View Full Version : ODIGO - An excellent messaging program for ADDers for several reasons

05-20-03, 02:46 AM
It allows you to see when other ODIGO users are on the same website you are on, such as CHADD.ORG or ADDFORUMS.COM, etc., and will even make a alert sound when an odigo user views that site. It has searchable interest categories (lots!) for those times when we want to follow up on all those things that interest us- nice to be able to just ask someone who may know the answer already instead of spending hours searching the internet for the info we want, reinventing the wheel. It will communicate with other messenger progs, MSN, YAHOO, AOL, eliminating the need to run multiple programs to stay in touch with friends who foolishly disagree with your obviously superior opinion as to the best messaging program. This also frees up system resources, allowing your computer to run faster.
I've emailed them to ask them to add ADD as a searchable category, stating that as many as 5-8% of all people may suffer from ADD (is that number accurate?) so hopefully we may be able to build a huge worldwide support network soon if they add that as a searchable category. You can email them to ask them to add ADD as a searchable insterest by emailing