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04-18-11, 03:09 PM
I feel alot of the negative feedback loop is probably due to adhd but anyways anybody out there have things to say about somehthing like cymbalta or pristiq and how they differ. I had some success on these meds for my anxiety or these looping thoughts but after time I just got lazy. Cymbalta worked pretty great for these symptoms but after like 3 weeks I was just lazy and stuck in the mud. Any opinions on this ? I was thinking maybe pristiq had or has less sedation rates. Ssri's are no good for me, I tried all of them and the shoe never fit quite right. Briefly I felt pretty level on cymbalta and then boom .....tired as ***! Is pristiq any different?

04-18-11, 10:15 PM
Question seconded -- my doctor mentioned adding Pristiq to my cocktail (currently 70 mgs of Vyvanse, and 10 mgs of Lexapro, which is helping my mood but killing my motivation). If anyone has experience with Pristiq please share!

04-18-11, 10:40 PM
Lexapro helped my mood too. Zero motivation on lexapro though. It was just not me, I don't know how anyone functions on lexapro

05-07-11, 12:38 PM
Similar experience here. Adderall helped my ADHD but made my rumination / looping worse. I started on Zoloft but it made me listless and braindead, added Wellbutrin and it evened it out. I'm on 30mg Adderall, 100mg Zoloft anf 150mg Wellbutrin. I wouldn't try Wellbutrin until your anxiety is under control.

ADHD anxiety is really hard to fix. Therapy doesn't work because we don't have control over our thought processes anymore than a goldfish does. Rumination and negative obsession or negative hyperfocus can crush a person, and the stimulant medications can make it worse. Try addressing the sources of your anxiety - Actionable, direct, prompt reactions to things that are causing negative thought. If it's things you're putting off, do them. If it's something you aren't doing well and you're concerned about it, put in the effort and try to improve it. That's been the only way I've had any success in elimninating my ADDxiety - Building self-confidence by accomplishing small goals and getting some momentum going.

05-16-11, 10:22 AM
I've been in the exact same boat for some time. Currently taking concerta and wellbutrin for my adhd . I have the negative looping rumination going on. It's kind of like being stuck on the same negative thought paths. I have narrowed it down to 2 options. That is increase my wellbutrin to 300xl and add low dose prozac and see if it still hits me and makes me listless . Second option is to add intuniv , hope this helps attention, and think about stopping wellbutrin and switching to amp with intuniv.

05-16-11, 01:19 PM
i did well with adderall and wellbutrin but after a while i couldnt take the anxiety anymore and the sweating from all the anxiety

05-16-11, 03:06 PM
yeah , I think that happens with wellbutrin. I'm at that point where I just can't tolerate the wellbutrin anylonger. It's just too much , it just makes my stimulants feel like eating steel nails and it' makes you kind of jumpy. I'm sick of it. I was thinking maybe intuniv would help but there is nothing good or detailed enough to think that it might. I guess I should stop looking for words of affirmation.

05-16-11, 03:12 PM
ive tried a few different meds that worked well for the anxiety, they just made me too tired and i had to take them at night cause i would end up falling asleep and not finishing my studying :(
its a struggle but id rather be able to stay awake to get the things done that i need to and id also rather not be falling asleep because of some medication

05-16-11, 08:33 PM
I think it's stress overload and stimulant side effects. That being said tenex or attenol should help

05-17-11, 09:28 AM
what are tenex and attenol?

11-20-11, 11:15 PM
Any people found a winning combo for this?

11-21-11, 02:33 PM
Is there not one single medication that helps eliminate intrusive thoughts that happen every day and make the person focus on this all the time? Prozac, celexa and the snri's help but I just cannot tolerate the daytime fatigue from any of them. Is there no hope?

03-17-12, 11:42 PM
I've read enough of your posts to know we're in the same boat...or at least our boats are on the same lake.

I'm thinking no, there isn't any hope for this particular blend of f'd up.

Thus far:
-Effexor alone...good for awhile, then it stopped functioning.
-Back to Effexor, added in Wellbutrin...ok for a bit, then broke again.
-Effexor/Wellbutrin/Adderall...good for awhile, then anxiety hit.
-Effexor/Wellbutrin/Dex...exhausted and nonfunctional.
-Effexor/Wellbutrin/Adderall...ok, but sexual sides bothered me.
-Pristiq/Wellbutrin/Adderall...Pristiq wasn't good anyway, but then...

Our company then changed to an HSA only "insurance" plan. Bye bye to adderall, pristiq, and wellbutrin. Currently:

-Effexor/Methylin... Miserable. Day in, day out, miserable. Put on a happy face for my kids, and trudge through another day.

Not only do I not know what to do, but even if I did, I probably couldn't afford it.

03-18-12, 02:38 AM
I'm currently on Concerta (36mg) and Zoloft (50mg) but sluggish as all get out and my meds seem to wear off around 1pm every flipping day- which means even the slightest bit of stress sends me into a downward spiral that ends with a Xanax and either a good night sleep or a horrid night sleep- depends on how my brain decides it wants to react.

Going back to the dr on the 26th to see what he says.

04-02-12, 04:04 PM
mr cold I noticed you kept the wellbutrin in the mix in all the combos. Interesting. I'd say your lack of success on all those combos leads me to believe that wellbutrin is not something you need. Yes, wellbutrin is going to help being inattentive but at the same time it's going to jack your working memory and you just will feel "yucky" . You may find nuvigil to work well for you- At this point my overall opinion is that celexa and lexapro although not bad are going to make doing anything pro active very tough. In that regard cymbalta and prozac are the only ones that can be taken. Due to all the side effects I've heard of and those taking these meds there seems to be few on low doses. That being said you have two options. One take a tiny tiny dose, see how you respond or jump on the regular dose and hope it stops anxiety, when it does you will not have any negative feedback functional or not , so don't tell me nothing works. FYI prozac is basically free on generic so don't go giving up yet. If that wasn't enough I can tell you that nuvigil added to an ssri is probably the most beneficial thing I've come across. Flat out its a drug thats going to help with your inattention and prolong your stimulant and not make you retarded like wellbutrin does. Wellbutrin would be a distant second but only at the 300xl level because I think depression is a player. I've noticed a few things recently. Since I've been on wellbutrin I'll clue you in, starting wellbutrin sucks and blows hard, 150xl doesnt do squat, 300xl is quite frankly alot better. It will increase your vigor and drive to a point that your more focused all the time which in my opinion eliminates anxiety. Thus leading me to believe that much adhd anxiety or feelings of it are deeply linked with inattention. Intuniv will definitely help is you can tolerate the yuck feel it gives you. Quite frankly bp drugs slow you down in ways we don't like but your going to have alot better capacity for working memory and improved overall functioning. If I had to choose a route of action there are a few things I've found to work.

1) Quit all antidepressants and go monotherapy. It will take 2 months to feel normal. Initially your going to feel anxious and all over the place. After you get that crap out of your body you will feel normal. At that point my conclusion is overall I feel better, and my energy levels are far better. I feel tired and stuff but it's like a normal feeling and stimulants seem to impact your ability to focus alot better and they seem more powerful when on monotherapy. I feel this may be the best method.

2) People get stuck on wellbutrin, and understandabley so , it is going to help you think about things that matter all the time. That means your going to increase your thoughts on whatever is on your mind all day. So it doesnt surprise me to see alot of folks on wellbutrin and stims talk about the negative feedback loop. I think it's a useful drug. I think 300xl works against depression alot more and thats where you see this feedback loop stopping more than the 150xl users. I don't feel it helps stimulants though and I do think it makes you forget about important things alot so its a tough decision to stay or stop with this drug. I say stop.

3) The ssri plus wellbutrin combo. I think alot of people buy into it, my two cents. No good. Its too much up there and you can feel it . No good, if your going to be on an ssri and feel tired , well I think nuvigil is the best route of action against normalizing that .

4) stimulant plus intuniv. Surprisingly works well, your going to be thinking normally and wake up alot more normally and you really can space out your doses easier. Everything is alot more calm and collected which reduces the whole flow of anxiety.

04-02-12, 04:32 PM
I'm currently on Concerta (36mg) and Zoloft (50mg) but sluggish as all get out and my meds seem to wear off around 1pm every flipping day- which means even the slightest bit of stress sends me into a downward spiral that ends with a Xanax and either a good night sleep or a horrid night sleep- depends on how my brain decides it wants to react.

Going back to the dr on the 26th to see what he says.

I was taking Zoloft (sertraline), also 50 mg, and didn't feel any sluggishness from it.

I tried taking Trazadone which helps me sleep but also increases the brain fog and inattention.

So I'm back on Zoloft (generic).

04-02-12, 04:48 PM
i tried zoloft once. Broke out in hives all over. Aside from that I felt really yucky on it. Just not a good feeling, spacey and wired which is not a good combo. I didn't really know what I was doing and would be hit by a jolt of surges. Not too fun. I guess the best combo has been either cymbalta or prozac with nuvigil. I pretty much felt normal on that.