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04-18-11, 09:02 PM
Before i begin I'd like to clear some misconceptions, ADD does not mean you are less intelligent, infact your iq is similar to people who are not ADD. i feel as if there is enough awareness of disorders like dylexia etc. but not enough for attention deficit disorder. So through this i hope to clear some minds.

-And i absolutely love being ADD its sorta fun in a way lol, but it is troubling if you are trying to get punctual, managing time, etc.

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Symptoms of Attention deficit disorder
“zoning out” without realizing it, even in the middle of a conversation.
extreme distractibility; wandering attention makes it hard to stay on track.
difficulty paying attention or focusing, such as when reading or listening to others.
struggling to complete tasks, even ones that seem simple.
tendency to overlook details, leading to errors or incomplete work.
poor listening skills; hard time remembering conversations and following directions.
Things that i go through:
So to communicate with me, keep these in yo mind:
- I Will forget your name after you say it. Tell me at least few times lol. Its not because i'm airheaded lol but rather too many things are getting my attention at the same time. i'll have same amount of attention on you as i will have anything else in my visibility. Now imagine me reading a sentence out of a book, all numbers pop up, its hard to follow a sentence without covering rest of the paragraphs.

- When you engage in conversation with me, i'll be losing focus in a matter of seconds, and instead will be peeking around at the background, walls, trees, or anything else except listening to the conversation. Dont get mad if i ask you to repeat yourself. or to repeat again, or maybe just one more time. Best thing would be to keep conversations short and to the point only then it will be productive.

- Don't ever mock me for not remembering where i put my keys or wallet, shoes, books, just about anything lol. They would be right there in the sight and i would just fail to notice them.

SCATTERED FOCUS, its like looking at everything in your visibility as one, theres no focus on any single thing. you cannot separate out things as which ones needs more focus than others.

Me weeks before the exam

Me night before the exam

- dont give weird look for leaving my car's lights on( has happened about hundreds of time), or leaving keys in the car while locking. (Once it happened middle of oregon, i stopped at a rest area, came back just to realize i had left my keys in the car, and the car was locked, night time, no help available...but it was fun, traveling and adventures calms my mind)

-Every other day scene no idea where i had parked my car, ehhhh?????

-At Grocery Store: oh snap i left my credit card home.

- i frequently miss exits, and then after a while wondering where the **** i'm at, ii remember oh snap i was supposed to take the queens ave.

-I'm little different, only comfortable talking to people who understand who i'm. if you have any problem w/ it, i advice you rather stay away.

- reading a simple simple line out of a text is a pain in the ****. eyes at the book, mind wanders and wanders into everything random possible from superheros to songs, to paris, to india, go everywhere possible, before i realize that i need to bring it back as exam is only 24 hours away lol.

-i generally try not to think a lot about anything that might not be too salient, cuz my brain is already wandering thousands other spaces. if you ask me a question, you wil get an honest answer because i'll be too brain tired to make up anything else.

- and give me some time to answer any of your questions, cuz i will have to brng my brain back from chaoism lol.

- very short attention span, if you tell me to do something, you better keep reminding me, i will forget it lol.

- and please please dont ever take me as a rude person, as most of you end up thinking. i'm not rude just different, someone who tries to hide my ADD.

-And I've full idea what is happening around me, my conscience is always there, i'm ADD not a retard. So if you try to overthink and say anything negative to me, or about how i behave, i'd just say just be careful, seldomly but i do get angry, and its not pretty.

-try playing chess with me lolllll

-one reason i love taare zameen pe, i feel as if i'm connected with it. And maa song just about sums up my life

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I hope through this i've been able to clear up some misconceptions about Attention Deficit Order, and make people more aware about it.

The End

and also, none of teh medications, work. adderall doent work by itself, but if i drink a beer india pale ale it seems to work lol. whats teh way around that i dont want to be buzzed 24/7 and devel alcoholism.

and please review what i wrote

04-18-11, 09:02 PM
seems like it didnt post everything, i'll try it again, gotta go somewhere be back and then post it all, sorry

04-18-11, 10:41 PM
That inattentive type video, was more like Combined type.

04-19-11, 12:11 AM
Yeah that looks a lot more like ADHD Combined Type.

04-19-11, 12:25 AM
OMG, sometimes it's really crazy and bizarre to see a clip of someone who is just like me!!!!!!

04-19-11, 12:56 AM
I've seen that video about three times now posted here. But it's still an informative video.

Also, what you say about medications isn't true. It might be true for you but not everyone has the same experience.