera & Hypoglycemia....
  224. Depressed, will this pass? What to do?
  225. Similar Experiences as Snowrider with Strattera
  226. My little Strattera Study...
  227. About to start Strattera, what should I expect?
  228. Take morning or night?
  229. Anyone take a stimulant and Strattera?
  230. over a year on strattera...
  231. Side effects starting after a year on Strattera
  232. Just started Strattera...
  233. Strattera and DUI (Blood Alcohol rating)
  234. Has Strattera cured your motion sickness?
  235. Too Drowsy -- Need help
  236. Took my first dose tonight
  237. Update on my son in Tn with bad reaction to strattera
  238. Strattera sounds horrible to me
  239. Strattera, ???
  240. goosebumps and auditory least i can get a refill?
  241. Should I talk to my doctor about trying Strattera in conjunction with Dexedrine?
  242. just started straterra
  243. Reducing Strattera Dosage
  244. Anyone else had the 2D6 metabolism test?
  245. straterra and effects
  246. does the extreme temper go away after awhile on strattera
  247. New to Straterra...what to expect?
  248. Straterra Wellbutrin Desipramine
  249. Severe Dizziness from Strattera?
  250. Is Strattera right for my son?