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04-07-11, 04:43 PM
Please forgive me if this is long--but I want to include all the info. My son, who is 18 and has ADHD, has been taking Metadate CD since he was around 12. He went through the usual trials and errors of tons of different meds with his pediatrician. None worked well for various reasons, some caused tics, some left him zombie-ish, some had no effect, etc. The ped worked w/me for several years to come up with the med and dose he is taking. He takes 60 mg. in the morning (less mgs. don't have any effect at all--we started w/10 mg. and went up by 10 mg. per week). HOWEVER, it wears off in about 6 hours, and so he takes another 60 mg. He only loses his appetite within the first 4 hours of each dose, then eats normally (actually, eats like a pig--haha), has low blood pressure, can sleep at night w/no problems. His ped said he knew of one other child who had to take such large doses and not to worry.

Even though he has been on this dose for several years w/no side effects, I'm worried about the large dose. Everything I read says the maximum dose is 60 mg. per day. But, if that only lasts 6 hours--what else can he do if he has an extended studying night? He has tried taking 30 mg. for his second dose, and it doesn't work at all if he has many hours of studying.

Has anyone ever heard of someone taking such a large dose? I'd appreciate ANY comments. Thanks in advance. :D

12-05-12, 10:50 PM
When I was 18 I was on Concerta, and when that wore off I had a shorter acting Ritalin to take.