View Full Version : Abilify or Geodon for Delusional Thoughts?

04-09-11, 06:09 PM
I have had to take Abilify to stop delusional thoughts. It is a long story that started with Vyvanse a year ago... The Abilify works, I can function but there are side effects that are beginning to bother me.

I have gained a lot of weight (2 pant sizes) and I have NO energy. When I spoke to my Dr. she said that I need to decide if the side effects are worth the benefits of Abilify.

The other alternative is trying Geodon. But there is the risk that it may start delusions.

I am afraid to go back, but the weight and loss of energy is taking it's toll.

Would appreciate any insights.

04-09-11, 07:22 PM
I take Abilify 30mgs. daily & have been on it about 4yrs.I too have gained weight while on it but to me, it's worth the weight gain.I am hoping to lose some of the weight I've gained by exercising more now that winter is over.I have spent 20yrs. trying different meds. & the Abilify has turned my life around.I am just watching my diet & hope I can lose a few pounds by exercising.Good luck.