View Full Version : Clonidine dosages

04-12-11, 04:36 PM

My daughter is taking 36 mg Concerta to manage her ADHD, and .25 mg clonidine with 5 mg melatonin to help her sleep. It's not working that well. She's 8 years old and about 55 pounds; if we follow the recommended dosage of clonidine, she bounces out of bed every couple of hours. If we increase the dosage, she sleeps fine. The situation is complicated by the fact that she's often awake when the Concerta wears off, and her appetite comes rushing back. So she has to have a snack, which means a later bedtime. It also seems to take a couple of hours for the meds to take effect.

Clonidine dosages are established by body weight, which means she gets half a tablet of the smallest dose of clonidine available. The lack of sleep is causing problems at school. Weekends are difficult too, as she often sleeps later than normal. I don't want to consistently overdose her to get her to sleep. We'll be meeting with the psychiatrist soon to evaluate her progress, but she may be unwilling to increase the dosage based on her weight.

Has anyone else dealt with this?