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04-16-11, 04:46 AM

Im 21, and live in belgium, so if you write something please do in simple english :)

For as far as i can remember i postponed almost everything i had to do. I always get in trouble because even if i know i have to do something, i don't find the motivation, cause i actually don't give a crap.
Because i've had troubles for a long time (i never finnish anything, i have a drugproblem(weed), i can't control my thoughts, it's hard for me to look forward in time, i have anxiety and emotional problems) i've been to a psych. and he said it could be that i have concentration problems (ADD?) but i can also have these problems because of my drug abuse. Can someone identify him/herself with me? the thing is, their are a lot of things that a person with add could have or not have, but are their like symptoms that every add-er has? I want to get tested but my psych says i have to stop blowing first, and im kinda afraid about testing me.
That's because my parents are shure im just this lazy kinda low-life who doesn't know about the world around him and i can't say that they are wrong.

Before i get tested i wanna make shure that their is a chance i got add.
My parents think that i hide myself behind my ''symptoms'' just to explain to myself what's wrong in stead of just doing something about it.

the thing is i don't have problems with writing or numbers and i tought that was something almost every adder has.

Right now i have to study, and that's why i've been home for several days, but i haven't done crap. I don't know how to start, and if i start my mind is always somewhere else. (im going to watch this, im going to smake a sig., **** why doesn't my girlfriend call, etc.)

Please someone respond, because i don't know what to do anymore, i can't gat a grip.


04-16-11, 05:01 AM
No one can diagnose you but a doctor. But yes, it sounds like there is a strong chance you have ADHD. Look up the meaning of "executive functions" in the brain to learn more about what the disorder really means. Not all adhd-ers have problems with writing or numbers.

Others can speak to marijuana use--it seems like many adhd-ers turn to that to self-medicate. But most here seem to say it hurts rather than helps.

You did the right thing in looking for support. Do get to a doctor as soon as you can. There are good lists of resources and websites here, so if your parents read/speak English and are willing to reconsider their less-than-helpful beliefs we can help get them things that will allow them to better understand the disorder.

04-16-11, 05:08 AM
thx i really appriciate you responding, and so fast.
I shure will look up the meaning of executive functions.
My dad is not open for anything, to him it's all u bunch of crap and their's nothing wrong with me, my mom is open for ideas tough, so i'll try to get her to read some things.
Thx again

04-16-11, 05:17 AM
Glad to help!

Here is a good list of helpful links that ginniebean posted:

04-19-11, 04:35 AM
I called my therapist today, and he'll make me an appointment for concentration tests. On the one hand i hope i have add, it would make it easier to deal with if i know what i have. On the other hand, i'm really scrared, because if i don't have a add, i don't know what the hell to do anymore.
i quited smoking weed, for those test. So either way, i took one step in a good direction. :)

04-19-11, 06:34 AM
The psychologist will certainly be looking at other possibilities besides ADHD. It is always a good thing to come well-prepared to the appointment with him.

It will pay off to have a good picture of all the symptoms you do and also those you do not have.

04-19-11, 03:18 PM
Awesome for quitting weed!
Weed will make ADHD worse (from my own experience).

04-23-11, 09:27 AM
last week i did what i had to do. I didn't smoke weed, i made an appointment for the concentrationtests, i tried to study (didn't go very well but hey i try) and hey i felt good 4 a few days. This week i got serious **** with my girlfriend, because she doesn't understand when i'm down she can't get me back up + she doesn't have the energy to deal with me anymore. i can't control my anger nor my energy, i smoked till i couldn't see straoight anymore, the people who were going to do the tests never called me back ( they assured me they would call this week).I told my dad after a whole day sitting at my desk doing anything but study, that i was sick of it and he told me that or my grades are good after this semester or i can start living on the streets. Damn; The thing is i can't stop asking myself, how other people deal with their ****, cause i shure as hell can't deal with it anymore. My head is going nuts, and my belly is twisting and hurting from all this ****. i'm home alone and I feel i'm going to burst again.
I could really use a j. now (lucky i didn't buy any since last week)
sorry for all the complaining but it makes me a bit calmer to focus on writing something.

04-23-11, 10:11 AM
i have a little advice that might help with studying.

take one subject and break up what you have to do into small pieces like say take 5pages of reading put everything else away read those 5 pages dont worry how long it takes. when you finish put it away and do the next 5 pages or whatever. or even switch subjects go piece by piece. if you cant break it down yourself maybe you can ask someone to help you with that. i know i have a hard time doing it for myself

my other methods slightly crazy, get everything you have to do open up all the books/notes/materials you need all around your room find a place to start read a page or take some notes on one thing and when you lose focus on it go to something else. this method may have your head spinning and may confuse you and is probably not a good way to learn anything. i dont really recommend this method but anythings worth a try right?

good luck :)

04-24-11, 11:28 PM
[B]the thing is i don't have problems with writing or numbers and i tought that was something almost every adder has.

That is completely un-related. Altho most people with ADD/ADHD have coexisting conditions like learning disabilities, social disabilities, etc.

If you read my sig you will see everything I'm diagnosed with. I had some new tests done in early mid 2010 and those are the results.

Hope this helped and welcome to the forum.