View Full Version : I have my ADHD assessment on 16th May. Tips/advice?

04-15-11, 05:56 PM
I was referred to the Maudsley in September and did the questionnaires, as did my mum and brother. I received a letter asking me to book an appointment which I did today, and it is on Monday 16th May, which is much sooner than I imagined :)

I was wondering who else here has been diagnosed with the Maudsley, what their experience was like etc, and any advice? Should I take anything with me? What sort of things do they ask/need to know? I know it may sound a silly question but I know from past experiences it's best to be prepared! :p

I was planning on writing things down and taking them as I often find this easier than talking. My mum may come with me which I guess would help when they ask about my childhood, but what about old school reports etc. I have quite a few from secondary school but not many from primary school, as in I don't know where they are :o I'm worried they will want a lot of info from childhood to back up the questionnaires, so what happens if I have nothing to show?

Other than that I am relieved I have got an assessment, excited and nervous!

06-05-11, 04:21 AM
I was specifically asking several specialists by email about the necessity of having childhood reports and so on. They answered that it's not necessary. I don't have absolutely ANY reports or ANY medical records and I didn't take them from my country, because I think they are old, mostly about urine tests and such. I wasn't seeing a doctor for like 5 years anyway and they are in other language so they need to be translated. I decided I will do without it. And I'm hoping it will be OK. Waiting for some answers from a psych here in London and hoping to see him soon.

I was thinking about my life a lot so I guess I could provide information about my childhood myself. Also thinking of writing some things down. Maybe I'll use the post called "ADD effect" that's in my blog (link below) for explaining the symptoms I have.