View Full Version : My Newest Endeavor

04-16-11, 11:18 AM
Cute little girl hair accessories and tutus :) Please take a look! (

04-18-11, 04:58 AM
How cute .looks great site,pity my daughters now 10 and going thro the tom boy stage!,anyway good luck with it

04-18-11, 08:58 AM
Very cute! I'm always amazed that some children will wear things on their heads. My daughter would let me put barettes in her hair, but it was so fine that they wouldn't stay in. Her daughter would not wear the little knit cap that they put on her at the hospital. She would squirm until it came off and then she was happy. I hate having hats or headbands on my head, always have, even when I really wanted to look like the other girls.