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  43. Heeeeeeellllllllllllloooooooo
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  47. BBC filming London AD(H)D social group tonight
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  66. ritalin for adults in the uk?
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  69. UK doctors cynical of ADD?
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  72. Employer will pay for a private doctor! Please help us find a psychiatrist!
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  85. refused funding for maudsley
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  90. Speaker coming to this month's Bristol Adult Support Group
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  92. on adderall? live in london?
  93. UK Adhd medication - What's on offer?
  94. New here Suspected ADHD
  95. re using the chat room
  96. Finally I find the uk forums!!!! I must be stupid!!!
  97. looking for a GP, with an interest in ADHD in somerset
  98. New and could really use some help
  99. My Situation with Doctors, treatment etc.
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  102. getting diagnosed private then going NHS?
  103. adult ADD specialists in kent?
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  105. Hi im new here
  106. How to get the best out of contacting my MP
  107. Hello from Yorkshire, Im New here and living in Chaos any Advice would be appreciated
  108. Greatly Appreciate any help (UK)
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  110. idea for problems with unhepfull health records
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  112. New here.
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  118. Response from letter to parliament
  119. Please Anyone from Norfolk??? I'm alone!!!
  120. Anyone on Strattera (amoxotine?)
  121. Private Help for Child with ADD or ADHD in Cumbria
  122. Best ADD psychologist in London
  123. Just saying hi.
  124. Drugs or ADD Coach
  125. Journal request to educate my Psych please
  126. Me again, Adderall question this time
  127. new N.I.C.E guidelines realised today 24/09/08
  128. Getting a 11yr old a private diagnosis of ADHD in the North of England
  129. Hello
  130. sari solden ADHD EXPERT LONDON TALK OCT 11TH 2008
  131. Central London Support group - Tues 7th October
  132. Specialists In Adult ADHD in or near London
  133. Preparation for seeing doctor...anxious
  134. Mental Health assessment
  135. 60 (2a+2c) Eurodisney daytrip (travel and entry included)
  136. Any students from Sussex - UK
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  138. Going to see shrink again need advice
  139. Any UNI students waiting for/already have a diagnosis?
  140. Rant thread- please put anything that really annoyed you about your psychiatrist
  141. Diagnosis at the Priory in Altrincham?
  142. Not been on for a while!
  143. Diagnosis #2
  144. How To Get Diagnosed - The planetdave Story.
  145. Already diagnosed, meds now?
  146. Your Local Psychiatrist - Handle With Care.
  147. Anyone done the 3day CBT at Maudsley?
  148. Looking for some advice
  149. Gina Pera in London
  150. Cost of going private (diagnosis + meds)
  151. Moving from US, 10 y/o w/ ADHD
  152. Moving to the UK
  153. My story
  154. Does Bupa cover ADHD treatment?
  155. Undiagnosed and cant sleep!!
  156. hi does anybody know aboutcitalopram?
  157. ?????????
  158. Adult ADHD private treatment in London
  159. Diagnosed but no treatment....looking for advice
  160. How do I get diagnosed
  161. Frustrated!
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  163. Short UK Youtube documentary - adult ADHD
  164. Clinical Psychologist appointment tomorrow
  165. Anyone from England? Need advice on getting diagnosed.
  166. Finally managed to get a referral!
  167. A form of Government Response;
  168. Wanting to Go Private in London. Need Advice and Feedback about Diagnosis
  169. Adult ADD specialist in the North West?
  170. Got an Adderall Rx from NHS GP
  171. I have my ADHD assessment on 16th May. Tips/advice?
  172. Found a Good resource in Dover DE for low income/ uninsured people
  173. Found a Good resource in Dover DE for low income/ uninsured people
  174. licensing of medication for adults in the UK
  175. Adult ADHD in the UK
  176. Scotland! :-)
  177. If you're in the UK can you please give me some advice?
  178. Re: Adult adhd in northern ireland
  179. SLAM services
  180. you can get pharmaceutical herion on the NHS but not adderall?
  181. Price of Adderall Xr in the UK
  182. Non NHS psychologist/psychiatrist
  183. Anyone in the UK, over 21
  184. Anyone from uk with add/adhd
  185. how to get vyvanse in the uk
  186. wht was your ADHD diagnosis like in uk or scotland
  187. How long was the waiting list? (London esp.)
  188. Moving to UK- already diagnosed in Australia
  189. Do ADHD meds exist in England?
  190. Anyone in Scotland?
  191. About Diagnosis in the UK and the evil GPs that try to get in the way..
  192. UK Adult ADHD Lectures - RCofPsychiatrists
  193. UK: Private psychiatrist for Adult ADD - Any suggestions?
  194. Can anyone in the UK recommend somewhere I can get an assessment ?
  195. Risperidone: Need a good consultant in Medway/Kent/London area. Help!
  196. Help! any good experiences of paeds?
  197. How to approach GP?
  198. European Adhd 'White Paper' - April 2013
  199. Adderall vs. Dexedrine
  200. BMC - Occupational issues of adult with ADHD
  201. New and need advice
  202. SPECT Brain imaging in the UK?
  203. Adult AD(H)D psychiatrists in UK
  204. Guanfacine on private script anyone?
  205. Forthcoming adhd storyline in 'Coronation Street'
  206. Please Help - Adderall - Concerta - ASLEEP
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  208. Need competent ADHD clinician in London
  209. Dr Paul Bain
  210. ADHD Assessment Scotland - where?
  211. USA -> LONDON ... how to get Dexedrine prescription?
  212. Does anyone in the UK meet in person?
  213. Private Assessment in Manchester?
  214. Adhd assessment in Cornwall
  215. ADHD Centre in London
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