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05-09-11, 02:20 AM
Last summer my one of my best friends' dad passed. He had been through so much in his life, even when he got cancer, we thought he was indestructible.He never complainedand during the worst of it was still happily helping out friends and neighbours with construction projects.Dick was a ranching man who rode til just weeks before the end. When she called me to say "dad is gone"she asked me at the same time to write a poem to honour him. I barely got through it but it gave many comfort. I am feeling a bit melancholy after reading some of the tribute poetry so I've decided to post dick's poem. Hope you like it.

a quiet strength
a gleaming eye
the craggy rock
against god's vast sky
astride a fine beast
gallop through gold
full steam ahead
your passing does toll
a pillar
a tower
a mountain so strong
the kindest of hands
a heart with a song
the tree with its roots still deep
in the ground
the wind gently blowing
a depth so profound
the journey well traveled
your conscience is clear
the maker will guide you
we don't need tears
its those who are left
who shall carry the loss
like memories, lush and verdant
that gather like moss
and those visions emerge
we'll find comfort there
we'll miss you old cowboy
but this much is clear
a comfort from knowing
that you once were here
and we must move forward,
a void in our midst
and you must move onward
with one final wish
that the journey
for you
now it comes to an end
is all that you dreamed
bon voyage
my dear friend.

05-09-11, 07:30 PM
I should have mentioned, comments are welcome.