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03-06-03, 11:09 AM
Anyone have any favorite recipies they would love to share? I love to cook, but the really long and complicated recipies discourage me. Maybe that's why I cling so desperately to my BBQ expertise :D LOL

03-07-03, 01:10 AM
Want my recipe for killer kick *** ( I had to come back and edit this) biscuits, and maybe chicken and dumplins the easy way?

03-07-03, 09:31 AM
Sure! That would be great :) Maybe posting it here. we can soon build an ADD Cookbook!!!

03-12-03, 07:18 PM
Hey Big , Let me know if you have made King Ranch casserole , Its awsome .One of my many favs , lol .

god bless and always keep your chin up everyone !!!

03-12-03, 07:36 PM
Never have! Can you share the recipe with the class? :D

03-12-03, 08:17 PM
do i write my reciepes here??????
irish_lady4 lol i know im blonde lol

03-12-03, 08:55 PM
Yes you do Lynne. :)

03-13-03, 02:45 PM
Sounds delish!!!! Thanks mrsbenn :)

03-27-03, 01:01 PM
Anyone with a good recipe for a thick graham cracker pie crust?

03-27-03, 10:46 PM
Can't help out with the graham cracker crust, sorry.

One of my fun things to do is to start off with chicken or beef with absolutely no recipe in a skillet. Then go through spices and add them in(whatever you want). Next is liquid sauces, followed up by vegetables.

My husband will say, "Wow, what's in this?"

I have no idea, LOL!:D

03-31-03, 01:09 AM
I love to use my slow cooker..(kinda lazy that way :D) so here is one that the family loves.

Smothered Pork Steak or Boneless Chicken Breast.

Enough Pork Steak or Boneless Chicken Breast for 1 serving each.
Peeled medium potatoes enough for 2 each person or 1 large for each person.
2 large cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup ( I use a 6 1/2 quart slow cooker so you might not need as much cream of mushroom soup, a 4 1/2 quart one will hold it as well if you cut potatoes smaller)

Place peeled potatoes in bottom of crock pot or slow cooker then add the first can of cream of mushroom soup. Place meat on top and season to taste ( I like to season with Seasoning Salt and pepper) Add second can of cream of mushroom soup. Cook on Low for 8 to 10 hours or until Potatoes are done. Or on High for 4 to 5 hours until potatoes are done.

For those who don't have a slow cooker, this can be done in the oven also.

To cook in the oven, lightly spray a 10 x 13 x 2 inch cake pan (glass works best) (if you use metal line with foil first) or your favorite casserole dish cut potatoes in half or fourths depending on which you use. fourths for cake pan, 1/2 for casserole dish.
Spread mushroom soup until covered, place meat on this is tricky if you are serving more than 4 people using the pork steak. You have to over lap them and I can't get more than 6 on at a time depending on the cut of meat. chicken breast is a lot easier. After seasoning meat spread the rest of the cream of mushroom soup on it. Place on either a cookie sheet or place an oven spill catcher on bottom rack to catch the spill over. (this always happens but it's worth it.
Cover with foil and bake in oven at 350 degrees for approximately 1 hour and then check to see if potatoes are done. (I usually start checking potatoes around 40 minutes so I don't over bake by inserting a fork in them.) I also turn my meat about half way through so it cooks evenly.

The best thing about this recipe..potatoes, gravey and meat are all in one dish..just mash potatoes with fork and put the gravey on it :D

04-12-03, 10:40 AM
Flyfisher, you cook just like me. Once I made this wonderful macaroni cheesy dish for a reunion. My mom is always asking me to make it again, LOL, but I do not have a clue as to how to reproduce it. I actually tried once and did not even come close. Oh well, live and learn.:p

04-13-03, 07:28 PM

Those recipe are what I call..on a budget or just too darn lazy to go to the I rumage through the cabinets and the deep freeze and just start throwing things together as I taste it along the way.

One thing I did come up with is using Raspberry Vinegarette with Walnut Salad dressing on chicken with chinese vegtables served over rice. This dish lasted about 2.5 nano seconds once my mom and hubby got a hold of it..lmbo :D