View Full Version : Metadate ER 20mg not working....?

04-28-11, 06:05 PM
Hi, my names Blake and I was just recently diagnosed with ADD. Straight to the point, I was prescribed and have taken a Metadate ER 20MG at 11am today... it is now 5:57pm and I have yet to feel any effects. Is this common? I have searched for "Metadate not working" and not really anything specific comes up. Couple of other questions too, ER = Extended-release? The script' said Ritalin 20mg SR30 so is that the right generic? Final question, I have consumed and still do for the past 6 months 1-3 "Loca moca Java Monsters" in a days time. There are a plethora of vitamins and uppers in the expensive but tasty beverage and I was wondering if any of that stuff could maybe, negate the effects of this medication? I have searched for an hour or two today with no luck so I figure maybe someone could help me here. Thank you all, have a blessed day...

04-28-11, 06:45 PM
Okay there is a slight chance that the Ritalin REALLY isn't doing anything, but it's more than likely the cause of a couple other things: either you're expecting too much from the medication or the "loca moca Java Monster" causes your stomach acidity to go way up and negatively impacts the meds' effectiveness. I'm not positive with methylphenidate (Ritalin), but I know that with amphetamines the acidity of your stomach greatly affects how the medication works. Continue taking it for a week or two, and if you still are seeing no indication that it's working go back to the doc and try something new.

Welcome to the world of ADHD, where "trial and error" is the only way. Good luck.

04-29-11, 03:09 AM
Umm, needless to say; I can not fall asleep, I feel tired but can't do it. At least the insomnia is there!! :p

I have taken half of an Adderall 30mg IR tablet before(So I guess that's 15mg right?), about 3 weeks ago it worked just fine, even combined with the coffee. For about 4~ hours I felt, mmm.. "cured" per-say. I took it right before I went to my local community college for ged pre-testing(Which is 2.5 hours of straight testing). Well I felt how I imagine normal people feel, my laziness was gone... I went in there with my back straight and my head up. For once in my life, I felt good about my self and I had absolutely no problem talking to people(usually, I am where the conversation stops. Been shy all of my life and I have that super short list of friends to prove it. A total of, 1 to be exact...and he's my cousin so somewhere down the line he doesn't really No problems reading something(Usually when reading I have to read something 3-4 times before it actually "sticks in there" and even then, it's not for long). It went great I actually scored high on the test! Never once stopped to "check out" the pretty girl three seats down :p, didn't even look to see who was coming through the door....or even tune into someone else's conversation like I normally do. I felt super calm. You could be right, maybe I am expecting too much from this medication since I have previously experienced another type of stimulant. One thing is certain, this Metadate ER 20mg has no effect that I basically need to live a normal life, and I would actually say that things were worst clumsiness especially. Also I have some kind of weird headache in back side of my head spanning to my neck, not painful but not pleasant... and the left side of my body is "hot" compared to my right side.( From top of head to bottom of foot, and the bottom of my foot feels like its on "fire" if I stand on it... ) Thats my dominant side, I am a lefty! I've never done anything like this, seek help that is, and for some reason I feel like my doc is gonna "shoo me away" if I suggest how they should treat me. I feel like I am asking for a bag of skittles and moms gonna tell me NO if that makes any sense lol. Anyway, I just discovered this "Sluggish Cognitive Tempo" and I compare to that 100% comparing to just plain old ADD. I will have to bring that to the doctors attention I suppose. Sorry about the babbling. Take care.

08-08-11, 10:36 PM
People respond differently to different molecules. Some people clearly prefer amphetamine to methylphenidate, and vice versa. Also, the Monster thing you drink could be increasing your stomach acidity which would neutralize the basic methylphenidate. Just a thought...