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05-12-11, 12:26 PM
Through the murky waters
Through the darkest of the night
I heard a gentle voice calling
With healing words of love.

You came and shook the cobwebs
You brought me your true smile
I took the first step upwards
Back to the light above.

If only I could do the same
Bring you back from the abyss
But my words cannot go where you've gone
You've gone,you've gone,you've gone.

I'll see you in the sunrise
While I travels life's cruel maze
When I hear your gentle whisper call
I'll come meet you down the road.

In memory of EshkaronsEngine.

05-14-11, 01:21 AM
that's so beautiful! i can just see the huge grin breaking out across his face and him being so deeply touched to feel how you feel about him:)

our man loved poetry so much and he wrote a lot to me. he even went through a "poem-a-day" period. i don't think a lot folks realize how talented he was, but i know you did. his very first poem to me has been in my mind all day. most of what he wrote i'm far too selfish to share, but for some reason my desire to have his talents known compells me to share one of them. i decided on the first as it's figured so prominently in my day. i'm not going to expose that side of him, and what we mean to each other, on the open forum, so i put something on my blog instead:)

best to you

05-14-11, 05:31 AM
That's lovely.

Thank you for sharing it.

05-14-11, 09:16 AM
Thank you so very much for sharing that. It was beautiful and haunting as well. The love and good feelings that Esh shared with us can now be reflected back to you,who owned his heart.
Peri,know that we care and feel your pain.