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  5. I hate sleeping.
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  8. Nightmares
  9. does anyone still sleep walk?
  10. Valerian
  11. Magnesium Supplements
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  13. Gaba + 5htp
  14. first post
  15. I just can't figure this out!!! Awake at night.
  16. About to try trazadone
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  18. Restless Leg Syndrome
  19. Hyperfocus causing insomnia?
  20. Trouble Nightmares
  21. Difficulty waking up in the morning
  22. Almost losing my job.
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  25. Strange feeling upon closing eyes
  26. Anyone tried the "sleep cycle" app?
  27. Never remember any dreams...
  28. Anyone Have Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder?
  29. Can't sleep at night
  30. accepting your sleeping difficulties
  31. Can't sleep at night, can't wake up in the morning
  32. Nightmares linked with adhd? Anyone else get them Frequently
  33. When is a problem "a problem"?
  34. this is your brain without sleep
  35. Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome? I wish I never had to sleep!
  36. Sleeping Disorder, Any solutions?
  37. lunista
  38. Going to do my first sleep study soon!
  39. Erratic sleeping hours
  40. Finally, I found a cure for my insomnia
  41. Finally, I found a cure for my insomnia
  42. The day after a sleepless night
  43. The Goodnight Everybody Thread
  44. The Good Morning Everybody Thread
  45. Have any of you gone to a sleep clinic to get assessed for sleep disorders?
  46. Anyone else able to fall asleep but not stay asleep?
  47. Methods to stop thinking for sleep & Keeping awake
  48. Unrefreshing sleep, early waking insomnia, fatigue - a possible reason
  49. Moaning about insomnia
  50. Nightmares
  51. Caffeine gives me a better nights sleep?
  52. "ZZZ-Quil?"
  53. OSA, stimulants, ADHD, other random things you may be interested in.
  54. unscatered attention through tierdness ?
  55. New to Adderall/Previous sleep issues
  56. Long read--but in need of some insight (sleep issues--out of the norm)
  57. Adderall knocked me out like a sleeping pill. Anyone else have this happen?
  58. Transitioning to being nocturnal
  59. Insomnia / sleep deprivation, how is your sleep ?
  60. Can't seem to sleep after 5.30 anymore ever
  61. Stimulants and Sleep
  62. Does anyone else use a Zeo Sleep Manager?
  63. Sleep Deprivation, the cause and confusion of medication Toxicity and side effects?
  64. Remedy for insomnia and anxiety
  65. Sleep walking? At my age?
  66. Taking Ambien for sleep now (question)
  67. Breathing Exercise To Fall Asleep
  68. has anyone tried silenor (doxepin) for occasional insomnia?
  69. Can't ******* Sleep
  70. Nightmare Disorder & vivid dreams
  71. Tips on getting to sleep at night?
  72. Insomnia links
  73. sleep disorders
  74. weird sleep patterns!!!!
  75. Anybody else eternally sleepy or nocturnal?
  76. Help! Severe Insomnia! Starting to look like a zombie!
  77. My n=1: Stoppingantioxidantsinhopesofrestoringinsulinsensi tivityandstoppingsleepapnea
  78. Staying asleep in the morning
  79. I should be asleep, but, again...
  80. Strattera withdrawals, can't sleep help!
  81. I've tried it all & I'm still awake
  82. Can we be nocturnal?
  83. zzzzzzzzzzz
  84. how do you sleep?
  85. Attempting to reverse sleep apnea with diet and exercise.
  86. Sleep Hygiene for Those with AD(H)D- everyone's thoughts?
  87. had a sleep study done...
  88. Falling Asleep For Idiots (The Whatever Theory)
  89. Insomnia from over-active brain? (Not on meds)
  90. ADD + Insomnia = a connection ?
  91. Eyes feel like they're still "looking" even when closed?
  92. Idiopathic hypersomnolence
  93. Delayed Sleep Phase
  94. Sleep Procrastination
  95. Sleep Deprivation
  96. Having the Hardest Time Sleeping
  97. My sleep has never been so messed up. :(
  98. Sleep Disorder?
  99. I thought I'd found the perfect alarm clock alternative . . .
  100. Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder - ADHD Improvements
  101. Medical overreliance on pharmaceuticals for sleep management.
  102. Sleep Apnea and ADD
  103. waking in the middle of the night
  104. restless legs syndrome
  105. Help - having trouble getting to sleep
  106. Waking up from mysterious bed shake
  107. TRAZODONE for sleep
  108. How long do you sleep for?
  109. Long Sleepers
  110. I'm running a test about sleep.
  111. How does Adderall compare with Dexedrine in terms of its effects on getting to sleep?
  112. Should I just accept it?
  113. Waking in the middle of the night terrified
  114. Ritalin for a good night's sleep
  115. other than benzos or z drugs for sleep, a new drug class emerges
  116. Improving sleep
  117. Re: Sleeping/Insomnia Forum
  118. CPAP troubleshooting?
  119. Sleep reminders
  120. Tips for sleep
  121. Have question about sleep and medication
  122. Do you need help to get to sleep?
  123. Anyone else prescribed Seroquel as a sleep aid?
  124. Circadian issues?
  125. How to safe-use melatonin????
  126. How much do you sleep?
  127. sleep problems
  128. Just a reminder, creatine is psychoactive
  129. Are we just wired to have awful sleep?
  130. A long but very interesting hypothesis!
  131. Insomnia or Circadian Rhythm Disorder Not Sure
  132. Fear of sleeping alone
  133. What worked for me (sweets) to solve my insomnia and sleeping issues
  134. Which sleep medication works for you?
  135. Opinions on sleep study
  136. Cannot go back to sleep
  137. How do you fall asleep ?
  138. Okay Sweets (Sarah)!
  139. CPAP Diary