View Full Version : just a little poem I wrote(Jellyfish Mind)

04-04-11, 04:10 AM
Electric nerves volting aimlessly through my jellyfish mind...
like caffienated snails on an unknown mission;
Raw anguish suffocating my languid stride...
waiting for the alien lifeforce
that taunts my heart,
to pierce its wretched hand
through my milky flesh,
exposing my thirsty scars...
infectiously seeping
sulpheric lies
into anemic veins...


04-04-11, 04:38 AM
(Here is a couple more, Tanka' haikus)

Stepping outside...
Eerie Atmosphere, muted.
The elastic breeze
(tightens around my waist)
Uncoils me in a twirl...
reels me back in close;


Siberian hours
stand in stoic obedience;
Domino soldiers
collapse in combat;
stoney faced smurks crumble...
Barney Rubble Momentum

04-04-11, 05:36 PM
...been in the ring for years it seems;
My heavy weight, prize fighting heart!
I came out strong, fists a blaz'n,
prepared for the battle...or so I thought.
I seem to have lost my footing;
the ground beneath...unsteady.
Backed up against the ropes,
bloody tired and gasping for air.
Just one breath, one word
of encouragment and a kick in the a*#...
Just knock me out already.