View Full Version : non sedating meds that help negative feedback loop

04-18-11, 03:08 PM
I feel alot of the negative feedback loop is probably due to adhd but anyways anybody out there have things to say about somehthing like cymbalta or pristiq and how they differ. I had some success on these meds for my anxiety or these looping thoughts but after time I just got lazy. Cymbalta worked pretty great for these symptoms but after like 3 weeks I was just lazy and stuck in the mud. Any opinions on this ? I was thinking maybe pristiq had or has less sedation rates. Ssri's are no good for me, I tried all of them and the shoe never fit quite right. Briefly I felt pretty level on cymbalta and then boom .....tired as ***! Is pristiq any different?

08-16-11, 10:32 AM
Dude I'm pretty much on the same page as you, as you can tell from my PM. It seems like a hopeless situation when we can only cure depression/OCD OR ADHD, why not both?!!? It is utterly absurd and the limbo I'm in right now is almost torture. Dex IR + zoloft 100mg...i cant even explain it, it's like I am half focused, but I can't REALLY FOCUS. As in I can't really learn, but I can spend a heck of a lot of time messing around on the internet and not accomplishing stuff, and feel somewhat patient but not even effectively handling the task at hand.