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04-10-11, 05:26 AM
Hi there!

Just wanted to report that I successfully got an Adderall prescription from my NHS GP. He said it *is* covered by the NHS; however, he thought I'd have a hard time filling it.

Can anyone suggest where I might be able to fill it? I'm in London, though I reckon an on-line chemist might be easier. Any ideas?

...since this is only my second post, I'll give you a little background on myself. (because I'd never believe such a contradictory piece of information from someone new to a board... :rolleyes:)

I moved to the UK from the US a few months ago. I've been taking Adderall for a while -- which has been *really* helpful -- and obviously wanted to continue taking it here. So, when I registered with my GP, I asked him about it, expecting to be recommended an alternative. He looked it up, and -- surprisingly -- it was actually in the NHS database.

So, just wanted to contribute that piece of info...

(and if anyone knows where I can get this Rx filled, do tell! :-) )



Spikey 723
04-10-11, 11:20 AM
Welcome, both to the UK and to this forum!

I can't help with your question, I'm in the North and on ritalin!

Hope someone can answer though.

05-22-11, 10:35 AM
Wow, to get NHS GP to prescribe adderall is a miracle. If you don't mind, can you tell me if which area of London are you?

12-26-11, 01:33 PM
Hi all, does anyone know from where in england can i get a prescription for adderall xr (issued to me by a UK psychiatrist) filled? thanks

04-26-12, 06:25 AM
a pharmacist has to fax a photocopy of the original prescription to BR Pharma International on (UK Only) (Tel020 8238 6770) BR Pharma &
and ADDerall can be sent by special next day delivery.

it is a miracle that you got adderall on NHS prescription, privately it cost s. how did you do it??? under what circumstances??


04-29-12, 12:15 AM
Some pharmacies will order special medications if you have a membership or something with them all you have to do is go to them a couple days before hand and they'll have it in time of your filling.

02-22-13, 06:44 PM
I think OP only got under the
"Yes this was my medication in US, and I need to continue it"

(Yeah, I didnt explain that well, lol)

Anna, this is the first I've ever heard any one in the UK be written a script for Adderal, especially by a GP'!!!!!

Dont think British Medical Society/ Royal College of Psychiatrists are gonna be too pleased that you've just told the UK that Adderal is on the System and can be writ a script by a GP!!! Regardless of the/your surrounding circumstance xD lol

If you ask around you might find a chemist willing to order for you (Dont quote me :P just another idea for consideration).

I wouldnt be suprised if this becomes a one off, and in future you'd prob/might be offered a script for Dexamfetamine instead.

I wish you luck though in getting it filled out, it really isnt easy to get AMP/DEX (only Dexamfetamine is the "etamine" in the UK used for ADHD... but the thing is, it's only licensed for kids/adolescents, and any one who has wanting to try DEX as treatment... very very extremely few docs with prescribe to Adults with ADHD, think also might have to get that script (if things turn out like that) from a Psychistrist...

Not sure of the exact protocol, but theres something called "Shared Care" (or something, lol) for that kind of medication/mental health stuff, and Psych might have to "team up" with a GP to prescribe etc. Might be able to give the GP the ok to prescribe, but the GP would have to make/be in/sign an agreement accepting that responsibility...

(Which my Psych tells me almost no Doc would be overwhelmed at the prospect! My Psych is hugely inexperienced though with ADHD and Stimulants, well DEX for ADHD at the least, so take this as more of a "heads up" to possible issues you might face in the near future with getting medication - Go read!!!! :D xD)

Belated Welcome to the UK btw :)

05-23-14, 04:57 PM
Hmmm, I’m very sceptical about the original post.

But Ashdons Hospital pharmacy in Brighton will fill and deliver an Adderall script at the best price I found.