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  4. Concerta Approved in Canada
  5. News:Tent protester returns to front lawn of New Brunswick legislature
  6. news story on Victoria group
  7. husband w/ADD -- meds available in canada?
  8. Find Local ADD Groups in Canada
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  10. Roll Call - Canada Attention Deficit Disorder
  11. any Nova Scotians who find the narcotic control thing annoying as hell?
  12. Canada’s 1st Annual AD/HD Community Conference
  13. Edronax (reboxetine)?
  14. Canadian Psychiatrists should be educated on ADD/ADHD
  15. Knowledgeable help?!?
  16. Let's Get More Canadians On Here!
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  18. Anyone On Adderall Yet?
  19. Any suggestions on how to talk to my doctor about ADD Meds?
  20. Centre Famille et Ressources ADD
  21. Hello all. I'm Pat from Montréal Québec.
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  25. psyciatrists in central ontario
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  27. Should we have children????
  28. Another Canada AD/HD Conference???
  29. Hello from Ontario
  30. Guide to Drug Coverage in Ontario and other Provinces
  31. fellow albertians!
  32. Fiance newly diagnosed w/ADD. He's 43. Need info.
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  34. Hope in sight for thousands of Canadians suffering from the ...
  35. No therapists for adults with ADD in Ontario
  36. Straterra Approved in Canada!
  37. new ADDer
  38. No talk about Adderall's demise?
  39. ADHD Conference in Ottawa - April 2, 2005
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  41. Cetificate in ADHD Studies in Vancouver
  42. Vancouver ADHD Conference June 19-20
  43. Adderall XR for Canadians
  44. New Canadian National ADD Advocacy Group CADDAC The Centre for ADD Advocacy, Canada
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  46. List of 35 Canadian ADHD Support Groups Listings by Province
  47. Roll Call - B.C. Attention Deficit Disorder
  48. 1st Annual Canadian ADHD Picnic
  49. Adderall XR Reinstated in Canada
  50. Alberta ADD specialists ?
  51. Fellow Canadians, please read my post in the other forum.
  52. Hey , From Richmond HERE
  53. New here: please help me
  54. Adult ADHD Specialists in Ontario
  55. Talk: CAMH (Toronto) ADHD Expert (Jan 28/06)
  56. Is there someone I can see?
  57. Therapists in Vancouver
  58. CADDRA (Canadian ADHD Resources Alliance) Guidelines posted
  59. In Canada---where to go?
  60. Hard line to save son
  61. Life story
  62. Where did the ONTARIO FORUM go?
  63. Hi! I am new from Ontario
  64. New Here!
  65. No therapists in Toronto for Adult ADD
  66. Thinking about Relocating to Canada in 3 years..
  67. Anything else I can do?
  68. Toronto Adult ADHD Group Meeting [CAMH site]
  69. new here (vancouver)
  70. Found an active Toronto Support Group!
  71. Toronto Adult ADHD Meeting [CAMH site/College Street]
  72. Introducing Myself -- Chris from Vancouver
  73. Looking for ADD coaches in the Toronto area
  74. For Canucks only or those that know some. Tell the Federal Govt What to Do About ADHD
  75. Odsp
  76. Introducing myself... from Victoria, BC
  77. Paying testing, no OSAP - what are my options?
  78. New ADDer from Halifax
  79. Manitoba ADDults - $$$ diagnosis, and then more $$$ ?
  80. Jason - Victoria, BC
  81. Specialist in Victoria, BC?
  82. has anyone went off meds and tried alternative...
  83. Anyone know what happened to
  84. ADD & Human Rights Commissions -Canadian Perspective?
  85. I have just been diagnosed with ADHD
  86. which meds......
  87. Anyone in GTA get selegiline perscribed to them?
  88. Just a ^%*(&^$* simple question! What meds available in Canada?
  89. Doctor in Edmonton
  90. Ottawa recommendation
  91. New Girl in Greenwood BC
  92. Desperately Calling Montrealers
  93. Psychologist/Psychiatric referral.
  94. Surrey Psychiatrist?
  95. In urgent need of treating doc. Barrie, ON
  96. Helping my brother in Kitchener, Ontario
  97. Coaches????
  98. Fair Drug Prices in Ontario
  99. Treating ADHD a different way - Metamorphosis clinic (Toronto)
  100. Anyone from Montreal??
  101. Surrey, BC?
  102. Advice on Dr. or facilities in Edmonton,AB ?
  103. Weird prescription question
  104. Provincial drug insurance/financial assistance?
  105. OK Canadians, anyones drug plan cover 100 days?
  106. Ontario psyc that prescribes Adderall after diagnosis?
  107. The Brain that Changes Itself
  108. Asked for ID at the pharmacy
  109. Family Doctor and/or groups in Calgary?
  110. British Columbians: do you know about Plan G?
  111. School specializing in ADHD West of Toronto
  112. Anyone know how to access school records or medical records?
  113. Free 11th Annual LD & ADHD Resource Fair
  114. Adult Asperger's Syndrome Diagnosis in Toronto
  115. Therapist/psychologist in Vancouver
  116. Contact information for assessments in Ontario
  117. Adult ADHD specialists and coaches in Ottawa
  118. Where can I get a SPECT scan in Canada?
  119. Psychiatrists in Toronto, Thunder Bay or Winnipeg
  120. Financial mess and overwhelmed
  121. Vancouver & Surrounding BC area Psychiatrist/Psychologists/GPs
  122. Vancouver Canada Doctor recommendations?
  123. Adult ADHD Support Group - Hamilton, Ontario
  124. Are their any dr's/specialists in victoria bc?
  125. ADHD/ADD Specialist in Ontario
  126. Vancouver, B.C., Canada - Doctors? (Or other)