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04-10-11, 06:46 PM
I keep hearing that Clonidine is widely prescribed with Adderall because it lowers blood pressure and allows a patient on Adderall to sleep. Apparently it also prevents a person from becoming tolerant to Adderall. Would anyone like to share their experiences with this medication? I currently take Adderall 15 mg IR broken into 2 7.5 mg doses but only every other day to prevent tolerance? With Clonidine would I be able to take Adderall daily?

04-12-11, 09:36 AM
This is a question to discuss with your prescribing physician, but here's what I know (or think I know!):

I haven't heard that clonidine will prevent tolerance to stimulants. Clonidine may counter some of the side effects of stimulants, though. I have been told that the way to deal with tolerance from stimulants, if it develops, is to stop taking the stimulant for a while, or to switch to a different stimulant.

My doctor has suggested taking 2 days off the stimulant in a row (per week) before starting up again. While this does seem to restore the stimulant's efficacy, it is rather disruptive to my life, and also some of the side effects return after a break. But it's better than the meds being totally ineffective, I guess.

Clonidine does lower blood pressure, so if high blood pressure is a concern for you (in general or while on stimulants), it might help counter that problem.

Clonidine also has a sedating effect in many people, so it does help some people with ADHD sleep at night. This effect may be short-lived, or it may last a while. Of course, the flip side is that it can also make people sleepy during the day.

Clonidine is also reported to be beneficial in reducing tics in people with Tourette's or other tic disorders.

It also seems to be particularly helpful in cases of ADHD accompanied by aggressive tendencies and severe impulsivity and hyperactivity. It may help with inattentive symptoms some, but reportedly not as much as with hyperactivity and impulsivity.

I have been taking clonidine for about a week now, in addition to methylphenidate (Concerta/Ritalin). This is a similar clonidine + stimulant combination to clonidine + Adderall.

Thus far I haven't noticed any big changes or any major side effects. I have to stand up slowly if I've been bending down in the garden to avoid feeling light-headed (probably related to the lower blood pressure).

I think I may feel a bit more "mellow", in a good way. A little less wiggly in the legs, a little less on "overdrive" all the time. I have been in bed earlier than usual (which is good; usual is between 1-5AM), though I'm not sure I've slept any better. But it's pretty early to tell. I've also been away from work for a few days, which could account for some of the mellowness!

Good luck finding meds that work for you.

11-17-11, 05:17 PM
My DS takes Adderall XR in the morning with a low dose of Kapvay, which helps him be more focused in the afternoon (thank God). He takes a small dose Clonopine itself to help him sleep at night, which usually works like a charm. He rests well and wakes up full of vim and vigor!