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04-08-11, 02:30 AM
Hello every one. I have a problem friends. When i want to sleep, i can't do it.I change my sides all the night but i have no sleep. Why? What should i do . Can i should use sleeping pills? Is it bad for health or no any side effects. Please tell me friends. Thanks

04-08-11, 04:10 AM
Me too.
My doctor said its not healthy to get into a habit of relying on a pill every night to get sleep . I asked why? I rely on a pill every day in order to maintain alertness.

And a night with out sleep does more harm to me than a day with out adderall. .....So I am totally ok with relying on a pill to get a sound nights sleep .....every night............for the rest of my life

. But she said "no, its habit forming"

Hello! sleep tends to be habit forming! I thought it might be a good one.

anyway, what time is it? 1am....this is healthy

04-08-11, 04:27 AM
Sleeping pills are not a great option because they work fantastic.....but only for a couple of nights. They're highly addictive too.
Sleep programs are helpful, there's heaps on the net. Main tips are things like dont do anything too stimulating before bed (like tv), try reading a book.
Dont stay in bed for longer than about 20 mins if you're struggling, get up, do something for a little bit, then go back and try again. You want your brain to connect bed with sleep...not ruminating or anything else.
Try warm milk and a banana before bed, helps with the sleep hormones.
There's also options like melatonin that you can get over the counter - if they work for you.
Good luck :-)