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04-23-11, 02:50 PM
My psychiatrist recently switched me from XR 20mg once daily (this is because insurance barely covers XR) to IR 10mg 2x day.Of course the IR quickly loses strength.
The past few days I have had so much work to do I have taken my IR around 7-8 AM, again at 11-12 as instructed and then opted sometimes to take at least 5-10 mg around 3-5 PM as finals are nearing.

Well today, I have a lot to get done. I went ahead and took 2 10mg IRs this morning around 9 AM and like a ******* drank tea with it. Well of course I begin to feel panicky. In conjunction, I also have an Ativan prescription from him to take 3-4mg daily whenever needed as I have always suffered panic attacks. so around 1:30 I took 3 mgs of Ativan and of course it calmed me down, I have done this before when needed. Well, I really need to get work done tonight. considering the ativan will still be somewhat in my system around 4-6 would it be too dangerous to take 10-20mg of my IR?

04-29-11, 09:41 AM
A bit late but I'll answer your question anyways. It is pretty safe there really isn't any drug interaction between the two and in fact the treatment of amphetamine psychosis (basically too much stimulants) is Ativan in most emergency removes. It is not unheard of for physicians to prescribe a benzodiazepine to be taken with a stimulant like Adderall or Concerta to counter act some of the physiological stimulating effects that cause racing heart, paranoia, high HR/BP, etc. In fact if this becomes a regular occurrence I would suggest you talk with your doctor about staying on a benzo on a regimen with the Adderall. Though your dose of ativan is moderately high...I'm assuming your pretty tolerant to it and have been on it for a bit?

05-08-11, 10:21 AM
i take adderall and also ativan. the ativan is 3 mg day, but i only ever take it when i feel a panic attack start, and that's only once a week or so.

i've found that the adderall's effects are so much more powerful than 1 mg of ativan, i can't even feel the ativan.

so most of my ativan goes into my stockpile :cool:

05-09-11, 10:30 PM
I'm curious to know how much you weigh. I'm 100 lbs and am prescribed 20mg Adderall IR 2x a day, though I rarely take two in one day. I'm currently prescribed .125mg Clonazepam as needed, max 2x a day, however I was previously prescribed .5mg Ativan as needed, max 2x a day.

I would definitely not take more than your recommended daily dose of Adderall. Stick to what your psych prescribes, and if you feel like it's wearing off too soon, just tell them! Maybe they can switch you to 20mg Adderall IR instead of 10mg. I used to take Adderall XR as well (10mg once a day, then 10mg Adderall IR once the XR wore off). Eventually I switched over to IR completely, because the XR was so expensive. But I did notice that after switching to IR, my dosage had to be increased.

P.S. I'm a little concerned about your Ativan dosage because it seems a bit high. You should keep in mind that "3-4 mg daily when needed" doesn't mean that you need to take 3mg all at once. Take 1 or 2 mg and see how you feel!