View Full Version : stress, depression... i feel like im gonna snap soon

05-10-11, 01:02 PM
been under heavy stress lately, starting my first teaching prac for my Bachelors degree in education, and it's really getting to me... at the same time i'm still sitting with what seems like likely adhd, which i only noticed late last year when I found out what adhd really was.

Anyways, all that seems to be effecting me in some pretty hardcore ways. I used to like doing so many things, ranging from reading heavy litrature to competitive p.c gaming, both of which im just not really interested in anymore (though i still enjoy watching movies). My appetite has taken a nose dive, and I seem to be loosing more hair than my labradores (anyone who ever owned a labby will understand why that is a concern :/ ), I've even thought of suicide (though i'll never do it, theres just to much to loose) which seems like a serious concern to me

I just don't know were to go from here anymore....

05-11-11, 02:53 AM
I feel you friend.

It SUCKS to feel this way.

It seems like I will get better for a while and then i am right back in a funk.

I don't know what to say, other than you are not alone, and I am sorry you are feeling bad. I have felt that feeling before, if ONE more thing happens, I will lose it....and then it inevitably DOES happen. LOL Keep on keeping on I guess.