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04-19-11, 01:24 PM
I want to thank everyone on this forum for helping me through this difficult time. I love you guys so much. You all are my family to me.

I have been going to psychotherapy and am taking Zoloft and Adderall. Its only been a month and it is doing wonders. It helped me change into the person I want to be to fulfill my destiny here on earth. I now have vision and goals, I look and feel better than ever. I have people actually coming to me and asking for advice!! Everyone is complementing me on the way I look!!

I just want to let all of you know that all of us here on this earth are God's creatures. Everyone of us was created for a special purpose and to have a specific calling to make the world a better place to live. Don't ever let anything or anyone bring you down. You are loved by Jesus and that is all you need to be concerned about. If we could all come together in Unity and Love each other as one and heal and help everyone we can change the earth!! Whatever it is you are dealing with in your life will come to pass. You can become anything you want in life. People can change. Friends change. I promise you that you will become happy once again and this difficult time you are in will come to pas. The people out there that are insecure about themselves have to try to bring you down because it's the only thing that can make them feel better about themselves.

WHO CARES WHAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY TO YOU. YOU ARE LOVED BY YOUR FAMILY ON THIS FORUM. YOU ARE LOVEd by God and that is why he created all of us. Dont ever try to compare yourself to the other people in this world. Money doesnt mean anything if you arent happy. Popularity doesnt mean anything if you arent happy. In the end how will you feel about yourself if you just gave up because of some chemical imbalance in your brain.

All of us that have add or adhd have strengths and weaknesses just like everybody else. I just want to encourage all of my family on here to never give up. To look to the positive side of things because you will become happy here once again. I used to be addicted to drugs, had no friends, was stuck in a world full of negativity, suicidal thoughts and terrible things were happening to me. I just want to encourage all of us to love one another because all of the people on earth were created equal. You can become anything you want in your life. Obstacles can always become overcome. I know have my life back thanks to all of your guys help and I just wanted to thank all of you and especially God for guiding me through these tough times. Now matter what is going on in your life with God's help if you pray and seek him he will guide you and show you the way. He can heal any disease that hasn't been discovered yet, He will take you to places you never dreamed of.

Thank you all of my family on this forum. You guys are sooooo special to me and I look forward to helping and loving all of you because of what you have done for me. You should snap out of that depression because you and God are what helped me turn my life around. That information alone should put a smile on your face right now and I hope I have inspired everyone out there because I couldn't have done this without your help.

I love you all so much thank you for what you do on this forum and you are so precious and beautiful to me. God bless all of you :)

04-19-11, 01:59 PM
I'm so glad to hear you're feeling so much better about yourself and your future. |:)

04-19-11, 02:04 PM
It's so wonderful to hear such a happy success story. I am new to this forum but I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! It makes me so happy to hear when others have made it through a tough time in life!

I hope to see you around on the forum, and again, so happy for you!


04-19-11, 03:56 PM
It is so good that you are feeling so much better.I'm glad the meds. are working out for you.Congratulations.

04-19-11, 06:41 PM
If you are seeing positive results it’s because you are a positive person.

04-19-11, 07:33 PM
This is why I wrote the following poem:

To my ADD friends:

Thank you for being in my life
You know we live a life unabsent of strife
I see your post throughout multiple threads
I don't think I ever wore a pair of keds

The emotional suffering and pain we endure
It's a lot worse than sniffing the most grotesque manure
NT's are hard and not like every metal
Thoughts pour out of our brains kinda like a kettle

We fight through the attention span of a fish
Hoping to give this world something great kinda like a wish
It's not easy for us to converse
Words come out of our heads almost as a burst

My struggles to read do not prevent me from knowing
Your minds are racing and constantly going
Tears grow long and anger burns inside
You give me hope and so many to confide

<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->

04-19-11, 10:28 PM
I am SO VERY HAPPY for you,I truly truly am. I,too feel the love that abides in this place. But....

I have been severely depressed throughout my life and it is not something I am going to just snap out of. There were times I was sure God's plan for me was to not be happy like other people,but to SUFFER IN PAIN. So is it His plan for me to suffer,or to find a pdoc,get meds,and get happy? Does that make the p-doc God's middle man?;)

I am on my way to being 60,and and spent my life fighting the same demons you have too. I can't just snap my fingers and viola,everything is now okee dokee. But I am definitely seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

So I just want to say,its great that people see a change in you and are coming to you for advice. But maybe instead of telling them to 'just snap out of it',you share with them the steps you took on your journey to mental health.

Obviously the meds have worked their magic on you.
The world is your oyster,go out and chase your dreams. :)

04-20-11, 09:55 AM
Thank you too for putting such an uplifting post in an otherwise 'heavy section' of the forum.

It's good to see you've found positive things in life to enjoy, and experience. And those things are there for all of us. It's just that sometimes it is hard to realise it.

Both positive and negative thoughts are self-fulfilling. Usually negative thoughts do so on a short term (I can't finish it) , their reward is immediate (see, you're right), that makes it 'pleasurable' to have them.
Most of us aren't used to formulate positive thoughts, but they do make you happy in the long run. For instance it makes you feel good when someone else give you a compliment (good job! you look great!), why not give yourself one :) (Hey, I make myself feel good) You don't even have to believe it straight away, it's like planting a seed.

... this is turning out to be a long post ... but I feel better for it because the whole post is supposed to be a compliment :)

... what was I on about, ... oh yeah,
so thanks for sharing your positive ~vibes~

04-23-11, 06:16 PM
HUGS jules