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  1. Description of S.I.D.
  2. AD/HD and Hypersensitivity
  3. Sensory overstimulation
  4. What is SID?
  5. Synesthesia
  6. ADHD and Hypersensitivity (for the 2nd time)
  7. OT for kids with sensory issues/stims
  8. Hyper-sensitivity and nerves
  9. at the Dentist...
  10. sensory?
  11. AH/HD and/or Sensory Integration Disorder
  12. Sensory overload and ear plugs
  13. Extremely sensitive senses
  14. Food texture hypersensitivity
  15. spatial dislocation of sound
  16. weighted blankets ?
  17. Sensory Issues and ADHD
  18. sensory overload
  19. People standing too close?
  20. Everything has to be balanced!!
  21. The feeling of clothes is irritating!!!
  22. Drives me nutz
  23. Rocking only to favourite songs
  24. smelly things
  25. fascination with material textures
  26. Sound: fans, vacumns, hair dryers
  27. stress levels and sensory issues
  28. AHDH & SID slideshow
  29. How would you know?
  30. weighted blankets where to buy and why???
  31. Does being tired make senory stimuli worse?
  32. The Out Of Sync Child Book
  33. Sensory Integration and Music
  34. Too Sensitive to Sleep with Someone Else
  35. a trip to the dentist...
  36. SID and Environment Changes.
  37. Helping Sensory Issues
  38. Hypersensitive to light ? Read this!
  39. Visual Perception, Motion
  40. Why do stimulants make us less sensitive?
  41. The Sound of Chewing!
  42. High Startle Reflex Anyone?
  43. Humming due to excess noise
  44. Super sniffer?
  45. Drug Sensitivity/Unusual Side Effects
  46. Occupational Therapy has helped
  47. HOw can this be?
  48. Do You Get The Giggles For No Obvious Reason?
  49. Ah, The holidays are here again.. and still make me want to scream.
  50. Large Loud Groups
  51. Water touching my scalp! Hate it!!
  52. ADD and tactile sensitivity
  53. I have sensory issues too...
  54. Sensory meds?
  55. Does this sound like sensory issues to you?
  56. Would like help with computer sound
  57. General Symptoms/websites?
  58. Hyper-sensitivity to light and noise?
  59. is this another sensory?
  60. when is it bad enough to get medical help?
  61. Can I just moan??
  62. hair cutting
  63. sensitive: skin under wrist and palm?
  64. ADHD and sensory issues
  65. Is Anyone Else......
  66. Are other ADDers “Funny about Food”
  67. Scary effects when trying to sleep
  68. Sound sensitivity syndrome
  69. Hugs
  70. Motion sickness
  71. Smells
  72. Synesthesia, anyone?
  73. Sounds and responses
  74. Hate lotions, soap or hands wet/slimy
  75. Auditory halucinations?
  76. Is anyone else bothered by Fireworks
  77. Something to block out the noise
  78. ADHD improves your sense of smell?
  79. It's to do with Sensory - help?
  80. Stimming...god it's annoying!!
  81. Ritalin could've permanently affected my sensory issues
  82. noise driving me crazy - what to do?
  83. Anyone else really, really into soft fabrics?
  84. perfume and cologne hypersensitive
  85. im just wondering here........(long)
  86. oh god... this floor protection mat...
  87. Can anyone else literally taste cheap silverwear?
  88. The Sound of Silence
  89. ADD and Synesthesia?
  90. waaaah! seed pods! (holes / trypophobia)
  91. New Here
  92. Foreign Substances
  93. I feel so liberated thanks to this forum
  94. I hyperfocus on background noise
  95. Ear Plugs
  96. My feet
  97. Why can't I enjoy music the way others seem to??
  98. Finally!!!!
  99. Compression and Deep Pressure
  100. Cacophony of noise
  101. Black clothes/dye smell
  102. Pain Threshold & ADHD/ADD
  103. Subluxation of the atlas and neck pain.
  104. Easily aroused
  105. I hate sandy textures
  106. Anyone else have this sensitivity?
  107. Adults with SPD/SID and ADD/ADHD
  108. Finally an organisation for SID/SPD in Australia!!!!
  109. My ADHD-ers LOVE these.
  110. Food Poisoning
  111. Sensory... What is it?
  112. Highly sensitive persons and positive/ negative ions.
  113. Eyesight and ADHD meds
  114. Touching/being touched. . .
  115. SID questions
  116. Dominant sense
  117. Do you like music on in the car?
  118. The sound of velcro
  119. Inattentive to visual stimuli Visual Perception deficits
  120. Extremely affected by television shows
  121. Loud neighbors (venting)
  122. is this a sensory
  123. Sensory Therapy.
  124. Peripheral vision
  125. The ACHOO syndrome
  126. Oxygen treatments
  127. Adhd? Sid? Both?
  128. Is anybody else really sensitive to the cold?
  129. Applying for work and the stress of Noise.
  130. Do you *have* to wear comfortable clothes like sweatpants?
  131. Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs)
  132. sensory and adhd
  133. noise aversion
  134. Sensitive to light...Really sensitive
  135. Mega Noise Sensitivity
  136. Crowds and Noise...Anyone else?
  137. Raging from loud noises or pitches
  138. Very strong sense of smell
  139. Synesthesia
  140. Emotional sensitivity
  141. Sensory and Medication
  142. Physical sensations in the back of my skull – related to ADD?
  143. Physical sensations in the back of my skull – related to ADD?
  144. Do big crowds and their noise bother you
  145. auditory processing disorder
  146. Lack of emotional sensitivity towards other people with ADHD
  147. APD: Is there an app for the iPhone like Fast For Word
  148. Have APD & a lot of difficulty socializing?
  149. Hearing things wrong/trouble making sense of things
  150. Anyone else hate other people's music?
  151. You and the weather -- tolerance of changes in temperature.
  152. Sensory issues in childhood
  153. Who else is thinking about shooting their TV the next time THAT JC Penney ad airs?
  154. does this sound strange?
  155. ADHD as an energy dysregulation disorder?
  156. auditory and touch
  157. Auditory Processing Disorder or ADD?
  158. APD / CAPD forums - anyone know of any good ones?
  159. Auditory/visual integration (while reading)?
  160. Strong sense of touch
  161. trouble with noise - only solution meds?
  162. ADHD and eating and texture
  163. Deja vu anyone have that?
  164. Over stimulation from environment... wow.
  165. 'Painful' and euphoric sounds
  166. Itchiness
  167. sensory seeking
  168. Euphoria at the weirdest times
  169. Sensory integration therapy -- anyone tried it?
  170. The sensory checklist
  171. Sensory overload - what to do?
  172. Video illustrating Sensory Overload
  173. Hearing loss or auditory processing problems?
  174. I Hate Colognes & Perfumes
  175. Distorted perception of pain.
  176. Auditory defensiveness when adderall wears off
  177. Fear of Flying
  178. Always Worried About Smells, How things Feel, Etc.
  179. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
  180. Sensory Issues
  181. Highly Sensitive People
  182. Crunching?
  183. Anyone have Synesthesia with their ADHD? Did your meds affect it
  184. Rare disorder has people convinced they smell bad
  185. Clothing? And other sensory issues.
  186. Related to Sensory Sensitivity?
  187. cleaning chemicals, aroma therapy, colonge?
  188. Anyone else affected by high pitch noises, extreme hearing?
  189. Well that's nice, scientists now believe SPD is a real thing
  190. Do you have to constantly re-tie your shoes?
  191. Merino Wool/base layers for uber-sensitive areas?
  192. Child Sensory Development
  193. Not sure what to make of this, a weird reaction to squeaking noises
  194. Help for teenager with sensory problems
  195. Sensory issues on meds for ADHD
  196. Are You More Or Less Sensitive On Stimulant Meds.???
  197. Are You More Or Less Sensitive On Stimulant Meds.???
  198. ADHD and Misophonia?
  199. im beginning to think....
  200. Music & Emotions
  201. Hypoactive sensory issues
  202. Kanye West says he has synesthesia
  203. 'residual stimuli'
  204. Euphoria after Migraines
  205. Peripheral vascular sensitivity/disease/neuropathy
  206. Study Show Links Between ADHD and Sound Sensitivity
  207. ADHD/HSP or both?
  208. Found wearing an earplug in just one ear helps me keep focused.
  209. Klutzes Unite!
  210. I hate hugs!
  211. Adult ADHD and Sensory Gating disorder
  212. impact of watching a movie
  213. What's the point of horror
  214. Thunder and lightning
  215. Vertigo - how to manage it?
  216. Buproprion and Dysphagia
  217. Issues with having any part of your head touched?
  218. Methylphenidate causing/contributing to PEt?
  219. Strong smell of hairspray
  220. My experience with oversensitivity to fabrics/materials, touch and restlessness
  221. posture/posing/pose/gait issues linked to ADHD?
  222. Towels
  223. Paper
  224. Dealing With Loss of Sexual Libido
  225. Treatment for SPD, ADD, or both?
  226. I flip out in certain situations. Not sure if it's a sensory overload or ODD?
  227. Dogs - sensory ambivalence toward
  228. Ideas for fixing sensory issues
  229. Problems with touching meat
  230. noises bother me
  231. Felt an itch, Eww, a tick!
  232. Overwhelmed by Music
  233. Hypersensitivity/Stimulus Overload
  234. ADHD and oral hypersensitivity
  235. I dont know how to handle my emotions
  236. Music Looping