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04-22-11, 09:19 PM
I'm wondering how effective this is for people who have ADD and who get irritable when taking stimulants. Adderall xr caused me bad physical anxiety in the past but worked great for my concentration and focus. I don't suffer from bipolar but I am diagnosed with GAD and depression. I wonder if I could have a "light" bipolar depression or something because the anxiety and mood swings are what tend to cause the low mood/depression.

Anyway, mo doctor hasn't suggested I should try abilify or an atypical antipsychotic but I just wondered if anyone with experience could tell how likely this is to helpful to someone with ADD and "anxious depression" w/o any psychotic or bipolar issues.

Another reason I'm curious is that my younger brother has issues with concentrating and is diagnosed with PDD-NOS. He may have ADHD also, but his anxiety and ocd symptoms are more troublesome to my parents so he's mainly treated for anxiety. I heard someone on these forums say that stimulants w/ abilify has helped kids with ASD. He tried both concerta and adderall and w/ both his ocd went through the roof and he was really annoying.

Also...are there ay risk factors to taking atypical psychotics for treatment of depression, anxiety, and ADD? Sorry for all the questions I just was curious.

04-22-11, 10:26 PM
Abilify is used to increase the effective of an anti depressent. It can raise your sugar. It can also make you gain weight. It improve your concentration.

04-23-11, 02:42 PM
I take Abilify with Paxil for really bad mood swings.It works very well & has eliminated the wild mood swings.I also took Dexedrine with it for over 5yrs. & it helped with the ADD.I have gained about 15lbs. since being on it but other than that,I haven't had any side effects from Abilify, although there are lots of side effects that are listed on it.

05-09-11, 01:56 PM
Currently I am taking abilify with dexedrine. As my doctor explained, it makes both halfs of your brain work :)

I may have to come back and correct this. Not sure if both halves are working the way it should *LOL*

05-09-11, 03:10 PM
I started on Abilify (10 mgs) to boost the efficiency of my anti-depressants. It seems to have done well in that effect - my Zoloft finally seemed to have the desired effect - but it aggravated my ADHD like you wouldn't believe. In particular the hyperactivity aspects - I felt like I was constantly running thousands of volts of electricity and the Energizer Bunny was a pathetic poseur.

It did have the effect of rather spectacularly highlighting the fact that my problems had nothing to do with being bi-polar. (I'm not) Once I got on the Adderall, all the other problems virtually vanished, or became manageable. The doctors had been treating the manifestations of the ADHD as just side-effects of the other drugs, or symptomatic of a bi-molar manic swing.

So short-term, it worked to get my Zoloft going, but there's no way I can use it as a long-term treatment.

05-09-11, 06:23 PM
I was put on Abilify (2.5 mgs, then 5) last winter to deal when my depression went a bit psychotic. It was great as a mood stabilizer, and it definitely boosted my SSRI without sapping my motivation. I'm also on Vyvanse, but stimulants have never made me irritable.

It's apparently linked with diabetes over the long term, so my doctor had me stop taking it when my symptoms improved. By that time it was making me crave carbs and I put on 8 lbs. After I stopped taking it, my motivation definitely suffered. I wish I could be on it long term.

06-12-11, 12:56 PM
Does anyone know if Abilify would block the effects of Adderall XR? Especially at the D4 Receptor

06-15-11, 08:52 PM
def seemed to take some of the up out of my stims at 5 mg. 2.5 has been better.

07-06-11, 02:54 AM
update, i quit the abilify.. for some reason the cost went from 25 to 50 and I dont think I need it neway, ive got more then enough meds.

huk phin
10-02-11, 08:37 AM
There is no doubt that Abilify blocks the effects of stimulants. I take vyvanse 70mg. And 5mg. Of abilify and can not feel the vyvanse at all. I stopped taking the abilify for a couple days and BAM, the vyvanse knocked me on my ***. It was way too much. Started taking the Abilify again and can no longer feel the vyvanse. Ability helps with the depression but I need a lower dose. Goal now is to find balance between vyvanse and abilify.

11-07-11, 06:15 AM
Abilify def dulled my Adderall. I was on 2mg for a couple months, then up to 5mg starting 2 weeks ago, and I immediately felt like I needed to up my Adderall. But one thing I like is that it makes for a softer landing (less crashing) from Adderall in a way different than if you just take less Adderall, IMHO. I feel like my eyes are less red, glazed, and zombie like in the morning or after I've come down from Adderall.

jade mermaid
11-17-11, 03:21 PM
I take Adderall and Abilify. I take 5mg of Abilify at night and 10mg of Adderall in the morning (along with other meds.) I find that Abilify lifts my moods and keeps me from going manic---somehow all at the same time. The Adderall makes me intensely focused to the point of just seeming, well....intense. I think the intense (thankfully) is dulled a bit by my Lamictal. The Adderall was added for depression, also. I wonder if it's helping as some of my most intense moments feel more on the "down" side.

huk phin
01-14-12, 07:30 PM