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05-08-11, 03:58 PM
Recently we had a new member named Thriller make their first 2 threads offering us all very low pricing on DJ equipment.
Unfortunately the remarkable offers Thriller was offering us were removed :(

Help me write new ads for Thriller... Hint: I think he/she has a relative who is a prince in Nigeria needing help moving millions of dollars... perhaps you've seen his emails? :D

You can make the ads for anything except small children, and women from Asian and Latin countries.:nono:
Grammatically correct ads and correctly spelled wording will be brought to the attentions of the mods!

Here's mine...

Dear friend! Most unique offers are brought to you today for lowest pricing on knee-high orgganic coton socks!

A large mass ordering of these very fine soxs require us to sell at never heard of lowest pricing!

Your name was given to us by friend of mutual understanding knowing how interested you would be in our offer.

Please do not give up opportunitee like this by showing others who may buy all products before your chance!
This offer can only be limited to 10 days due to heavily influence on stock market when this message is spread beyond our limits.

To insure your special order a consultant will take all necessary banking information for transfers of sums between our accounts happily.

05-08-11, 04:09 PM
Dear friend,

Attention has been brought to me of your intereste in very fine offers dealing with never before seen rare gemstonnes

Our gemstonnes mine has been secret for many generations but now we are forced to find help with inturnational friends like you.
We have been most assured of your desire for purchasing and helpng our family and we are grateful and happy to give exclusive offering only to you!

But, to make transaction quickly before rebel leaders remove all proporties from our holding, you must hurry a bank cheque to my administrater only to prove your attentions and good will. Please be sure as to not fill in cheque for security purposes. Our financing officer will return cheque unmarked with gems of the value you will purchase.

Please first take this step towards our mutual transaction and we will reply most quickly!

Your friend, Thriller

05-08-11, 05:00 PM
Too funny! This has to be the only place on the internet where we play with spam! :)

05-08-11, 05:04 PM
I'm Rolling!!!!! :)