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Kunga Dorji
05-01-11, 06:36 AM

This is the real status of us ADDers.

05-02-11, 01:49 PM
Lipton makes perfect sense to me :-)

Crystallizing a new better reality from the imaginary realm.

Our new reality will be something along the lines of - guaranteed housing and food to all - with all of us working co-operatively to house and feed ourselves
(an end to the labouring class) -
... ... ... with the rest of our time spent, volitionally, wherever we choose.

A new system in which people no longer work for money - instead work for a personal sense of achievment.

(... ... or not work, as the case may be ... ...)

Though we'll soon find that people will choose to work - as soon as they no longer need to.

05-02-11, 02:49 PM
Yes, that is me, I hope. I think resource based economics is one of the possible answers to our current predicament and its add minds that will have to have a leading role in the change.

Why? For the simple reason that we can do it, where linear thinkers can not.