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  2. Australian Study questions ADHD diagnoses
  3. Special ADHD Seminars Brisbane - 5 April 2003 / Auckland - 7 June 2003
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  13. Brisbane Adult ADHD Support Group.
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  23. Hi! I'm Clue-less!
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  25. ADHD Seminar at Burwood, Sydney NSW
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  29. Footy!!!
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  31. Why the Public has such a distorted view of us?
  32. Is ADHD considered a disability in AUS?
  33. Husband Completely Shut Down Emotionally
  34. Advice on traveling to OZ-Excited American!
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  42. Sydney Shrinks?
  43. So, what's it called?
  44. Vent: waiting lists, meds, Dr Git.
  45. Saw a guy from my uni (Sunny Coast) on here, PM if you want some advice
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  47. Awfully quiet in here....!
  48. Sooo... who's hot (and who's not) in Brisbane?
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  56. So I think I have ADD...
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  62. Lads wa
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  65. Did you watch the 7pm Project?
  66. Nicknames for States
  67. Help in educating professionals in Australia re ADHD
  68. How many physc sessions did it take for you to diagnosed for adult ADHD in Aus (NSW)?
  69. Help! Don't know where to start!
  70. Need Help From Someone Who Knows Qld Mental Health System
  71. time to try something other than dex?
  72. Please Read Me
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  75. I'm desperate for some help!!
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  78. GPs who diagnose and treat in WEStern Australia. can they, will they
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  80. Aussies - what state are you in
  81. Are you forced to look for alternatives?
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  84. Open-minded Practitioner in Perth
  85. more help for longer petition
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  87. Authority to prescribe meds?
  88. Getting the medication in Australia makes me feel I am a criminal
  89. Are there many Aussies here?
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  92. Question for people in Australia who are on Dexamphetamine.
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  107. Did you watch Africa?
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