View Full Version : My short lived Wellbutrin (Budeprion SR - Teva Brand) Experience

04-15-11, 11:47 AM
Soooooo, First three to four days were promising. I felt a bit more energy, nothing dramatic, just a bit more pep. I felt a little bit more motivated, probably attributed to the slight increase in energy. I also experienced some positive side effects i.e.: Increased libido, slight increase in mental clarity, and increase in metabolism. I truly thought that this could be the answer to my prayers, the Wonder Drug for me, a treatment for my ADHD which has plagued me most of my life plus the added benefits. Well, those hopes and dreams soon were shattered when around a week after I began taking it I began experiencing the negative side effects i.e.; Extreme pressure in face, jaw clenching, anxiety, extreme muscle aches, chest pain, runny nose, cloudy thoughts and then some. I tried to push through to see if the side effects would subside, to no avail. I had to give up on my wonder drug. Finally after about 2 weeks, the pressure became unbearable as well as the muscle aches and anxiety.
So, it's back to the start line for me. It’s unfortunate because I really thought for once I was on the right track.<O:p